Boehner Just Broke A Promise To Americans, And It Will Have Obama Grinning From Ear To Ear

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Since he became Speaker of the House, John Boehner has made many promises – one of which involved giving House Members ample time to read bills before they were passed.

Well, he just abandoned his pledge…

The House of Representatives is getting dangerously close to voting on the passage of a gigantic, trillion-dollar spending package – and the bill hasn’t even been presented yet!

Indeed, the bill makes the Oxford comprehensive dictionary look like a small paperback; yet members of Congress will likely have less than 24 hours to digest the information and make an “informed” decision.

Come crunch time, will members be tempted to bypass reading the bill before voting?

Congress in a Tight Squeeze?

At the time of this writing, the bill was scheduled to be released on Monday or Tuesday; and a vote will be held today. Nobody will have time to read what they’re voting on. Hundreds of Republican Members have repeatedly promised to read bills before they vote. Any voting for this bill will break that promise.

I wish I could tell you exactly how long the bill is, but we don’t know the exact page count. We also don’t know the total dollar amount, or which programs will be cut and added.

But here’s what we do know: Boehner has once again put Congress between a rock and a hard place – pretty much turning its members’ hands to let the bill slide through legislation.

You see, legislation is a messy business in the best of times; and Boehner’s stewardship has made it worse. Conservative budget hawk Rep. Tim Huelskamp of Kansas explained Boehner’s moves this way: “Here we are doing the appropriations bill the last couple days” before a government shutdown, and “that’s not to squeeze Harry Reid. That’s to squeeze us.”

Plain and simple, Boehner is putting the hammer to anyone trying to limit government spending and foster fiscal responsibility. After all, his main objective is to deliver Barack Obama a spending plan to his liking. And he’s made it clear that the Republicans in his caucus need to toe the Obama line.

At least conservatives are seeing Boehner’s actions for exactly what they are…

Rep. Walter Jones of North Carolina told the publication, The Hill, why Boehner is pushing so hard and punishing dissenters that don’t go along: “They don’t want you to read it, that’s why! You think they want you to analyze all the mischievous items in there? I think it’s aimed at screwing over the American people. You can quote me on that.”

The Fine Print Spells “Failure”

Instead of putting strong language in the bill against Obama’s Immigration Executive Action that would guarantee Republican support, Boehner is counting on Democrats to help him pass this massive piece of legislation.

And since it funds all of Barack Obama’s legislative priorities from Obamacare to a Homeland Securities Immigration rewrite, Nancy Pelosi has signaled (like Harry Reid) that she will provide votes to Boehner to get the job done.

Think about it: Why is Boehner doing the work of his political opponent? And, furthermore, why is Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid so excited to help John Boehner violate his previous pledges?

You see, lame-duck sessions of Congress are notorious for being when the Washington power elite get most of their dirty work done. Members who know they’ll be out of a job come January are only too happy to ingratiate themselves with the powers’ structure and vote for bills they otherwise would reject if they had to face the voters again.

It’s a very poor situation; John Boehner should be ashamed. And Republicans supporting this spending plan should face primary opponents in two years.


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Is America Facing Another Government Shutdown?

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When a commentator says that government spending is out of control and on autopilot, today’s reader becomes bored and moves on to a different article.

I’ve personally been pounding the table with this message since my commentary became a part of Wall Street Daily nearly two years ago.

But it’s different this time…

You see, Congress and Obama are venturing off into dangerous territory – leaving little time before America self-implodes.

I need you to read carefully to understand what’s happening…

Losing Control

Spending used to be the most significant part of government oversight conducted by the U.S. Congress.

But over the years, Congress has given up more and more authority and responsibility to the executive branch and the courts. Today, members of Congress have a mere shadow of the authority they once wielded.

The reason is simple: Members of Congress do nothing but campaign. The next election starts the morning after one election is won.

And in today’s high-stakes campaigning environment, issue management is supreme.

John Boehner is a master of issue management, which has made him extremely successful as Speaker of the House. Basically, John Boehner is good at keeping members of Congress from having to take tough votes.

Congress still has plenty of votes. In fact, Congress is always voting. But the votes involve secondary issues or measures that have no chance of final passage.

These are nothing more than feel-good votes – and Congressmen know that they’re just for show.

Think about it… you’ve surely heard a member of Congress say, “I’ve voted to repeal Obamacare 400 times.”

These were all stage-managed votes that everyone knew had no meaning. These are essentially a waste of time, but they make great theater and are part of an extensive issue management regime.

Every issue possible is pushed to the administration or the courts for the real decisions. If Congress makes no decisions, then it has no responsibility. If it has no responsibility, then it can look the voter in the eyes and say: “Isn’t it terrible what Barack Obama did on immigration, but I have no power to stop it. But if you send me back for another two years, I will do my best to stop it this time.”

Going in Circles

Now that you understand how Congress has been managed for the last decade, let me explain how this works with spending.

When I came to Washington 30 years ago, powerful committee chairmen ruled over government by passing spending or appropriations bills. These bills are a part of history.

Today, we’re ruled by the omnibus spending bill. This year, the bill was called the “Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2014”; and it was signed by Barack Obama on January 17.

Like the Groundhog Day movie, it’s all set to start again. Another one of these monster bills (which no one really reads or understands) has to pass before December 11, or the government shuts down again. Our U.S. government has become so dysfunctional that only one significant vote is made each year.

A gun is pointed at the U.S. Congress’ head, and it’s told to repeat everything the way it was done last year; or “I [Barack Obama] will veto the bill… and you, Congress, will be responsible for the government going out of business.”

Obama doesn’t shut down government; Congress does (so says the media.) So we have this impasse, and governance suffers. No changes can be made, no adjustments considered.

It’s just one gigantic bill from hell that will rule America another year.


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History Reveals The One Way Obama’s Damage To America Can Be Reversed

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As I continue to shadow former governor Mike Huckabee on his journey to absorb the wisdom of John Paul II, Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan… yesterday, we made a stop in London.

During this visit, I could feel Margaret Thatcher’s presence. It was as if her ghost were guiding us and enlightening us along the way. And if the Halls of Parliament and famous Westminster Abbey could talk, they’d echo some words of wisdom…

Words so profound that they could turn the direction of America’s economy completely around, erasing all of the mistakes in this Obama era.

Last night, our speaker, Liam Fox, a current Member of Parliament (and former British Secretary for Defense), began by describing himself as an unreconstructed Thatcherite.

Mrs. Thatcher came to power almost by accident. She was never a favorite of her fellow Tories. But in the late ‘70s, Britain’s economy was sick. The trade unions were choking productivity, taxes were high, and government services were failing.

When Mrs. Thatcher took the reins at Number 10 Downing Street, everyone expected her to fail.

Instead of taking a modest approach, she made major changes to policy. She dramatically cut the size of government – eliminating entire levels of the stifling bureaucracy.

High taxes were no longer an issue. She tackled that problem by slashing them. And as she cut tax revenue, she cut spending equally.

Shortly following Thatcher’s ingenious decisions, the creative spirit of the British people came alive under the freedom. Britain began to see economic growth. Entire industries, which had been nationalized by the socialist labor governments, were returned to the private sector.

British Telecom (BT) was privatized. British Gas was also returned to the private sector. Even venerable Rolls Royce has become a ward of the state and had to be privatized.

Probably one of Thatcher’s greatest feats was the dramatic reduction in borrowing requirements by the British government. Having her in office gave the economy a serious jump.

Will Obama Grab the Rope?

The experience of Margaret Thatcher’s United Kingdom gives us hope for our own United States. Obama has radically changed America. He’s dramatically grown the deficit, as well as government involvement in our affairs. But Thatcher shows that programs can be cut. Big government doesn’t always have to stay that way…

Together with a renewed economy came a renewed spirit of enterprise and hope for the future in Britain. The sluggish economy was defeated, and dynamic growth resumed.

At the end of his speech, Liam Fox made it plain: Those of us who believe in individual liberty, freedom of enterprise, and the rule of law must stick together. Britain and America must always have a special bond.

He warned that Obama’s greatest mistake was believing that opponents of these ideas would listen to reason. Obama is wrong. The jihadists and Islamists who he thought he could contain with words of peace have only been emboldened by his appeasement.

Mr. Fox’s warning was nearly dire as he made his final point. “The deficits you are currently running are unsustainable, and they are a national security concern. America needs to understand that the enemies of freedom want to see the day when debt problems eat your resources to the point that you can no longer defend yourself.”

And his words to Governor Huckabee were clear. America needs a president who will put the fiscal house in order, so that America can continue its role as a defender of the values of freedom.

Mrs. Thatcher’s experience shows that a socialist economy can be renewed with a commitment to restoring free enterprise. Even the Obama stagnation and economic decline can be reversed.


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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

Wow: What Mike Huckabee Is Doing In The Battle Of Good Vs. Evil Is Incredible

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Governor Mike Huckabee is in the midst of a 10,000-mile trek across Krakow, London, and California – retracing the steps of Pope John Paul II, Margaret Thatcher, and Ronald Reagan.

I was asked by the sponsor, David Lane of the American Renewal Project, to come along. Over 100 political and faith leaders are accompanying Governor Huckabee on his journey.

Our first stop was emotionally overwhelming… But it’s at this place that Huckabee’s mission became crystal clear.

A Painful Past: The Final Solution

We all congregated in the Nazi death camp, known as Auschwitz, near Krakow. Over one million prisoners died at Auschwitz and Auschwitz-Birkenau (a second camp built nearby) combined. The Nazis attempted to completely liquidate the Jewish race here. They called it the “Final Solution.”

Our guide called this place “the world’s largest cemetery without a grave marker. After gassing the men, women, and children, the Nazis burned their bodies and spread the ash on nearby agricultural land as fertilizer.”

At first, we entered the main gate, above which was written the Nazi slogan: “Work makes you free.” Upon arrival, Governor Huckabee gave a warning, saying that this is a place “where innocent, unarmed people were systematically murdered by the most educated, scientifically advanced, theologically trained, sophisticated, modernized, and knowledgeable Germans.” He called the camp “evil personified.”

Huckabee continued, “The very people who created the death industry and ‘scientifically’ and medically experimented on prisoners… went home every day, ate dinner with their families, played with their children, went to concerts, and lived normal lives – knowing all the while [that] those under their authority were living in horror.”

He said the camp “should be a sobering reminder that unless we stand against evil in our own time… it will happen again.”

The Nazi regime treated the camp as if it was a rendering plant. Nothing was wasted. They shaved the hair off prisoners to make cloth; they stole their shoes, clothes, and other belongings to be sold. They even pulled the gold teeth from their victims.

Only the unthinkable and unimaginable took place in this camp.

Take Solace in This Thought…

This is not to say Governor Huckabee didn’t give us hope. He continued by sharing with the assembled leaders a story about visiting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “The Prime Minister has an amazing photograph on the wall of his office. It is a picture of an Israeli F-16 flying over the main gate of this camp. The Polish government allowed the flyover on the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. It was intended to show all that hope prevailed.”

We can take solace, Huckabee said, that “evil personified lost, and God won.”

According to Lane, the purpose of the trip is “to encourage these leaders to achieve extraordinary feats.” He has even named the trip, “The Journey: A Spiritual Awakening.”

Lane has called for a grassroots movement of 1,000 pastors to run for political office in the upcoming 2016 elections. And he says that “this would revolutionize the political process and dramatically change the political climate in America.”

Huckabee is sounding a similar refrain. Speaking within the shadow of the ruins of the Birkenau gas chamber, Huckabee said that being a tourist and visiting here is not enough…

“It’s not enough, unless it does something to the way we live the rest of our lives. This is not a time to say ‘I’ve been to Auschwitz’… Because when the day comes, when we are called upon to put at risk our lives, our families, our fortunes, we have to decide if we will march like lemmings to our death, or take whatever steps necessary to stop the kind of tyranny that results, ultimately, in what we’ve been able to see firsthand today.”

And the war against evil continues.


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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

What Putin Has Planned For Russia Could Make It Way Bigger Than The USSR

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From the beginning, the Obama administration has tried to portray the ongoing conflict with Russia as the result of tensions in Ukraine.

But this highly disingenuous media tactic attempts to conceal the totality of the president’s strategy regarding Russia.

You see, Ukraine is far from the only flashpoint in this conflict. And astute followers of military science see a broader conflict with Russia that has the potential to engulf all of Europe in a wider war.

Meanwhile, Obama doesn’t realize that Putin is playing for keeps, though the Russian president has made this crystal clear in his recent military maneuver in Germany.

If we aren’t careful, almost anyone could become a target of Putin’s widespread takeover…

Germany on the Radar

On October 28, German Air Force jets stationed at Amari, Estonia intercepted seven Russian Air Force planes flying in the airspace near the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

The German Air Force units, working as part of NATO, identified the Russian planes as attack planes and escorts. The Russian jets included two MiG-31 Foxhounds, two Su-34 Fullback jets, one Su-27 Flanker jet, and two Su-24 Fencer jets.

This intrusion into Baltic airspace is, according to the Latvian military, “one of the largest formations intercepted by NATO fighter planes during the last couple of years.”

Yet it wasn’t an isolated incident. Less than a week prior, Swedish military authorities gave up the hunt for a Russian submarine that had been spotted prowling inside their territorial waters.

This underwater encounter brought back memories of the Cold War, a time when Soviet submarines regularly invaded Swedish waters.

Coupled together, these incursions show that Vladimir Putin is serious when he talks about the Baltic Sea being important to Russia’s strategic defenses.

Racking up Countries

Unfortunately, none of these encounters are a coincidence. The truth is that Vladimir Putin is looking to reclaim Russia’s old empire.

To illustrate this point, let’s take a look back at history…

By the end of the 19th century, Russia’s Imperial Empire was exceeded in size only by Qing China and the British Empire.

The Russian Empire was assembled by both conquest and colonization; and as each territory was added, the Czar would encourage Russian-speaking people to immigrate to the new region. In 1802, for example, Russian armies liberated Georgia from Persian occupation, then turned and used Georgia as a base for operations against the Turkish Ottoman Empire.

Russia also added lands that had formerly belonged to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, which become a protectorate of Russia in 1768. This union gave Russia control over much of the Baltics, Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland.

And when the Russian Czar fell in February 1917, the new leaders doggedly held onto the territory assembled by the Imperial Court. In fact, the Soviet Union even expanded the empire in the aftermath of World War II.

Today, each of these nations has gained its independence… but most still have significant Russian-speaking minorities. These Russian people were essentially exported by the empire to cement control of a political jurisdiction, and Putin knows he has this ace up his sleeve.

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The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by

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