Cartoon of the Day: An Obama Thanksgiving

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  2. Republican Joe says:

    This is funny because it's true! Reports are surfacing that Obama is going to be sending his goons around to homes in bigger cities asking for their food! He's going to give it to all those blacks and lazy people that don't work for their own paychecks to enjoy their own thanksgiving dinner!! Apparently he is going to be knocking on doors Thanksgiving afternoon at families with income of over $250K and asking for a portion of their dinner and then he is going to redistribute it to the drug dealers and hippies who don't work!! DESPICABLE!!

  3. And we are standing by watching and doing nothing

  4. birdman8421 says:

    When will we get rid of this thug and his criminal regime?

  5. Judgement day is coming!

  6. How funny and true, congrats to the cartoonist!!

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