Cartoon of the Day: A Gun Against the American People’s Heads

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  1. RacerJim says:

    Obama just threw his promise of and requst for civility under the bus

  2. obama does have an agenda. He is using the blood and resources of the United States to fight the ages-old sunni/shiite war. Mr. Dufus obama is a shiite muslim who got into the WH on many lies that we fell for. Simple as that. Now what are we gonna' do? The election will not be soon enough, nor even impeachment. As you read this, the global shiite caliphate is taking shape. Am I crazy? Look for the patterns. You will see them throughout the last 2 plus years in our country and finally all along the north african coastline as he brings down sunni after sunni government replacing them with shiite governments. OBAMA IS A SHIITE.
    oBAMA'S singular goal is to destroy the U.S.

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