Can Romney Beat Obama?

Mitt Romney with supporters 2 SC Can Romney beat Obama?

Mitt Romney faces a daunting task. In the best of circumstances, it is hard to beat an incumbent president. It hasn’t been done since Bill Clinton nosed ahead of George H. W. Bush, thanks to a strong showing by billionaire Ross Perot’s quixotic third-party candidacy.

Incumbents are hard to beat. They control the government, they normally have a fundraising advantage, and they generally can benefit from world affairs, wars, and the famous October surprises.

Couple the natural incumbent advantage with a group of talented advisors and strategists assembled by Barack Obama, and you begin to understand why Mitt Romney is the underdog in this race.

The challenge for Romney is twofold. First, he needs to control his own image. The Obama image is set in stone. Voters either like him or loathe him, but it is unlikely that this campaign will radically change opinion about Obama. But Romney’s image is not as stable. His campaign needs to attempt to introduce him to a wider audience and create a positive image or brand in these undecided or uninformed voters’ minds.

While Romney is busy introducing himself, Obama’s team will fighting to undercut the Romney message. In 1996, Bob Dole lost to Bill Clinton during this vital period before the summer conventions. Using his monetary advantage, Clinton savaged the Dole image before the campaign even got started. Dole lost before he was nominated. The Obama team has already started airing negative commercials attacking Romney. Romney cannot wait; he must fight back now.

But Romney cannot afford to just air negative ads about Obama. He has to also introduce himself. And Romney has the extra burden of still trying to convince conservatives that he is their guy.

Our advice to Romney is to carefully select a GOP running mate who can make conservative activists feel comfortable, and then execute his general election campaign.

A list of running mates should include Rick Santorum. Obama was smart to choose Biden because he was older, more experienced, and fully vetted. Santorum fits this description. His selection also closes the primary session wounds that are still open.

An inexperienced figure such as Marco Rubio, while attractive for his ability to excite an ethnic voting block, is fraught with the same problems presented by the Palin candidacy four years ago. It is a step into the unknown.

Current polling shows that the race is a deadlock. The state-by-state count doesn’t break at this point for either candidate. If Obama can turn out 90 percent plus of the black vote and suppress the Christian vote, he wins.

Romney must hold the McCain voters and excite Christians and Catholics enough to put him over the top. Because he is a Mormon, this excitement is not a given. Romney should also be diligent in fighting voter fraud. Eliminating fraud could swing the elections in Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Romney’s best tool is Obama’s record. The economy is still sluggish. Real estate is still slow-selling, and Obama’s Mideast policy has been a disaster. Keep the focus on the Obama record, solidify conservative/Catholic/Christian support, and Mitt Romney should live the impossible dream.

Photo Credit : Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)

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  1. spelunker7 says:

    Want to get rid of Obama, Holder, Clinton, Sibelius, all the Czars, and ObamaCare in ONE fell swoop? VOTE for Romney !

    • But how do we get rid of romney, the man who has NO CORE PRINCIPLES.??? With all the flipping and flopping nobody knows where romney stands or what he will do if elected. I believe that romeny himself does not know where he really stands on the issues and if he does know which one is the real romney he aint saying. I do not want him elected just so we will be able to find out who the real romney is. I do not trust romney in the slightest. I refuse to vote for the unknown.

  2. Romney in a Landslide!!!!!!

    • I predict that romney will lose at a higher rate than McCain. As a Conservative I will refuse to hold my nose and vote for nasty Rino romney. 2012 will go down in history as the year republicans ran the man with no core principles. Romney can flip and flop faster than John Kerry and is absolutely not to te trusted with the Presidency. If you wake to find a cobra in your bed it does not make sense to kick him out and replace him with a new cobra. As a result of romney being nominated I am allowing the republicans to go on without me. I have now joined the Contitution Party and will support their candidates over either the republicans or the democrats. Some say that I will be allowing obama win. So what. I dislike liberals and totally hate lying RINO’s.

      • I agree with you on several points, but it's politics- the choice is always the lesser of two evils. I'm a Tea Party proponent as well, but at least with Romney there's a chance this country will still be around in 4 years… The sad way politics works- if you don't vote rebuplican or democrat youre vote isn't going to make much of a differene! At least help get rid of Obama, PLEASE!!!

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          Thats where you're wrong. It's not always a choice of two evils. If Romney or Oblameo are put in office, there won't be an America in 4 more years. They are very much one and the same.
          Here is a unique opportunity for once to NOT have to vote the lesser of two evils, but for someone who values America, who will defend and enforce the Constitution.

          Be unique. Vote who is BEST for America, Ron Paul. If everyone did, it would be a landslide.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      You like the direction America is going? Voting for Romney is the same as voting for Oblameo. There is little to no difference between the two.

      Be unique. Vote for who is BEST for America, Ron Paul. Not the lesser of two evils. If we all did, it would be a landslide.

  3. Evermyrtle says:

    What if he does? What will we have? Will we have the RomneyHealthscareplan or the Obamhealthscareplan? Does it make any difference? What are his plans of the economy? Does he plan to raise the debt several trillion dollars? How about morals? We already know he changed from pro-choice to pro-life. pro-homosexual to anti-homosexual to be able to get on the GOP list of candidates. So, somebody, tell me what would we have????

    • My feelings too. Romney claimed to be severly conservative but to me romney is very severly dishonest. As far as I am concerned he is not worthy of the office of the Presidency and therefore I refuse to vote for him.. The faulty republican party has denied me a clear choice in November and voting between socialist “A or socialist “B” is no choice at all. My choice then is the Constitution Party. I refuse to throw away my vote to either of the two other evils running namely obama and romney.

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