Cartoon: Post-Racial America

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  1. I already have it downloaded. Everyone should do this in order to see what all he has done and is continuing to do TO our country.

  2. Obama is the most divisive and obviously racist president and administration that our country has ever seen.
    He celebrates his blackness and hides his whiteness. His white mother and white grandparents that raised him would be ashamed. His black father abandoned Obama and mother from the start. He clearly has issues.
    He purposefully tries to divide us and not unite us. He blames everyone else for his shortcomings and cries racist to his foes. He may be hoping to incite and inflame racial tensions so that he can declare martial law and suspend or cancel the November elections. He and his radical pals have their plans. Sadly, he who was promised to be the post-rcial president has set race relations back in our country for another decade for sure. He has done great damage.

  3. I feel that Shirley Sherrod should have been terminated because if the circumstances were reversed, and it was a White person talking that way about a Black farmer, all would have broken loose by the LIBERAL MAINSTREAM MEDIA (controlled by OBOZO) and all of the Black groups-NAACP, ACLU (they do whatever gets attention), New Black Panthers (the intimidating, White-hating THUGS that they are), U. S. Congress (ha-ha-the radical leftist liberal a$$holes/Democraps-same thing- that the majority of them are), and the WHITE person would have been terminated immediately and put through major scrutiny because that's how much our society is afraid of ruffling the feathers of the BLACKS. We have two standards in our country now-one for WHITES, which is to fire first/ask questions later and one for all colored minorities-ask questions and kiss a$$ first, then maybe do something later, but usually nothing-maybe a BEER SUMMIT!

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