Can You Believe Why This Preacher Was Thrown In Prison?

A Christian street preacher was recently thrown into prison for telling two teens about what he thought the Bible said about homosexuality, and then saying “God hates sin, he loves the sinner.” 57-year old John Craven was doing street preaching in England when he told the two teens about the Biblical view on homosexuality. The teenage boys kissed in front of him and then taunted him with suggestive sexual acts.  They told a police officer that they felt insulted by what the preacher had said, and he was arrested for a public-order defense. Craven was not given either food or water for almost fifteen hours by the authorities, and his request for his rheumatoid arthritis medicine was ignored.  He ended up being held for a total of nineteen hours.

The street preacher Craven was defended in part by an unlikely bedfellow: the National Secular Society. Terry Sanderson, the president of the NSS, made the following comment:

“Free speech belongs to everybody, even those you disagree with, and so we support the right of street preachers to quote the Bible without having their collars felt.

“So long as they stay within the law, don’t incite violence or mayhem, they should be able to make whatever point they want, and their opponents should be able to respond without causing a disturbance or calling the police.

“Being insulted is not a good enough reason to have someone thrown into a police cell.”

Craven won out in the end and received 13,000 pounds ( about 21,600 dollars) from Greater Manchester Police for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, and breach of his human rights. The total cost for the police wound up being about $83,200, which includes paying for both parties’ legal bills.

The College of Policing has since issued new guidance, which says police cannot arrest people simply because of insulting behavior or words.

English Bible- believing Christians increasingly find the United Kingdom to be a hostile environment, as well as much of western society.  Western culture, once a  bastion of Christianity, has morphed into a secularized culture, where tolerance extends to most beliefs including radical Islam and Communism; but orthodox Christians are increasingly isolated and denigrated.  If a street preacher is jailed for telling what the Bible says in simple terms about homosexuality, who can tell what tomorrow will bring Western believers?



This post originally appeared on Western Journalism – Informing And Equipping Americans Who Love Freedom

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