Alaska Becomes Third State To Legalize Marijuana

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After a ballot measure was passed in November, Alaska officially legalized the recreational use of marijuana Tuesday, becoming the third state in the country to do so. It is still illegal in The Last Frontier to smoke marijuana in public, The Associated Press reported.

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Alaskans voted to legalize the recreational use of marijuana in November, 53 to 47 percent, The Week reported. NPR pointed out state residents are now allow to harvest up to six plants on private property.

“You can still give people marijuana, but you can’t buy it – or even barter for it,” said Alexandra Gutierrez of Alaska Public Media. “So, it’s a pretty legally awkward spot. That probably won’t stop people from acquiring it though.”

There are no stores yet, but black market sales are still illegal…The state is now crafting regulations for marijuana retailers, and the stores will be licensed and operational by next year.

Gov. Bill Walker, an Independent, proposed legislation Monday that will create a marijuana control board, which would not start operation until 2016. A similar board that regulates alcohol sales exists in the state.

Police officers in Anchorage, the state’s largest city, have queued up tickets for $100 fines for anyone caught smoking in public.

The 49th state joins Washington state and Colorado in legalizing the practice. Oregon will be legalizing marijuana in July. Voters in the District of Columbia legalized marijuana, which has since been blocked by Congress, NPR noted.

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WATCH How Judge Napolitano Just Nuked Obama’s Pro-Amnesty Argument As ‘Weird, Bizarre’

Judge Napolitano

One week after a federal judge in Texas blocked implementation of President Obama’s executive amnesty orders, the administration officially asked that same judge to admit his injunction was wrong and to issue a stay on his own decision.

Judge Andrew Hanen ruled that allowing Obama’s unilateral action to defer deportations for millions of illegal immigrants to proceed would cause “irreparable harm” to the states.

Obama’s lawyers on Monday shot back that blocking the president’s amnesty orders would cause “irreparable harm” to the federal government’s effort to do its duty. Part of that supposed duty, as Judge Andrew Napolitano notes about the administration’s position, is to help illegal immigrants to get Social Security numbers and work visas, as Obama has repeatedly promised he would.

“The government wants to break the law so it can help other law breakers stay here,” [Napolitano] stated. “I have never heard the government make an argument like that.”

You can watch the “Fox and Friends” segment with the network’s Senior Judicial Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, by clicking on the video above.

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BREAKING: Watch Obama’s VA Chief Caught On Cam In A Huge Whopper: President Does What?

Image Credit: CBS Evening News

President Obama tapped Robert McDonald to take the reins of the deeply troubled Veterans Administration last July to clean up the dysfunctional organization and polish its image.

Now, in a startling twist of fate, Obama’s VA Secretary has his own image to be concerned about.

Multiple news sources, including Fox News, are reporting on a fresh scandal at the embattled Department of Veterans Affairs, where Secretary McDonald has just issued an apology for lying about his military service…lying to a homeless veteran.

The CBS Evening News caught on camera an exchange between the VA chief and a down-and-out, black veteran on a sidewalk in Los Angeles. McDonald was in LA as part of the VA’s outreach to veterans living on the streets.

On the CBS report, the disheveled vet is seen telling McDonald that he was in special forces during his military service…to which McDonald quickly replied that he, too, was in special forces.

But he wasn’t. The head of Obama’s VA — in an apparent attempt to ingratiate himself with the homeless vet and play to the news camera that was following him around — claimed to be something he never was.

A report on The Blaze credits The Huffington Post with outing the secretary’s lie in an article that quoted McDonald as saying he was wrong and had “no excuse” for wrongly claiming he was in special forces.

The VA boss did complete Army Ranger training but reportedly never actually served in a special forces unit.

The Fox News piece on the latest VA scandal notes that the White House released a statement Monday night saying they accepted McDonald’s explanation of his “misstatement” and that he never intended to lie about his military career.

“‘Secretary McDonald has apologized for the misstatement and noted that he never intended to misrepresent his military service,’ the statement said.”

You can watch the original CBS report by clicking on the video above, and then decide for yourself if the White House is whitewashing the latest incident to hit the highest level of the Veterans Administration..

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BREAKING: Watch The Bombshell Al Sharpton Exposé That Has The Filmmaker Fearing For His Life

Image Credit: YouTube/Project Veritas

Al Sharpton is “all about the money.” So says a daughter of Eric Garner, the New York man who died in police custody after he was arrested for illegally selling cigarettes. Sharpton made a point of putting himself front-and-center in the protest over Garner’s death.

An article in The New York Post describes other harsh criticisms of the preacher, race agitator and MSNBC show host in a new investigative video from Project Veritas: “Sharpton is also criticized by leaders and supporters involved in the Michael Brown-police shooting case in Ferguson, Mo., and the Trayvon Martin shooting in Florida, according to the Project Veritas videotapes.”

Project Veritas, headed up by conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe, is known for producing provocative and highly controversial videos created largely from secret recordings where the subject doesn’t know the camera is rolling.

In the latest bombshell exposé, Garner’s daughter, Erica Snipes, was apparently recorded with a hidden camera during a protest in January.

“You think Al Sharpton is kind of like a crook in a sense?” the investigator is heard asking Garner’s oldest daughter.

“He’s about this,” Snipes replies, rubbing her fingers together.

“He’s about money with you?” the undercover asks.

“Yeah,” Snipes responds.

The New York Post article quotes Sharpton as vehemently denying the charges, saying the basis of the criticism documented in the Project Veritas video is wrong.

“They’re splicing and dicing stuff together. It was a distortion.”

In advance of releasing this new video, conservative activist James O’Keefe told his Twitter followers that he felt this exposé to be so hot that he feared for his safety.
Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 8.22.41 AM
Then, after the video hit the YouTube channel of Project Veritas, O’Keefe noted the major media coverage in Sharpton’s backyard.
Screen shot 2015-02-24 at 8.24.48 AM By clicking on the video above, you can watch the results of the Project Veritas investigation of Al Sharpton and judge for yourself whether the charges that Rev. Al is in it for himself ring true.

h/t: The New York Post

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott Shares His Solution For Illegal Immigration Problem In Texas

Flickr/The Texas Tribune

Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated on CBS’ Face the Nation Sunday, “Already this calendar year, since January 1, we have had more than 20,000 people come across the border, apprehended, unauthorized. And so we have an ongoing problem on the border that Congress must step up and solve.”

He also stated, “We all saw what happened on the Texas border last summer, but we need to understand that the problem is not going away.”

Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer reminded Abbott that there are 800,000 illegal aliens living in Texas right now, and then said, “You don’t have enough buses to send them back to Mexico, and I don’t expect you can put all of them in jail. What are you going to do with them?”

The governor gave two solutions. “One is,” he said “the president himself said as these people were coming across the border that he would repatriate them as soon as possible. So, we need to see whether or not the president himself is going to live up to the commitment that he made.”

The second was for Congress to take action: “And so we need Congress to have the latitude to fulfill its responsibility to solve the problem.”

Abbott shared his plan to secure the border: “I’m going to add more than 500 more Department of Public Safety officers, more Texas Rangers, more technology. We are coming out of our own pocket, Texas taxpayers’ pockets, to secure the border and doing the job that the federal government must do.”

Abbott recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of 26 states against Obama’s executive amnesty of illegal aliens.

The governor said that it is “essential” to win the case on constitutional grounds “because what we have here is a situation where the president has violated the rule of law and really contradicted the Constitution by actually making up the law and imposing his own standards on the immigration system.”

What do you think about Governor Abbott’s solutions to get illegal immigrants to stop crossing the border? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

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