Carry Thy Gun, Love Thy Neighbor

Gun SC Carry Thy Gun, Love Thy Neighbor

A gun in the hands of an evildoer troubles me. My hope is that in times of trouble and disarray, there will be just, responsible, God-fearing men who may rise up to slay those who seek to destroy.

I do believe that every individual has the right to carry a gun for protection and defense. But please, let’s pray we never have to use it. And let’s love our neighbor before and above our guns!

If we need to use our weapons, let’s understand what it means to take a life and not do so recklessly without caution or just cause…. that an accidental, unintended, unwarranted death not be the final outcome!

May we carry our guns and love our neighbors!

God Bless America! Land of the free and home of the brave!!!

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  1. Don't just stop with impeaching Obama! Get rid of the rest of the politicians who are not doing their jobs; that are not protecting our Constitutional rights! And get rid of the mainstream media who are pushing their propaganda to the American public; outright lies! Most Americans know that giving up our gun rights means giving up our freedom! We have a Constitutional right to keep and bear assault weapons, so as to have an effective defense against a tyrannical government and our own military if used against the citizens! And it is long past time for criminal charges to be brought against the politicians who have defrauded the American people! We demand that the Supreme Court address the fact that Obama is not a legal American President!! Get rid of Obama care, the Federal Reserve Bank, the United Nations; we do not want to be a part of the one world government nor the one world religion! Get rid of all the policies that Obama put into place since stealing our presidency!!

    • just who's going to "get rid" of all that? vote in those who will? yeah right. They turn out to be as bad as, if not worse, than the originals.

      • Please take the time and go to YouTube and watch this short video. If you want to know what the Democratic Party stands for and has stood for throughout history this is a video for you. Whether you are African American, Caucasian, Latino, or Asian; race does not matter, you must see this video! Know your history! This video will inform you of what the attempts to make this country a Democracy is all about!

        American Heritage- Great Black Patriots /Disk2-p1-1:00

      • The problem is that too many Americans spend the bulk of their time on frivolous activities, such as watching mainstream media-liars, soap operas, game shows, reality TV, Oprah, sports channels, Face book, twitter, iPods, Xbox, Nintendo, computer games, Anime, the Oscars, Satanic pop culture and music and others. Most Americans have been so brainwashed by mainstream television and radio and are totally distracted in trivial pursuits to care enough about the really important issues of their and even their children’s futures! Not enough Americans read books or get on the computer to do any real important research of current events concerning politics and their government! They are not reading the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the truth about the history of our founding fathers and American History, let alone World History! The truth that this country is in fact founded on Christianity, not Islam or any other false religion!

        • Not to mention the fact that mainstream America has fallen away from their roots, they have forgotten God! So many people question why things have ended up as they have, why our country is in such deterioration? I have heard so many people when asked what needs to be done; answer by saying that they do not know the answer. The answer should be obvious to them. When a society has left its moral and Godly convictions, because everyone wants to do their own thing and not be held accountable, they begin to overlook everyone else’s immoral behavior including their politicians, least someone might have something to say about their own immoral behavior!

          • Very few parents are taking the time to educate themselves or their children. They have turned the education of future generations over to their immoral and corrupt government! They don’t educate themselves in the best history book available as well as the best moral guide with words of tremendous wisdom, the Holy Bible. Again Americans call themselves Christian, but they do not want to behave like Christians. Then they wonder why their government is so corrupt? It is impossible to separate Church and State and end of with moral politicians!!! You cannot have your cake and eat it too. If you want Godly men and women to rule over you, then you must be Godly yourself!

          • They say why vote? The next guy will be as bad as or worse than the last! They say I am just one person, what can I do? They say I don’t care about voting. Imagine that, they don’t care about their or their children’s future! They have plenty to say in complaint of the decay of their country and government, but don’t ask them to actually get up and make any real effort to do anything about it. Ignorance is certainly not bliss, and we should all be aware of this fact by now! And one does not have to be a high school graduate or college graduate to educate themselves, all it takes is the desire and determination to make the effort to learn!

          • Wake up people! Stop whining and complaining, stop being so dammed; yes I said dammed, complacent and get yourselves educated so you can teach your children and turn this country around before we are all forced into this God forsaken New World Order!!! Before it becomes final and one no longer has the choice to be lazy about their faith, because they no longer have a choice; their faith will be chosen for them and enforced!! Throw off the so called New Age Enlightenment nonsense and get back to reality! If I have offended anyone, well good!! Maybe it might insight some real passion in your hearts to get active and do something worth wile for a change!

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