America Still Doesn’t Seem To Understand What A Failure The War On Drugs Is

One word can sometimes change the way one views things. To wit: if one adds the word “other” to alcohol and drugs (alcohol and other drugs), one’s perspective is likely to change. The failure to use it in normal parlance speaks to an arbitrary distinction that has for too long been accepted.

It is difficult to argue that alcohol is not a drug, and the same applies to nicotine. Further, like almost all recreational drugs, they offer an immediate “high” followed by a “low” as the pleasure chemicals oscillate back to stasis. “Weed,” cocaine, heroin (OXY), etc. do exactly the same thing. The fundamental distinction is that they have been made illegal, and the results of use may be more dramatic. Users also may be marginally more likely to become addicted. Interestingly, one is more likely to die coming off alcohol than other drugs, but the road back is more difficult.

One source of these sanctimonious laws was blatant racism. “Weed” was the drug of choice in the Black culture years ago. It was believed by the public to drive young Black males into a frenzy which put White girls at risk. Opiates were the drugs of choice brought here by Chinese railway workers well over a hundred years ago. Orientals were therefore suspect. Further, after massive overuse of opiates treating the wounded during and after Woodrow Wilson’s war led to serious addiction problems in veterans, the solution was–make them illegal.

That is the balm of the superficial, those who think that closing a legal door solves the problem. If individuals want anything, from untaxed cigarettes in New York City to cocaine or meth, they will get it because a criminal enterprise will always be happy to accommodate them. Prohibition was in large part responsible for the rise of the Mafia. Inner city gangs, foreign terrorists, corrupt governments, etc. feed off the profits of the “drug war.”

The point is that, lacking the word “other,” it is too easy to accept a qualitative difference that does not exist. Further, we incarcerate over 2 million persons and spend 2 billion a year in Florida alone because of the effects of drugs. Virtually every female in prison is there as a result of our “war on drugs.”

Perhaps it is time to rethink the problem. “Rethink” may be inaccurate as it is difficult to associate thought with those who brought us to this sorry pass.

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Is Hillary Playing A High-Stakes Game Of ‘Chicken’ With Dems Who Want Her Out?

Since at least this past March, when first predicted her campaign would end in her indictment, things have gone from bad to worse for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Her lackluster campaign announcement was followed by another equally pathetic attempt to stir up supporters. A book tour flop topped off by a virtually secret, Friday night re-re-re-announcement have all drawn flies at best.

Empty seats at BIG rallies even on college campuses have become the rule rather than the exception.

Mrs. Clinton’s smug and demonstrably false “explanations” of having done nothing wrong by using her private email accounts for governmental communications have worn thin even among some of her most devoted followers.

The unspoken warning to investigators that they “had better back off because THIS is Hillary Clinton you are looking into” has served only to intensify the efforts to bring her down among Congressional Republican Committee Chairs. More than this, it has become clear that Barack Obama does not want her to follow him to the White House and has ordered the FBI and other federal agencies to publicly investigate her.

Nevertheless, as a Clinton, she is as cunning as a rat. She can put on a brave face and make believe everything is just fine in public, but she knows she is in trouble. She knows the clear and present danger is way past being brought to an end with the standard “I’m reluctantly suspending my campaign to spend more time with my family.”

Hillary Clinton knows the people coming after her are ruthless Democrats who fear she is so damaged she would bring down entire tickets of Democrats around the country. She is one of these ruthless people herself, so she knows they mean business and will indict her to get her to leave.

The problem she faces is that she also knows they recognize a Clinton’s ability to come back from the political grave, so they may very well indict her for her many crimes–even if she does drop out–just to put a stake in her chest where her heart should be.

It is quite plausible that Hillary is playing a high stakes game of “chicken” with the wolves at her door. She may very well be “plea bargaining” through implication. The longer she stays, the more damage her forcible eviction will cause for her successor. No Democrat will want to be blamed for “killing the chances” of the Democrats electing the first woman president.

She can “plea bargain” her way out of an indictment, without doing so publicly, by simply waiting them out until they come to her with an iron-clad agreement. The sober assessment here is that no Republican will have a real say in her fate.

On the other hand, if she waits too long and the wolves grow restless and impatient, they just might drop an indictment on her as thick as the Manhattan phone book. Then, orange will be her new pantsuit color.

Pass the popcorn, please.

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Fox Set Out To Destroy Trump–But They Only Made Him Stronger

Last night’s Republican debate was a great success. It was the kind of event those who want to try anything to revive our dead nation have been waiting to see.

This was a great night for many reasons, but there are a few that need to be specified.

  • Donald Trump clearly pulled the entire field over to the right. We have probably not seen Republican candidates charging to the right like this for a long time – if ever.
  • The current Drudge poll – which Fox and its further left friends will ignore — shows Trump pulling an incredible 45% plus – crushing the field.
  • Because of Trump, there was not one variation of the RINO theme, “I can work across the aisle.” “My friends on the other side and I have done.. this …. this and this “
  • Trump’s assertion that the media would not even be talking about illegal aliens rang true to voters.
  • The “gotcha” about who would support the eventual nominee and not run third Party fell flat and only gave Trump an opportunity to try out his answer. He squeezed more benefit out of the lame attempt at an attack by slapping down Megyn Kelly, thus reminding voters the media is the enemy and that even FOX News cannot be fully trusted. Trump’s honest response made Kelly’s “Trump’s war on women” attack look like the petty bleating of a GOPe apparatchik.
  • The poll’s numbers re-enforce the value of Ronald Reagan’s tactic of showing the media as our enemy.
  • The minuscule numbers pulled by the RINO herd (Bush, Christie, Huckabee, all under 5%) serves as the first official warning from us that should the GOPe give us Jeb Bush, we will stay home or go 3rd Party.   
  • Ted Cruz is way ahead of the “also rans” and got there by reminding voters he will call out our enemies regardless of what Party they are in. Do you hear that, GOPe?
  • Ben Carson can be called brilliant not because he is Black–and as conservatives, we HAVE to say that about the Black guy before we show him the door–but because he IS brilliant.
  • Maybe we saw part of the team that might be able to revive our dead nation: Trump at the top; Cruz Secretary of State; Kasich Secretary of Treasury; Carson Surgeon General; and since Trump is so good at picking people to hire, maybe Carly Fiorina as Secretary of Commerce.

Fox set out to destroy Trump; but they only made him stronger.


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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

NBC Joins The Gaystopo War On The Catholic Church

The ink on the Supreme Court’s lawless decree that God’s law against sodomy is null and void is scarcely dry, but the Gaystopo has not taken a day off. They are pressing the fight and will continue to do so until either they or the Catholic Church in America have been defeated.

Emboldened by the realization that they own the Supreme Court, the Gaystopo, as predicted here, are turning every screw they can to mock Catholic doctrine and press their attack. Now, they have a new partner, the National Broadcasting Network (NBC), which has slithered out of the closet.

In the type of sneaky, out-of-the-spotlight move that characterizes these minions of hate, the Gaystopo has quietly arranged for the ouster of John Dunleavy, a faithful Catholic, from his position as Chairman of New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee. His offense was uttering a mild threat against the continued presence of Gay groups marching under a banner announcing their love for committing the sin of sodomy.

NBC’s ugly hand in all of this is that it now has a puppet chairman of the parade in its pocket and is blackmailing him into accepting a second Gay/sodomite group. The deal will be that in order for the parade to continue to be televised by NBC, the Committee will have to accept a group of in-house sodomites from NBC’s “Fabulous” OUT@NBCUniversal.

Last March, the Gaystopo took full advantage of feckless Church leadership and ordered the Committee to break its covenant with the Catholic Church. For the first time in its history, the parade allowed a sodomite group to march under its own banner promoting sin and violation of Church and natural law.

This irreversible destruction of New York’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is being followed up, and this demand for admission of yet another Gaystopo group will be just the beginning. As the Islamists do, the Gaystopo are using their signature touch of rubbing their vanquished enemy’s nose in the dirt.

The Gaystopo have all the cards; they own the Court, they own the media, and now they own New York’s Irish Day Parade – once called the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. They have no intention of slowing down their charge.

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth

Are Gays About To Force Catholic Priests To Perform Their ‘Marriages’?

The Supreme Court has taken its place at the head of the charge to destroy the Roman Catholic Church in America. Under all the impassioned arguments about “love winning out,” the leering minions of hate and lies have won a major victory. Now they can gather their forces to attack their real enemy, the one that has always been the unspoken target: the Roman Catholic Church in America.

For all its faults and self-inflicted damage, the Catholic Church in America is still the last significant obstacle to the left’s dream of destroying morality in our nation. The SCOTUS decision to legalize violating God’s law has put the Catholic Church in a corner that the whole country had better hope She can get out of.

Those who hate the Catholic Church will try to strike while the issue is hot and force satanic Gay “weddings” on the church before the next “Gay Pride” parade. There are probably already plans in place to ask Catholic Churches to perform Gay “marriages” with lawsuit papers in the pockets of those who will be “offended” when they are denied. To save time and money, Satan’s minions will go after the Archdiocese of New York and the dioceses of San Francisco and Boston simultaneously. They will not bother to go after other Christian Churches because if they can bring down the Catholic Church, they have all the legal precedent they need to force ALL religions in America to yield to their evil intentions.

To trick people into supporting their cause, they will get very ordinary-looking homosexuals and lesbians to be the face of their cause. There won’t be any Gays wearing leather hats, g-strings, and boas demanding Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York marry them. Nevertheless, they will reap the benefit of a lack of leadership and willingness to blur lines the Church has demonstrated over the past several decades.

The media will keep a tight wrap on the lawsuits and report as little as possible on them to further anesthetize people as they develop.

If the Catholic Church loses, and there seems to be no other logical conclusion to these lawsuits, it will be ordered to perform Gay ‘marriages’ or lose Her tax exempt status. The Catholic Church will never yield and perform these satanic rituals. She will give up a tax exempt status, and that will set off a catastrophic chain of events.

Forced to make hard choices to save dwindling funds, the Church will eventually get out of the social services and charity business as well as close Her schools.

These steps will dump tens of millions of people into the arms of an already-overwhelmed federal government. Hello, Cloward and Piven.

There are 67 million Americans who claim to be Catholics. In reality, there are only about 27 million because the rest don’t practice their religion. When this all hits the fan, maybe another 3 million will be shocked into coming back–so the new total will be about 30 million.

Those who are left will start again without government money or government instructions as to what to teach.

The country will be in chaos, and the pigs will love it.

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This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Equipping You With The Truth