$70,000 Tax Lien Placed On MSNBC Host Melissa Harris-Perry And Husband

MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry and her husband, James Perry, had a tax lien of roughly $70,000 placed on them by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Harris-Perry, who is also a political science professor at Wake Forest University, told The Winston-Salem Journal Wednesday that she did not know about the lien but was well aware of the debt.

According to the notice, it covers a tax period ending December 31, 2013.The couple reportedly paid off $21,721 and has to pay off $48,581. “We were aware that we would continue to need to work to pay off the 2013 debt,” Harris-Perry told the publication, noting they would pay off the debt as quickly as possible and that she established a payment plan with the IRS.

In the January 18 edition of her eponymous MSNBC television program, Harris-Perry took the opportunity to sharply criticize Republican Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas for his tax policy.

“Remember when you used your very first state-of-the-state back in 2011 to promise a reset of the Kansas tax code?,” Harris-Perry said at the time.

Well, you made good in May of 2012 when you signed historic tax cuts into law and claimed that as the state marched toward zero income tax it would quote ‘create tens of thousands of new jobs and help make Kansas the best place in America to start and grow a small business.’ You followed that up with even further income tax cuts in 2013.

But the jobs, and small business growth, and booming prosperity you hypothesized did not materialize. Instead, as a result of your experiment last April, Moody’s downgraded your state’s credit score. And Standard and Poors followed with a credit downgrade for Kansas in August.

The downgrades reflected a reality your sunny disposition did not. Your tax cuts have created a 1 billion dollar revenue loss and run up a staggering budgetary shortfall, estimated to be as large as 280 million dollars.

Harris-Perry is not the only MSNBC host with tax problems. A 2014 report published by The New York Times showed that Rev. Al Sharpton owed the IRS about $3 million.

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Nebraska Republicans Join Effort To Repeal Death Penalty

A bipartisan effort among Nebraska state senators this week advanced a bill that would end the death penalty in that state. On the strength of a 30-13 vote – enough to override an expected veto by Gov. Pete Ricketts – supported by seven Republicans, the bill will now be subject to legislative debate before it can be sent to the governor.

While Democrat State Sen. Ernie Chambers – who came under fire recently for comparing police officers to ISIS terrorists – sponsored the bill, concerns over certain aspects of the death penalty led the seven Republicans to lend their support. In fact, nine of the bill’s original cosponsors were Republicans; however, State Sen. Brett Lindstrom removed his name amid the controversy surrounding Chambers. Upon removing his name, Lindstrom nonetheless confirmed he would ultimately vote for it.

“You have to look at the bill itself,” he said, “not who brought the bill.”

The Republicans on board expressed varied concerns, specifically over those wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death and the high costs associated with enforcing the death penalty, in announcing their support of repeal.

“I may be old fashioned,” added State Sen. Tommy Garrett, “but I believe God should be the only one who decides when it is time to call a person home. The state has no business playing God.”

Another GOP leader in the push to repeal the death penalty, State Sen. Colby Coash (pictured above), insisted that such punishment “is not justice, it’s revenge.”

The Nebraska chapter of Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty joined the effort; and the organization’s national coordinator, Marc Hyden, was on hand to address the issue during a recent press conference. Western Journalism reached out to Hyden (pictured below), who offered his thoughts on the development:

Nebraska conservative leaders are joining Republican lawmakers from across the country who are voicing their opposition to the death penalty. Similar groups have also organized in Montana, Kansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Increasingly, conservatives everywhere are realizing the death penalty risks innocent lives and costs more than alternatives, while failing [to] serve the swift and sure justice that murder victims’ families deserve.

Image Credit: Courtesy/CCATDP

Image Credit: Courtesy/CCATDP

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Watch: You Could Call It ‘The Revenge Of The IronPigs’ In This Crazy Bacon Vs Broccoli Battle

It wasn’t Muslims complaining about the bacon-themed game-time menu offered by the IronPigs, a minor league baseball team in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. And it also wasn’t Michelle Obama insisting that the goodies sold to fans had to be healthier. It was the Washington-based Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine that put pressure on the team to offer more nutritious fare to the folks at Coca-Cola Park.

As the website MILB notes, the Ironpigs decided to go ahead and add a little green to the pork-product food choices that included such fan faves as maple candied bacon on a stick. But they didn’t altogether abandon their proud bacon-rich tradition.

“…the club will begin to offer deep-fried bacon-cheddar broccoli bites filled with broccoli florets, real bacon and sweet onions in crisp potato breading….”

“We believe in bacon and think that as part of a balanced diet it is a tremendous healthy food option,” exclaimed IronPigs President and General Manager Kurt Landes. “Ultimately though, our organization is not in the business of dictating to people what they should or shouldn’t eat as that decision should be left to each individual and their family.”

Stuart Varney of the Fox Business Network spoke with Kurt Landes to learn more about the team’s preservation of the IronPigs’ tradition while giving fans a chance to score some veggies at the same time.

By the way, the theme for the IronPigs’ 2015 season is “Bacon, USA” that features a bacon-themed uniform as well as a bacon strip on-field cap. And of course, the Twitter hashtag promotional campaign is built around #SmellTheChange.

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Duck Dynasty’s Korie And Willie Robertson Open Up On Their Faith And Raising A Family With Biblical Morals

The famed Robertson clan of Duck Dynasty fame is taking the nation by storm with its hard work, faith in God, and love for family. 

They’ve seen their name reach television, video games, book stores, and so much more. They are now seeing their new Duck Dynasty musical come to the stage at select Las Vegas hotels. With the Duck Dynasty name continually growing, viewers want to know how they’ve done it.

Willie and Korie Robertson joined Billy Hallowell of TheBlaze to discuss how they earned their fame, how they work to glorify God, and how they accomplish the all-important task of raising a family in this day and age with biblical morals.

“I really have seen kind of a swelling of [this] generation wanting to do something good, wanting to make a positive change in the world,” Mrs. Robertson said, noting that her book Strong and Kind will focus on raising children. “…If you put those values to where they’re going to be kind, they’re going to be strong, they’re going to be respectful, and compassionate and all those values that are important, then whenever they get to be adults, they’re going to be good people.”

“And politically, if we can elect people with those values and elect people that do that,” Mr. Robertson added. “I think there’s so many areas in which we can grow and kind of do like Ronald Reagan and change the hearts and minds of people, then you can make some change.”

The couple also discussed how the show Duck Dynasty got started and how originally, Uncle Si wasn’t going to be a part of the show.

“When the list came out of who was going to be on the show, there was no Uncle Si,” Willie said. “And I called them, and I said, ‘Guys, y’all need to look again at my uncle. He’s just insane.’”

The show was originally going to be centered around the Robertson couples; and because Si’s wife didn’t want to be on television, they weren’t going to put him on the show. But once the producers met Si, they loved his quirky nature–and the rest is history.

“What he does at ‘work’, when he says that he’s working – all that’s true,” Willie added.

If you would like to see the Robertson interview in its entirety, you can watch it here.

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Jack Welch Enthusiastically Comes Out As ‘Ted Cruz Guy’

As the man credited for leading General Electric to record profitability during his years as chairman and CEO, 79-year-old Jack Welch continues to command attention when he shares an opinion. Recently, he appeared on Fox News’ Your World with Neil Cavuto, where he was asked to react to the current crop of presidential hopefuls.

Of the four – three Republicans and one Democrat – who have already announced their candidacy, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is Welch’s obvious favorite.

“Love him,” he said of the Tea Party favorite. “He says what he’s going to do; he does it. He’s highly principled. He’s a guy you can trust.”

The only criticism Welch has of Cruz so far, it seems, is that he comes across as too serious.

“I want Ted Cruz to smile more,” he explained, “because he’s a hell of a good guy.”

Welch went on to explain why he is an early Cruz supporter, noting that America “needs more truth and trust,” attributes he believes Cruz can bring to the White House.

The two other Republicans in the race, Sens. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul, received somewhat less glowing recommendations from the retired executive.

Rubio, he said, has an admirable “ability to articulate issues,” though he recognized “some concerns about where he is on immigration and how he feels about it.”

Welch went on to criticize Paul for “the fact that he was one way with the wind on foreign policy and now he’s back the other way.”

He also reacted to Hillary Clinton’s candidacy, saying that while he is “not going to vote for her,” it remains her party’s decision regarding “whether she qualifies for the truth and trust issue.”

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