WATCH What Happens When This 7-Year-Old’s Backpack Gets Caught In Bus Door

A 7-year-old Kentucky girl is recovering after she was dragged by a school bus Friday.

WLKY reported that Ally Rednour of Louisville got her backpack stuck in the bus as she was leaving school. The female bus driver stopped to let Rednour off at her babysitter’s house and closed the door on her backpack, according to Louisville Metro Police spokesman Dwight Mitchell.

The elementary school student was dragged more than 2,000 feet, according to her mother, Amy. The bus was stopped only when a car sped up to notify the driver.

You can watch the incident in the video above.

Rednour was taken to Kosair Children’s Hospital, treated, and later released. Her mother said she is resting at home and recovering.

The Jefferson County Public School (JCPS) system said the driver has been suspended without pay pending the outcome of an investigation. An accident report says the driver’s inattention was a factor in the accident. JCPS released this statement:

We are very grateful that our student is on the road to full recovery, and we are deeply disturbed by this incident. Immediately after the accident, we began an investigation into how and why this happened.

This investigation is currently ongoing, and we will be working with all of our bus drivers to review the policies designed to ensure the safety and security of our students, which is our number one priority at all times.

Counselors were available to students Monday at Wilkerson Elementary, where Ally attends school.

h/t: CBS News

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Watch: Judge Overturns Child Porn Conviction, Then Meets Judge Jeanine’s Buzz Saw, And It Gets Messy

Over the weekend, Judge Jeanine Pirro excoriated a Texas judge for creating grounds that gave a mistrial to a woman who was given a 15-year sentence for taping her boyfriend raping his 14-month old granddaughter on her cell phone.

The Houston Press has the background: “An appellate court has reversed the conviction of a Bacliff woman who recorded her boyfriend raping his 14-month-old granddaughter on her cell phone, saying the trial judge tainted the jury by arresting a prospective juror during jury selection,” the publication reported.

Alisha Marie Drake had been sentenced in 2013 to 15 years in prison for using her cell phone to record the act. Her boyfriend, Jason Grant, was charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child and possession of child pornography and is awaiting trial.

During the questioning of prospective jurors, one man, identified only as Juror No. 48, told Galveston County District Court Judge Susan Criss that his religious tenets prohibited from watching the cell phone recording. The man stated he was a Jehovah’s Witness.

“Imagine a judge arresting a prospective juror because he requests a religious exemption,” Pirro said on Justice with Judge Jeanine. “Prospective Juror No. 48 in Texas tells Judge Susan Criss he can’t look at evidence of child pornography for religious reasons, generally an acceptable excuse for not serving on a jury.”

“Now, additionally, the juror tells Judge Criss that as a Jehovah’s Witness it is not his place to judge. Criss, however, wasn’t hearing any of it. Her response was if a child could suffer through the abuse, then an adult can certainly watch the video,” Pirro added.

‘So if it grosses you out, you can take it out on the person in punishment. That’s what my God tells me,’ Criss said.

She then tells Juror 48 what she will do if he refuses to look at the evidence, saying, ‘So you want to find out what I’ll do? You’ll find out what I’ll do. You want to find out what my God will tell me to do? Let’s test it buddy. Let’s test it.’

Pirro notes that the appellate court found a fundamental error: “The religious beliefs of the citizens of the state of Texas – whatever they might be – are far too important to be subjected to mockery, derision, ridicule or criticism by any of the trial judiciary of this state.”

Criss has since left the bench and returned to private practice.

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Watch: This 2016 Candidate Wants To Kick Obama’s ‘Hope’ To The Curb, Replace With Something MUCH Better

In an interview with Western Journalism last week, former Gov. Mike Huckabee of Arkansas said, “lack of moral clarity means you don’t have a standard.” The former Fox News host has been polling well since his presidential announcement.

A Fox News poll conducted last week revealed 36 percent of voters believe Huckabee is “more ethical” than the average politician, followed by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., at 33 percent.

Huckabee is in fourth place in the polls among GOP hopefuls with 10 percent, trailing Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida and retired pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who each have 13 percent, and Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, who has 11 percent.

Western Journalism’s Norvell Rose asked Huckabee what it means to have moral clarity on the campaign trail. “To have moral clarity means that you’re consistent,” Huckabee responded.

The Hope, Ark., native shared a lesson from his father, whom he described as “not an educated man, but…a smart man.”

Son always tell the truth. Because when you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember what you said the next time you have to say it.

Moral clarity is when we don’t wake up and have to read the front page of The New York Times or check the latest opinion poll to see what it would be best for us to say or even to believe today.

“We say it because we believe it,” Huckabee added. “We believe it because it comes from deep from within our soul. And our soul is not even formed based on what trend is presently moving, but it’s based on something that is absolute. And I think a lot of people have never thought about the imperative of moral absolutes governing our universe. Without it, everything falls apart.”

Huckabee gave an analogy to sum it all up:

If the carpenter one day decides that a foot is about this long. But the next day, it’s about like this, and the next day it’s like this, the house will fall down, because you have to have standards. Something has to be fixed as a standard in order to be able to always measure against.

Lack of moral clarity means you don’t have a standard. It’s whatever you want it to be on any given day. And a civilization collapses and falls apart when people don’t have moral standards that are based on something bigger than whatever the hot new trend may be.

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BOOM! Prosecutor Of Baltimore Six Utterly Destroyed As ‘Disastrous’ ‘Two-Bit Political Hack’

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby — the embattled young prosecutor whose quick announcement of serious charges against the “Baltimore Six” police officers came as a surprise to many legal experts — is coming under fresh fire for her actions. Two veteran prosecutors claim Mosby’s criminal filings against the Baltimore Six have produced “disastrous consequences.”

Writing in The Baltimore Sun, a former federal prosecutor in Maryland and a former official in the Justice Department have penned a scathing critique of Mosby’s perceived “rush to judgment” that they charge has corrupted the legal process and condemned otherwise good police officers.

Announcing the charges against six police officers after a week of protests, Ms. Mosby appears to have been driven by the politics of the moment rather than the strength of the evidence, oddly proclaiming to the youth of the city that “our time is now.” Ms. Mosby’s decision to subordinate her duty to do justice as a prosecutor to her role as a politician had two disastrous consequences.

Citing those “disastrous consequences” of alienating the police force and smearing decent officers, the pair of prosecutors call for a grand jury investigation into the death of Freddie Gray that would, essentially, enhance the integrity of the prosecution that the two legal experts conclude has thus far been based on “faulty evidence.”

As former federal prosecutors in Baltimore who routinely used the grand jury to investigate criminal conduct, we call on Ms. Mosby to conduct a full and fair grand jury investigation, not simply a one-day presentation in which the results are pre-determined. We call on her to put justice before politics and go where the evidence takes her, not where her constituents want her to go.

In addition to the scorching criticism of the novice Mosby by the two experienced prosecutors, Fox News Chief Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano has also leveled a blistering attack on the Baltimore State’s Attorney, dismissing her as a “two-bit political hack” who’s trying to undermine the First Amendment.

You can watch Napolitano’s fiery appearance on The Kelly File by clicking on the video above.

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Watch: Risking It All For ‘Dancing’ Finale, Noah Galloway Scores A Big Fan In A Very Surprising Place

It all comes down to this — tonight’s final scores from the judges will wrap up the 20th season of the hit show Dancing With the Stars and crown a new DWTS champ.

Iraq War veteran and double amputee Noah Galloway has demonstrated week after week that, even after losing an arm and a leg to a terrorist’s IED, he can compete with the other contestants on style, strength, and stamina.

On Monday night’s competition, the Army vet once again wowed the judges who gave him a perfect score on his freestyle, but found him wanting a bit on his earlier entry with dance partner Shawna Burgess. So, heading into the last round Tuesday night, Galloway trails the other finalists, Riker Lynch and Rumer Willis.

But, as The Blaze reports, it was Galloway’s freestyle, performed to a mix of two popular tunes, that brought the judges and the audience to their feet. The routine also drew an awesome response from an enthusiastic fan in a very high place — the wife of the vice president tweeted her praise for Galloway’s “courage and resilience.”

Image Credit: Twitter/Dr. Jill Biden

Image Credit: Twitter/Dr. Jill Biden

By clicking on the video above, you can watch Noah’s amazing DWTS performance that prompted one judge to comment, “It’s beyond words what you did. Like, I was thinking the words ‘fix me’ and ‘fix you’ — and I was thinking there is nothing to fix about you.”

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