Cathy McMorris Rodgers For VP?

220px Cathy McMorris Rodgers Official Portrait 112th Congress Cathy McMorris Rodgers for VP?
As the Republican primary fight rages on, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, and others have been mentioned as being possible running mates for the 2012 election.  Marco Rubio is heavily favored to be our 2012 Vice Presidential candidate as indicated by conservatives at the recent CPAC straw poll.  However, I still feel we should look more closely at a woman for the number two spot.

Yes, we picked a female to run with John McCain in 2008 and I was smitten with Sarah Palin as our candidate for Vice President.  She had the full story.  A small town girl from Alaska who rose to become Mayor of Wasilla and then Governor of Alaska who was a church going, pro-life, and pro-gun member of the Republican Party.  She added strength to the areas where John McCain needed help with the base.  She fought corruption within the energy and oil industries.  When Obama was initially struggling to win over Hillary supporters, Republicans were relying on using Palin to siphon off support from those indignant Democrats.  The Republican ticket  appeared strong for about two weeks after John McCain made the announcement in late August of 2008, but after the infamous Katie Couric interview, I knew we were finished.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers is a Republican congresswoman from the eastern part of Washington State. She is a political professional who is serving her second term as Vice Chair for the Republican Conference, which makes her the most powerful Republican woman on the Hill. She is the first to attend college within her family, earn her MBA, and become a State House Member at the age of twenty-four.  In all, she is the definition of ambition.

She is vocal on the issue of Down Syndrome in America since first son Cole was diagnosed with it in 2007.  In fact, she is the only member of Congress in decades to give birth while in office not just once, but twice.  She has amassed political influence behind the scenes and her low profile might be an asset according to Will Rahn in his column for the Daily Caller. In addition, she also has solid conservative credentials being a fighter on bailouts, earmarks, and Obamacare.

It is still very early in the race.  We don’t have a nominee let alone who he will pick as his running mate. However,  Congresswoman Rodger’s credentials, diction, and appeal could help us in the general election.  She is a capable leader and a solid conservative who could animate the base and balance the 2012 ticket in this very disappointing Republican primary race with two top tier candidates who are decidedly not conservative.


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  1. VirgoVince says:

    First things, first; WE need a presidential candidate and they may have ideas of their own??
    Gingrich is the 'ONLY kick ass man with balls, fit to be president!!' His past isn't as important as OUR future and he's the only one to bury obozo!! NO more empty suits or store window mannequins!!
    Use the brain God gave you!!

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