Michelle Obama’s Shameless, ‘Woe Is Me And Thee’ Speech At Tuskagee Institute Is Ironic…

Michelle Obama’s commencement speech at Tuskegee Institute was a shameless litany of all the problems blacks HAD over their history in America–and those she felt had personally harmed her. Allowing the thought that blacks have made ANY progress whatsoever, especially in the past fifty years, would be absolutely impossible in the world she and her husband inhabit.

The Tuskegee Institute is a relative success story among the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU.) It was founded in 1881, and one of its driving forces was a former slave named Booker T. Washington, a man who recognized the opportunities that were presented to him, other former slaves, and their decedents in post-Civil War America. Washington was a leader of the African American community until his death in 1915.

One of Washington’s strongest enemies was W.E.B. Dubois, who Washington saw as a fake who was more interested in lining his pockets than helping black people. If he was alive today, Washington would be revolted by Michelle Obama’s “Woe is me and thee” speech, given at his beloved Tuskegee Institute. Here’s what Washington had to say about people like her and DuBois more than one hundred years ago.

There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.

Michelle’s speech played on the fact that over the past fifty years, the HBCUs have become hand wringing, “hate White America” bastions where any hint of departing from liberal orthodoxy is attacked. She knew who her audience was.

She talked about “daily slights” and added: “those age-old problems are stubborn and they haven’t fully gone away.” These were two great slippery phrases like “hope and change.” Neither has any basis, but that is the idea – the audience will fill in the horror stories.

After whining about a cartoon depiction of her published almost eight years ago, she said, “…And at the end of the day, by staying true to the me I’ve always known, I found that this journey has been incredibly freeing.”

The irony of her list of complaints was underscored by the reaction of a rapper named Tef Poe, who said, “…the truth still remains she is the first lady of the United States of America.” Michelle Obama has become a very wealthy woman who lives like a queen in America–and not everyone, white or black, buys her whining.

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Eleanor Roosevelt Had Her ‘Hick’…And Hillary Has Her ‘Eldie’

The mounting evidence that Hillary Clinton is bisexual will, of course, be ignored by the media who sees its first job as getting Democrats elected and not telling the truth about anything. They have done this before.

During Franklin Roosevelt’s administration, his wife Eleanor carried on a very active extramarital sex life. The first glimpse of this was right before the eyes of a decidedly disinterested press corps. They did their job and lied by omission to cover for their Democrat king’s queen. Eleanor Roosevelt had a flaming physical relationship with a 5’8”, 200-pound, cigar-chopping “butch” named Lorena Hickok who, much to Eleanor’s delight, was assigned to cover the White House. So open and obvious was their relationship that the night before FDR was inaugurated in 1933, the two slept together in the Mayflower Hotel. There is a famous picture of Eleanor at FDR’s side during the ceremony; on her left ring finger, she is wearing a ring “Hick” gave her.

Ignoring Eleanor’s voracious appetite for bisexual coitus could be construed as being polite to the First Lady–“what happens behind a married couple’s bedroom…” and so on. Nevertheless, the “cover up” help the lapdog media willingly provided to their Democrat gods actually served to cover up a Soviet Communist spy ring’s penetration of the Roosevelt Administration.

Eleanor had no aspirations of higher office. All she had to do was dab her lips before speaking with the press to make easier for them to lie to us.

Unlike Eleanor, Hilary Clinton believes she is entitled to be president; and many in the media are prepared to keep shoveling her failures and crimes under the rug to help her get there.

Nevertheless, Hillary does have her own “Hick.” She is Eleanor “Eldie” Acheson, an admitted lesbian who was her roommate at Wellesley college. It is widely reported that Eldie opened Hillary’s, eh, eyes to the joys of homosexuality.

A former classmate of Hillary’s observed: “Many of the girls discovered gay sex, booze and pot at Wellesley. Eldie was one of the people that turned Hillary around completely. She opened her eyes to possibilities she had no idea existed.”

Junkies don’t have any friends who are not junkies. Gamblers have no time for anyone who is not into “the action.” It is inconceivable that during her college years, when sex was the center of her life (as is the case with most college-aged young people), Eldie would have a roommate who was not interested in homosexual sex.

For Democrats, it’s always the same story. They live at the lowest end of the scale in private, and the media portrays them as saints in public.

As they did for Eleanor, the media, who are the same kind of perverts, will let Hillary dab her lips before she speaks. But at least we can talk about the truth in the new media.

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In The Ghetto, The Summer Never Ends…

When the Beach Boys sang about an “Endless Summer,” their endless summer was one that revolved around surfing, drinking beer, and making out with honey-blond virgins in hopes of getting to third base. Nevertheless, when the days got shorter, the Beach Boys’ endless summers ended; and it was back to school to prepare for real life.

The endless summers in the Ghetto, where real life is one long “class cut,” never end. There is no school, no rules, and no responsibilities.

Black ghetto life is run by children who are on perpetual summer vacation. They have no cares or worries, stay out all hours to drink, use drugs, and engage in random sex. They live inside real life games of Mortal Kombat and what was once known as Cops and Robbers when it was innocently played by white kids.

The summer never ends for these black children. They either end up in prison, where they continue a modified game of endless summer, or they end up killed by another endless summer child or a cop. If these things don’t get them, it finally ends at the ripe old age of 25 for the females – now with four children by four different endless summer boys – or 30 for the endless summer boys who are still alive and not in prison. The males who make it to 30 “graduate” to being hardcore professional criminals.

Like human peacocks begging for attention, they wear the most bizarre clothing possible. They are never ever criticized by anyone. When cold weather comes, they wander into school to get their free breakfast and stay warm until midday, when they can begin roaming the streets again.

Because they have no real families, they create families with other endless summer children. In these families, their suppressed and unspoken dreams of having a father are fulfilled by a gang leader who himself had no father and has no concept of how to be one.

Like other third world savages around the world, they use violence and procreation to prove their “manhood” and claim to leadership.

Female endless summer children are occasionally overcome by maternal instincts and become the docile baby factories they have always been fated to be.

Both male and female endless summer children are eager to latch onto the ideas they are fed by liberals who tell them their problems are not their fault; but are caused by white conservative Republicans who insist they follow “white” ways of living. This works perfectly because of the natural willingness to blame those who are nameless and faceless as opposed to those who hand out the welfare cheese every two weeks.

Being uneducated, they rely on what they are told by liberals; and those who do vote are cunning enough to make the connection between continuing to live their carefree life and voting Democrat.

With everything else handed to them, they demand an entertainment. Like others who legitimately live lives with no responsibility, boredom takes over. Bored Whitey doesn’t riot–he uses drugs– but the Ghetto endless summer children riot for entertainment. Sadly, right on cue in Baltimore, they were told they have a right to riot to protest the real life “cops and robbers” death of one of their own.

At this writing, Baltimore’s endless summer continues.

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Liberal California Education Group: Blacks Don’t Need To Work Hard Or Be On Time

If this were 1915 rather than 2015, the positions taken by the Pacific Educational Group (PEG) would be properly attributed to the Klu Klux Klan. Even today, if any “unapproved of” group said these things, the media would ride in with their keyboards blazing to destroy anyone who even whispered what this liberal think tank is saying out loud.

PEG uses what it calls Courageous Conversations to say the things it does, but it’s still idiotic. PEG tells teachers that blacks are “…less likely to respond to fundamental ideas like working hard to achieve success, or being on time for school or work…”

PEG is infecting the thinking of government school, K- 12 teachers with the idea that teaching black youngsters to be responsible and prepared to join our workforce is essentially a waste of time. This means that PEG is supporting the idea that our government schools are really operating to provide cushy “no responsibility” jobs for unionized Democrat-voting teachers.

Various government school systems around the country have paid PEG millions of dollars to be given a free pass – absolution as it were – from the responsibility for seeing that black kids learn anything useful in their classrooms.

Not at all surprising is that in recent years, the Baltimore County Public School System paid PEG $427,000 to be told that they can’t teach blacks how to fit into the greater society.

A review of the lavish manner in which Baltimore schools are funded begs the question: “And why not?” With a student population that is 83% black and an institutional position endorsing the notion that teaching for a future in the greater (read: white) society is not possible, the job of a Baltimore teacher has been reduced by the bigotry of low expectations to marching in place until retirement.

On average, just 16 students fill a Baltimore classroom. The ratio of staff to pupils is just 8.3 for every 1 student.

The City of Baltimore spends an eye-popping $15,483 on each of these students, which places it second in the country, trailing only New York City’s jaw-dropping $19,770.

Across the board, Baltimore’s schools are far better equipped than most “white” schools. They have modern theaters, Olympic-sized swimming pools, free musical instruments, and lots of other “free” stuff.

Why then would Baltimore’s schools, populated by black students and run by black staff, want to pay PEG for its advice to not bother teaching its kids that being on time for work is essential to future success? Unions? Democrats? Low expectation bigotry?

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It’s Not Bad Being An Economist–You Just Have To Be A Liberal

Economists don’t have to be right – ever. They just have to say what fits the liberal mindset. Since the proved pedophile John Maynard Keynes told Franklin Roosevelt the way to get America out of the Depression was to make prices so high that no one could afford to buy anything, liberals have used economists to justify their failed policies.

The latest stupid prediction from the Democrats’ useful economists (DuE) fits perfectly into this construct. When faced with a terrible 0.2% GDP growth rate for the first quarter, they told us that “U.S. economic growth braked more sharply than expected in the first quarter as harsh weather dampened consumer spending and energy companies struggling with low prices slashed spending, but there are signs activity is picking up. The growth slowdown is probably not a true reflection of the economy’s health, given the role of temporary factors such as the weather and the ports dispute.” Not a true reflection?

This sounds very familiar.

After a sickly first quarter GDP in 2010, they said: “….but resurgent consumer spending offered evidence of a sustainable recovery, a government report showed on Friday.” It never happened.

After the 2011 Q1 numbers came out, the DuEs said: “The economy is just not that weak. The data shows this is a one-time thing and we’ll get a rebound this quarter.’”

Oh but the economy WAS “just that weak.” The 2011 GDP was just 1.6%!

Having been burned for a few years, the humiliated DuEs responded to the first quarter disaster of 2012 with: “Don’t panic yet. The government reported Friday that the economy got off to a tepid start this year, but that doesn’t foreshadow a repeat of the near-standstill that happened in 2011…. The first-quarter slowdown will be temporary.” The final GDP rate for 2012 was a paltry 2.2%, which certainly was a “near standstill.”

The DuEs were somewhat accurate in 2013 when they counseled against concern about the first quarter’s numbers. The GDP for 2013 thus became the exception that proves that rule.

Last year, the DuEs reverted to form; and they called a 2.1% contraction “unexpected” after one of the worst winters in memory. Things have not gotten better.

So being a liberal economist is a pretty nice gig. All you have to do is forget everything about economics and say what liberals want you to say.

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth