Trump Just Revealed The ONLY Thing He Thinks Can Stop School Shootings, And It’s Controversial

America must rely on self-defense for protection and not self-deception, according to Donald Trump. Over the weekend, the Republican presidential candidate advocated arming classroom teachers. He also criticized gun control and gun-free zones.

Trump’s comments came in the wake of Thursday’s shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon that left nine dead.

“I will tell you, if you had a couple of the teachers or somebody with guns in that room you would have been a helluva lot better off,” Trump told a Franklin, Tenn., crowd on Saturday.

“I can make the case that if there were guns in that room other than his, fewer people would have died, fewer people would have been so horribly injured,” he added Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press.

Trump said gun-free zones present an illusion of safety, but not the real thing.

“How about the military event that took place three or four months ago? Where you had these highly decorated soldiers in a military area… where they weren’t allowed to have their guns. And this whack job walks in and starts shooting them,” Trump said Saturday in Tennessee. “Why are we having gun-free zones in a military camp?”

Trump Sunday criticized President Obama’s call for new restrictions on guns.

“He’s a great divider and, you know, you have a big issue between the Second Amendment folks and the non-Second Amendment folks, and he is a non-Second Amendment person,” Trump said on ABC’s This Week.

Trump repeated his contention that mass shootings are a mental health issue, not a gun control issue.

“The gun laws have nothing to do with this. This isn’t guns,” he said. “This is really about mental illness, and I feel very strongly about it.”

He called the push for stricter gun laws “political correctness.”

“Look at Chicago. It’s got the toughest gun laws in the United States. You look at other places that have gun laws that are very tough, they do, generally speaking, worse than anybody else,” Trump said.

Trump said the mental health system can’t ever catch all potential threats.

“You have sick people. They happen to be intelligent. And, you know, they can be sick as hell and they’re geniuses in a certain way. They are going to be able to break the system.”

Watch: Oregon Town Rocked By Shooting Sends Obama A Blistering Message

The publisher of a local paper in Roseburg, Oregon, where last Thursday’s Umpqua Community College mass shooting took place, said President Obama would not be welcome in their town.

David Jacques, publisher of the Roseburg Beacon, responded to the possibility of the president visiting the community in the wake of last week’s tragedy that left ten students dead, and several others wounded. The problem, the newsman said, is that Obama “has no connection with this community” and “no connection with any of the families.” Instead, he would be coming to town with a political agenda.

He noted that the very day of the shooting the president said the incident “needs politicizing.” Jacques continued, “I think that is very inappropriate and disrespectful to the families.”

In his remarks Thursday night, Obama said: “This is something we should politicize,” adding that it is “a political choice that we make to allow [these shootings] to happen every few months in America.”

Jacques said of the president’s statement: “We haven’t even identified bodies…and he’s holding a press conference three thousand miles from here telling us, almost implying, that he single-handedly could have prevented this if Congress would have listened to him.”

“It shows not only a total disdain and disregard for our Constitution, but our very citizens, and especially those of us right here in Douglas County,” he added. “We believe in the Second Amendment. We believe in the whole Constitution.”

The publisher also spoke highly of Douglas County Sheriff John Hamlin and the lawman’s commitment to the Second Amendment. “We’re very proud of our sheriff. He’s basically put the administration on notice, that if you pass any laws or edicts or executive orders that are either unconstitutional or extra-constitutional, they will not be enforced in Douglas County and we’re proud of that. That is the kind of sheriff we elected overwhelmingly.”

In his Thursday night remarks, the president called for “common-sense gun safety laws.” Presumably, he is referring to those laws that he advocated for in the aftermath of 2012’s Sandy Hook shooting, including universal background checks and bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

Federally licensed gun dealers are required to do background checks, but private individuals who sell guns to each other are not.

As reported by Western Journalism, Democrats passed an assault weapons ban in 1994, which President Bill Clinton signed into law. The bill had a 10-year sunset provision, which lifted the restrictions in 2004. The ban was not renewed.

According to the Justice Department, with or without assault weapons bans, gun violence in the United States dropped significantly between 1993 and 2011. Gun-related homicides fell nearly by 50 percent, and non-fatal crimes involving guns dropped by 70 percent.

National Review’s, Charles C.W. Cooke points out that during this time frame, the country was flooded with up to 180 million new weapons, meaning the presence of more or fewer weapons does not correlate with the way people use them.

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Intense Video: Homeowner Turns Tables On Armed Robber In EPIC Way The Robber Never Expected

It is rare that an unarmed homeowner manages to turn the tables on an armed robber, but that is exactly what happened recently in San Francisco.

An armed robber entered a man’s garage armed with a pistol, but the homeowner managed to pry the pistol from the robber after they wrestled on the ground.

Footage was captured on the homeowner’s surveillance system.

After he had the gun, the homeowner pointed it at the man as he ran off.

The suspect has still not been brought in.

Police said that the gun “had no bullets, or no magazine was attached.”

What do you think of the homeowner’s triumph?

See The Photo Of Ben Carson That Has Gone Massively Viral- One Look And You’ll Know Why

Presidential candidate Ben Carson has been outspoken about his faith, communicating it in a way that has drawn mass appeal, especially among social conservatives.

Carson was recently in the spotlight, coming under attack for saying that he would not advocate for a Muslim running for President of the United States.

Now Carson has produced a meme with the #IAmAChristian hashtag that has gone massively viral: there were more than 1 million likes and 173,000 shares on Facebook as of Sunday night. He created it in response to the school shooting in Oregon.

Carson posted on both Twitter and Facebook a picture of him holding a sign saying “I am a Christian” with the icthus (Christian fish symbol) below it.



According to reports by several survivors, the gunman in the Oregon shooting asked people if they were Christians before shooting them. If they answered ‘yes’, they were shot in the head. If they instead answered ‘no’, they were shot in the legs.

Carson frequently holds a Facebook Q&A session, answering various questions sent in by the American people. That night Carson decided to call it off, saying he thought it was “inappropriate” in light of the shooting.

Carson said: “I would like to spend this night together remembering how important each life is – please join me in praying for the victims and their families. Please pray for the healing of our Great Nation.”

Do you support Dr. Ben Carson? Like the page:

Despite his controversial statement about not supporting a Muslim as President of the United States, Carson has made clear that if he became President the rights of people to hold their own respective faiths (or lack of faith) would be protected. He stated at the National Press club luncheon in 2014:

Everybody’s free to do whatever they want. To try to impose one’s religious beliefs on someone else is absolutely what we should not be doing. That goes in both directions. Someone who is an atheist doesn’t have a right to tell someone who isn’t an atheist what they can or cannot do or what they can or cannot say. We have to be fair but it has to be fair in both directions.
Carson’s appeal stems in large part from his Christian faith, a faith which he says he does not seek to impose on others.
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NYC Just Did Something Astonishing For One Of America’s Most Infamous Traitors

Ethel Rosenberg was sentenced to death for treason in 1953 by the US, along with her husband, Julius Rosenberg. She was convicted of helping pass atomic secrets to the Soviet Union.

Now, she is being honored by the New York City Council.

Three council members praised Rosenberg, a Lower East Side resident, for “demonstrating great bravery” in her role in a 1935 strike against the National New York Packing and Supply Co. After she joined the workers’ union at that company, she became a supporter of the Communist Party.

The council members also said that she had been “wrongfully” executed by the United States.

Councilman Daniel Dromm, D-Queens, stated: “A lot of hysteria was created around anti-communism and how we had to defend our country, and these two people were traitors and we rushed to judgment and they were executed.”

Soviet spies such as the Rosenbergs were integral to Soviet efforts to build a bomb.

Because of their spying operations in the West, the Soviets knew of the Manhattan Project before even the FBI.

The Soviets ended up detonating their own atomic bomb in 1949, much earlier than expected.

At the peak of their arsenal in the 1980s, the Soviets had approximately 45,000 nuclear weapons in their stockpile.

What do you think of Ethel Rosenberg being praised by the New York City Council?