David Axelrod Takes Aim At Hillary’s Campaign, Encourages ‘Humility’

The man behind much of Barack Obama’s electoral success recently weighed in on the shortcomings he believes Hillary Clinton must overcome in order to become the next president. David Axelrod, who served as Obama’s campaign strategist during the 2008 election, has dealt with Clinton before and offered some tips regarding how she can improve her strategy ahead of 2016.

“Humility is the order of the day,” he insisted. “In 2007, her campaign was this juggernaut of inevitability and it was a top-down experience.”

As it turned out, of course, the far less recognizable Obama was able to overcome the name recognition gap and defeat Clinton to earn his party’s nomination. Axelrod speculated that Americans can grow to resent the notion that a particular candidate’s nomination is a foregone conclusion.

“Voters don’t like to be told that their decision is predetermined,” he explained. “They want to be asked for their vote; and more than that they want to have a genuine connection with the candidate.”

Though he saw some redeeming qualities in Clinton following her 2008 loss in the Iowa caucuses, Axelrod cautioned that she needs to remain humble throughout the process in order to come out victorious in next year’s primary.

He described the post-Iowa Clinton of 2008 as one who “threw caution off” and was better able to identify with voters.

“The candidate you see in Iowa today is much closer to that candidate,” he concluded, “and I think that’s authentically who she is.”

Regardless of her personality on the campaign trail, however, plenty of evidence exists that prospective voters are already weary of Clinton’s near-constant media coverage more than a year and a half before Election Day. Whether due to the fact that she has been a household name for more than two decades or that she has been linked to countless scandals throughout that time, reports of Clinton’s inevitability – as in the 2008 campaign cycle – might be premature.

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Hillary Caught In Another Self-Serving Lie – A Lot Like The Whopper A Potential Challenger Has Told

You may recall the big flap over Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s oft-repeated claim that she is part Cherokee, descended from Native Americans — a claim that Breitbart News debunked through extensive and detailed documentation.

“In 2012 Breitbart News exhaustively documented the facts surrounding Senator Warren’s claims of Native American ancestry and demonstrated that no credible evidence exists to support those claims. But lack of genealogical evidence has never stopped Senator Warren from boldly asserting as fact something which is flatly not true.”

The far-left senator’s claim of Native American ancestry — in addition to possibly conveying upon her some sort of pseudo-authenticity as a legitimate voice of oppressed America — was reportedly useful in her applications for employment prior to being elected to public office, as Breitbart noted.

She’s made this claim, apparently, to three separate employers–the University of Texas Law School, the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and Harvard Law School. None apparently asked her for proof, nor did she offer any.

Now, it turns out, Hillary Clinton is also angling for an advantage in presenting her faux family history to the American people as she applies for the most powerful job in the land — President of the United States.

The wildly popular website BuzzFeed has just posted the results of its investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s claims that all her grandparents were immigrants — an assertion that could boost the candidate’s standing with a key constituency perceived to be vital to Democrats’ electoral hopes

And as the BuzzFeed article points out, this provably false Clinton claim is being repeated as she launches her campaign in Iowa this week, staging small, intimate gatherings with supposedly “everyday” folks.

“Speaking in Iowa Wednesday, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that all her grandparents had immigrated to the United States, a story that conflicts with public census and other records related to her maternal and paternal grandparents.”

The BuzzFeed piece presents a number of images of census records that clearly indicate Hillary is not telling the truth about her so-called “immigrant” grandparents.


Lest you think that the BuzzFeed post on Hillary’s self-serving lie about her ancestry won’t reverberate around the web and be seen by folks who like the candidate as well as those who don’t, here are a few sample headlines from publications that have picked up on the story so far:

New York Post: “Hillary fudges the truth about her immigrant grandparents”
CNN: “Hillary Clinton misrepresents family history”
People Magazine: “Hillary Clinton got her grandparents’ immigration story wrong”

And how hard would it have been for Hillary Clinton or any semi-competent aide or novice assistant to confirm the candidate’s story about her “immigrant” ancestors? As the evidence presented by BuzzFeed shows, it would have been as simple as checking ancestry.com.

But then, as is the case with so many convenient and expedient narratives embraced and promoted by those on the left, that easily obtainable evidence would interfere with an appeal to a political base eager to believe.

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George W. Bush Took Just One Word To Sum Up Jeb’s Biggest Problem In Running For President

According to an analysis just published in The Washington Post, Jeb Bush is not running away from many of the views and policies of his older brother when he was president. In fact, says author Ed O’Keefe, the former Florida governor and likely GOP presidential contender is “embracing” and “emphasizing” what George W. Bush did when he was in the White House, particularly in the area of international relations.

If Jeb Bush is elected president, the United States won’t be on speaking terms with Cuba and will partner more closely with Israel.

He’ll tighten sanctions on Iran and urge NATO to deploy more troops in Eastern Europe to counter Vladimir Putin. And he’ll order the U.S. military to root out “barbarians” and “evil doers” around the globe.

Curiously, if the Post article is accurate, Jeb’s older brother says that very alignment is the biggest problem facing the younger Bush in his likely bid for the presidency — which, of course, may be a big clue as to the Post’s intention in making this analysis. Politico reports that the former president spoke to IT experts in Chicago on Wednesday, telling the crowd of some 7,000 that Jeb’s candidacy has a problem that could be expressed in one word: “Me.”

“That’s why you won’t see me out there, and he doesn’t need to defend me, and he’s totally different from me. The role of family is not to be a political adviser or a policy adviser — there are plenty of those around — the role is to say, ‘Hey man, I love you.’

When it comes to critical matters of foreign policy, Jeb Bush’s “embrace” of his brother’s positions — if such is the case — could prove to be a good thing if the younger Bush does throw his hat into the presidential ring. As reported by Bloomberg Politics, New Hampshire voters in a recent poll expressed their preference for Jeb over potential GOP rivals because of his perceived foreign policy strengths, not necessarily his other positions on major issues.

Jeb Bush has taken a slight lead over other potential Republican presidential candidates in a new Bloomberg Politics/Saint Anselm New Hampshire poll, even though his party’s voters have doubts about his famous last name and his positions on immigration and education.

A follow-up piece on Bloomberg noted of that New Hampshire voter survey: “Republicans said their top issue was fighting terrorism, and that the former governor would be far better combating terrorism than Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Senator Rand Paul Paul, or New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.”

Though he has not indicated any specific date for his long-expected announcement about entering the 2016 race, Jeb Bush has accepted an invitation to speak at the May 9th commencement at Liberty University in Virginia. That’s where Texas Sen. Ted Cruz announced his candidacy only a few weeks ago.

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WATCH: What Ben Carson Just Said About Al Sharpton Could Create HUGE Shock Waves

“Dr. Carson, I think you just sent a shiver down the spine of a lot of Republican voters out there….” That was Megyn Kelly’s introduction to an interview with Ben Carson, a potential GOP candidate for president in 2016.

The host of Fox News’ The Kelly File was referring to Carson’s article in National Review explaining his recent speech to Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. The retired neurosurgeon who has gained quite a following among conservatives said that he and Sharpton share the same goal for America.

In his interview with Kelly, Dr. Carson explained what he meant, but it was an explanation that might not sit well with those who suspect that Carson could be naive in believing Al Sharpton actually wants for the country what he claims.

Ben Carson has said that he will announce on May 4th in his home town of Detroit his decision about running for the GOP presidential nomination. You can watch the Carson segment on The Kelly File by clicking on the video above.


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WATCH: The Latest Joe Biden ‘Creepy’ Pic That Sends These Fox News Ladies Into Orbit

“Joe, stop being a creep.” That was the advice one of the women on the Fox News show Outnumbered offered the vice president in reaction to a tweet sent out by his office on Equal Pay Day.

That observance marks the supposed extra time women have to work each year to earn as much as their male counterparts made in the previous year. Earlier this week, on April 14th, the following tweet was sent out on Biden’s official Twitter feed:

Image Credit: Twitter/Vice President Biden

Image Credit: Twitter/Vice President Biden

The photo was taken in 2013, when Biden went into the women’s locker room at the University of Delaware to celebrate a big team win in the NCAA tournament. The five folks on Outnumbered found the pic more than a little bizarre, as it reminded them of previous Biden photos that have generated a lot of controversy, including the following picture of the vice president with the wife of Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

Image Credit: The Daily Caller

Image Credit: The Daily Caller

You can watch the “creepy Biden” segment from Outnumbered by clicking on the video above.

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