Can One Be A True Democrat And A True Christian?

Democrat SC Can one be a true Democrat and a true Christian?

Democrats are fond of a few positions concerning religion. They like to claim that there is no way for politics and religion to mix unless it mixes in a church full of  Democrat supporters. Another favorite line is that anyone who points to Democratic attacks on religion is either unqualified to do so or a wild-eyed Evangelical bible-thumper.

As a life-long Christian, I am qualified to point to the Democrats and challenge their Christianity. Democrats: get over yourself about this.

Democrats use their surrogates in the ACLU to attack religion (except Islam, which they are too frightened of to go after) in general and Christianity in particular.

It was Democrats who passed Obamacare, and it is Democrats who are using it to bludgeon Christians into changing our principles to suit Democrat principles. No other political Party has ever assaulted religious freedom as Democrats are doing today.

Democrats include those who worship “Mother Earth” and prefer “GOV” over GOD every time. Christians do not.

Find a true believer in the Democrat Party, and you’ll find a person not concerned about “Honoring Thy Father and Thy Mother.” Democrats are intent on tearing down everything preceding generations have done and stand for. That’s because they constantly appeal to ignorant children who think history started the day they turned ten. What is Christian about organized disrespect for tradition and the ways of life that have made America great?

Democrats’ love of death – killing innocent babies- is an essential secular sacrament for these people.  Belief in abortion from the morning after pill to Barack Obama’s idea to let miracle abortion survivors die on stainless steal tables is required to be a good Democrat.  The thought of such thing revolts Christians.

Lying about EVERYTHING they wish to do to our country is part of being a good Democrat. Democrats cannot tell the truth about their socialist plans for us because they know they would never be elected if they did. Being a liar is a requirement for being a good Democrat, but it makes you a bad Christian.

Coveting the goods of others is a lynch pin of the Democrats’ appeal to their base. Saying things like “He only has that because he cheated” or “He won life’s lottery; vote for us and we’ll get you your fair share” keeps those addicted to their psychologically crippling social programs under Democrat control the same way a drug dealer controls his junkies. There is nothing Christian about any of what Democrats have to offer.

The Democrat idea of progress is adding more and more people to Welfare and Food Stamp rolls. The Christian position is to get people on their feet and away from government handouts.

What’s Christian about being a good Democrat? Not much.

Photo Credit: DonkeyHotey (Creative Commons)

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  1. Most democrat politicians I know can't be relligious, they constantly lie and and do a lot of things contrary to what the general public elected them for. The modern day democrat was taken over more than a decade ago by the anti american factions. For the last three and a half years thhe democratic party has been infected with socialists, and their leader Obama is trying everything in his power to destroy the american way of life. I cannot figure out why anybody red blooded american could ever vote for a democrat again, it's been three and a half years of a job destroying administration.

  2. Very well said. And true…sooo sooo true.

  3. Faith Matsuoka says:

    I, frankly, agree with the above comments, but I can't figure out how a couple of godly men that I know who preach and teach the Word of God can be Democrats and who voted for Obama. Where is their discretion and their leading from the Holy Spirit? One is a man that just lifts me into the presence of the Lord when he preaches – he loves the Lord so much. How can he not have the wisdom to see through Obama, and most of the agenda of the Democrats. Another is my principal from our school for missionary kids in Japan, who loves the Lord and who goes to Russia all the time to preach the Word. It is such a mystery to me. I know others who have gone to Bible School and Seminary who also voted for Obama. I don't trust any of them anymore. Oh Lord, help us! And please come quickly, Lord Jesus!

    • wrensma says:

      Thank you Faith!!!! I have been so disappointed and totally confused by the same things!
      I have known some who profess to be the Lord's own and love this potus.
      I believe that if one votes for such a man they also accept everything he stands for.

      I also do not trust some I have known for a bveryu long time anymore. I guess that the sides are now being chosen in this era. One cannot compromise anymore. There is no lukewarm but either hot or cold. One is either for God or against him and no one can hide any longer!
      Amen to your post. I thank you and say Maranatha and "let he who is filthy be filthy still".
      God Bless you. Hold fast my sister.

    • In answer to your question. Look back on Israel. What did Jesus have to say regarding the religious leaders of his day. Consider also what Christ said when saying that they give the appearance of being of light, but inside they are filled with darkness.
      These religious leaders you have concern for apparently have not come to know why the world was made. They apparently have not not been given anything on the spiritual truth of scriptures other than what they have been taught by men.
      To support abortion is to support and condone the shedding of innocent blood. And here is why. Without rebellion, or sin having come to the spiritual realm, there was no necessity or requirement for the creating of the world. It became necessary when we, who were made spiritual sons of God, rebelled. Thus God would have had to destroy us all. But God had a plan. A plan that long preceded the creation of the spirit world. This we know to be salvation. But salvation could not be made through the spirit, but though the physical. This is the foremost purpose God made us flesh.
      When we are conceived in the womb, each and every forming child is given the one thing that no other creature under heaven is given. It is the spirit that long preceded the flesh. It is the spirit that were the sons of God in the beginning.
      Consider Adam. Salvation would not come to its fulfillment until the fall of Adam. Consider that Satan and a third of the host of heaven had been cast down in the very beginning. While God cannot made a single thing without perfection. Adam, who was made perfect had to fall, giving perfection over to imperfection. Without the fall, God's plan for salvation could not be fulfilled. Why, because it required that the Creator become flesh and pay the price of all who would believe and accept the sacrifice made as the Son. Thus God, who became the Son, because he was made flesh, could not speak as the Father, but as the Son. We know from scripture that speaks of Christ. He will be called Wonderful Councilor, Prince of Peace, Mighty God, Everlasting Father.
      No, Faith. Men may speak of things that warm the soul and soothe the tickling of the ears, but they themselves remain with a lack of knowledge and wisdom.
      Those children forming in the womb are denied to be born and come to the salvation of God. That is the work of Satan. But God will save whomsoever that he will save. God knew each of us before we entered into the womb to take up a place of dwelling until the day the end of that house came to its end.
      All will come to the first death. Many will come to the second death. But those given salvation and are reconciled back to God will pass over that second death and they will return to be sons of God once again. Reestablished for all time and they will dwell in the House of the Lord forever.

      • Faith Matsuoka says:

        I know that the men I spoke of , hate abortion and gay marriage, etc. but their big thing seems to be that because the Democrats are helping the poor, they are doing something that the Republicans don't do. I have argued that Obama certainly is not helping the poor with the way he lives and all the money he spends on unnecessary things. I really don't think he cares for the poor, except in theory.
        The other thing with these men is – I don't believe that they spend much time studying the news and so really don't know how Obama's actions are always the opposite of things he says. They probably spend a lot of time in the Word and not in politics at all. We need to be responsible in politics too. Look at all the Christians who don't vote. They don't want my emails anymore. They told me "no more propaganda, please." I guess what I'm saying is that I believe they really love the Lord, but are not being responsible to know what they're voting for.

  4. JCARROLL says:


  5. The only question here I believe is can you be a Quran reading Muslim and I do believe THEY CAN!!!

  6. No.

  7. john schwab says:

    Biblically NO! In today's American watered down Christianity, probably easy to get away with it.
    After all, seems like no one questions President Obama's Christianity claim, although far from any visible evidence of Christ!

    • That is because Obama is not a Christian as a Christian is, or should believe in the Gospel given men for spiritual growth.
      A man is known by his fruits. The result of his fruits is seen by others and he is known thereafter to be a son of light or a son of darkness. Obama is a son of darkness as his fruits prove.

  8. Nexgenesis says:

    A Christian is a person who has received Jesus Christ into their heart. A person who has as a result priortized their lives to reflect their new convictions, convictions that are spoken to in the Bible which is the inspired Word of God. It would be difficult to claim to be a demoncrat and a Christian in the context of the evil being promoted in their party platform. It is difficult to be a member of any party today and not have to deal with a platform that doesn't embrace some aspect of evil, especially with the agressive agenda of the homosexual agenda.

  9. I believe it is virtually impossible to be both a Christian and a democrat at this particular time in America's history. If you say you are a Christian democrat you have either been deceived or you do not know the Bible.

    • ConanTheRepublican says:

      The Bible is abundantly clear! "In the last days, the VERY ELECT will be deceived!" "Christians" that have ANYTHING at all to do with the Democrat Party are NOT GOD'S people, period, and God has NOTHING to do with them. They are anathema, and have already been "spewed out of God's mouth". There is mass deception going on, and these are the VERY LAST DAYS prior to the Second Coming. Jesus talked about separating the "sheep from the goats". The "winnowing floor", the "wheat from the chaff". It's all there!! This is the time to adhere to the Word of God with NO COMPROMISE!!

      • The elect will not be deceived. What is written is the if it were possible the elect would be deceived. But the elect can by no means be deceives. The elect belong to God and God will lead them through the trials that will come upon them.
        The goats and the sheep are separated. Not here upon this world, but in that place they came before entering into this world. All surely die and all return to God when death has released the spirit. The spirit returns from that place it came. And it is this time when there is a separation. Those saved stand to the right hand and those unsaved stand at the left hand. God and Christ are One. God is Spirit and the the Son was made flesh. God did become flesh and thus came to us a the Son.
        Salvation was promised to them that was in need and that promise was given them before the world. We, who are born into this world, preceded the world in the first creation. We were made spirit. Without sin it was not necessary that God create the physical. But sin did enter into the spiritual habitation, necessitating the second creation. The physical universe.
        God's plan and the execution of that plan could by means have come to fulfillment until the first man, Adam, fell from perfect state to imperfect.
        All who are born into this world fell in the spiritual world, but not all who were made spirit did rebel and sin against God. There are a multitude that remained true to God. But God did not desire that any should be put to death. Thus the plan of salvation. God does not desire that any should die. And that is exactly what must be done to them that shun that gift of salvation made possible by a Holy and loving God.
        In the end there is either life, or death. The teaching on hell is not true to the scriptures. Because the eye of flesh sees not that which the eye of the spirit sees man's understanding is physical and not spiritual.
        One must understand that when one dies and the spirit returns to heaven, that is not what one has strived in this world. It is the kingdom of heaven that one strives for. That kingdom is not yet, but will come when this world and this heaven has been destroyed and a new heaven and a new earth in made to stand to all time therafter,

  10. john schwab says:

    After seeing others comments, such as Faith, who hear and see apparent men of faith do much for His kingdom while voting for Obama and others who stand totally opposed to the Gospel of Christ, I ask the same question that the prophet Jehu asked in 2 Chronicles 19:2:
    "Should you help the wicked and love those who hate the Lord? Therefore, the wrath of the Lord is upon you."
    Those who help the wicked (abortion & homosexuality are wicked) stand in enmity with God. Regardless of what they profess or appear to demonstrate!
    Lastly, doesn't the Antichrist appear to be Godly? After all, he doesn't get the world to follow him by not claiming to stand for God!

  11. SantaClause says:

    you cant be a christian, a vote to kill babys , and support gays!!!! DEMOCRATS HAVE BECOME ANTICHRIST OF AMERICA !!!!! TRAITORS OF THE FREE WORLD !!!

  12. Bill1776 says:

    They are not Christians. You can not serve God and the devil.

    Barack Hussein Obama is turning our country into Sodom and Gomorrah. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. No true Christian could vote for him.

    The republic can get over Obama but can it get over the fools that voted for him?

  13. LOL, got to watch those curbs, they can be dangerous! Love your post Raymond!

  14. You are all bigoted morons.

    • Disgusted says:

      Actually, it is not they who are the “bigoted morons”, it is those like yourself. THose of you who mock and ridicule those who do not like this evil man in the office of President. Notice here, I say President, and do not call him such………..he is not a President, he is a wanna be dictator, king, or lord of all he surveys. The worst racists and bigots are those of your bend, you, who support the thing in office, and beleive all the lies he spouts from those lying, purple, and deceitful lips. He says he is a “christian”, but his actions say otherwise. And as a tree is known by it’s fruit, his fruit is rotten to the very core, and anyone who can see, think and behave as an intelligent man or woman, with common sense, can see this. You obviously are not one who has either of these traits. All those of your type can do is call those of us who see quite clearly, is call names, and insult intelligent thinking.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      Thank you. I take that as a compliment.

      I'm PROUD to be an Islamophobic, homophobic, racist, bigot, White Supremest, hate mongering, Bible thumping, unAmerican American and I will continue to do so.

      And there ain't THING ONE you can do about it either!

    • morningcoffee3 says:

      I agree with Seeks_the_truth, THANK YOU :) Guess I will always be a "hate monger" cuz I will never support same sex marriage!!!!!!!!! The pastors and such who support it are forgeting one thing, the children do not belong to them they belong to God. I will never support any president that violates our constitution, who is a dictator and a pusher of immorality. Lets be real, that makes his supporters dictators and pushers too.

    • ConanTheRepublican says:

      But of course, "Rich"–you, being a Sodomite, WOULD say that. You ABSOLUTELY CANNOT call yourself a Christian and 1. support abortion (Exo. 20:13) 2. support homosexuality (Rom. 1:26-28) 3. support the legalization of drugs (1 Cor. 3:16). FROM THE SCRIPTURE, not MY viewpoint, the Bible is clear as a freaking BELL about certain issues. Trust me, I could go on and on with the disgusting, vile, reprobate Democrat agenda, but I won't. There is NO COMPROMISE. You are NOT a Spirit-filled Christian AND a registered, voting DemonCrap at the same time. CANNOT HAPPEN!!

    • sandykramer says:

      It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a Democrat to enter the kingdom of God.

    • sandykramer says:

      " The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. "

  15. Psalm 109:8
    The obama reign is near end !!

  16. Keep tellin' 'em to lower those curbs… They'll get ya every time !

  17. The Lord honors the Scripture people preach, but not the man. A sinner can quote scripture and the Word is true, but the sinner is not saved. Does this help?

  18. The nod we TRUE CHRISTIANS who, as Christians, CHOOSE to be DEMOCRATS because we are CHRISTIANS, just as PRESIDENT OBAMA chose to be, do so because the Democratic Party promotes caring for the environment, since Christ died to redeem ALL CREATION; supports nationalized health care because Christ commands us to care for the sick and those in need–not just those who can afford to pay for it and not for doctors to get rich off of providing it. Christ spent a great deal of His time on earth healing the sick, so by example it must be important to Him. Through the lesson of the Good Samaritan, He makes it clear that we as Christians are to tend to anyone who needs our help–not to demand that they "take responsibility for your own problems", as the passersby, or say "too bad for you if you don't have health insurance. Rather, we are all to be cared for equally–there is no room for flippant, monied indifference to those less well-off in the Gospel of Christ;

    • (part 2) the Republican resistance to equal rights for women remains clear in the House's block of the most recent bill concerning equal pay for equal work, but in Christ we are neither slave nor free, male nor female in the kingdom of God, and the Democratic Party has long promoted this equality; Democrats continue to fight for a "living wage" as the "minimum wage" for workers (which would be about $11) but Republicans battle to keep it much lower, at a monthly earning that puts & keeps workers below the poverty line, in order to keep profits for corporations higher. We will all pay for this at Judgment Day (James 5); maintaining or increasing a progressive tax system requires that as one's wealth increases, you give proportionately more of your wealth in taxes. While it's a gem of an idea that individual Christians would personally give to the poor if left to their own devices, can you truly answer that in the "affirmative?" Would you give enough to help them enough to live?

      • (part 3) Christians are commanded to care for the poor, and not just when we feel like it, and not just to those we "judge" to actually "need" our help. Americans, including Christian Americans are just too stingy to give enough of their own accord to care for the orphans and widows, and to the poor who shall inherit the earth; wherein does the absolute, unfettered right to "bear arms," own an unlimited supply of weapons fit into Christ's command to turn the other cheek? strive to live a life on earth as though we were creating heaven here? spending more on military stockpiling than social programs is largely a Republican stance, and a "hawkish" military position as well, while diplomacy first (though admittedly not always) tends to be Democratic, and much more in line with Christian philosophy; the Republican idea of promoting "national self-interest" above and beyond any other interest first, planting our vulture capitalist claws into needy, developing countries by taking advantage of their desperate situations to gain enormous economic advantages and, hence, strategic ones, as well, is a fundamentally Republican position.

        • (part 4) How in the world is this possibly a Christian approach to economic and international interaction? Darwinian survival of the fittest, zero-sum, economic game playing and Christianity are polar opposites and cannot exist simultaneously. They simply cannot. Neither can believing that Americans are better and more important than people and their welfare from other countries. Establishing trade barriers to the entrance of developing countries' products into the U.S. in order to make them less competitive with U.S. productive isn't either. Making a truly free market–NO trade barrier–global economy would open the markets to allow developing countries to sell their less expensively made products to be sold in the U.S. Being always self-interested, Americans would buy their products. Yes, our standard of living would decrease, to the increase of the standard of living of those in developing countries, but this would be Christ's commandments in action. It's also Yahweh's in the Old Testament. The issue of gay rights is disputable, with all statements concerning the topic found in the Old Testament, and the previously cited New Testament reference that there is neither slave nor free, male nor female in the kingdom of God

          • (part 5) Granted, the OT says that engaging in homosexual activity is sinful, but let's remember so is fornication, adultery, slander (as has occurred countless times in the multiple postings makings groundless accusations about President Obama above–without providing a single, legitimate source for the "information' provided) as well as about some ministers and their politics, lying, sloth, bearing false witness against your neighbor, taking the Lord's name in veing, making baseless allegations that someone cannot be a Christian AND a Democrat, and so many other activities. All are sins, none greater than the rest, except, of course, denying of the Holy Spirit. Abortion, as well, is a sticking point for many Christians who are Democrats. Most don't think the morning after pill is an "abortion pill." That's just silly. No pregnancy ever occurs to terminate because, IF fertilization were to have occurred, implantation never does, hence, no pregnancy, hence, no abortion.

          • (part 6) Remaining consistent in reflecting reverence for life and the belief that only God can be the taker of life, Christian Democrats do not support the death penalty. There are so many flaws with the application of the death penalty in the United States as it exists now: unequally and heavily applied to minorities and to the impoverished; the execution of verifiably innocent men, dozens of botched executions; contradiction in the state "killing" a person for "killing a person;" the US is the only remaining developed country that continues to practice this barbaric act; humans do not have the right to act as final judge; the sentence is irrevocable; the sentence may be less harsh than life in prison; it does not act as a deterrent; as working towards establishing life on earth to reflect life as it would be in heaven, we do not believe Christ would support the death penalty, especially since His own execution served as the final death by execution to serve as the final sacrifice for all & that God would be judge of all;

          • (part 7) the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment and in taking a life, we remove a person's time left in life to truly repent of his sins and to become a Christian before he dies. Finally, "Vengeance is mine, says the Lord." It sounds as though those who accuse him of such may not know what socialism actually is. You might be buying into one too many of the viral emails making the rounds that spout absurd theories about him, hoping that someone will believe them, even though they attribute the "information" to NO source. Try going to, which is a non-political non-profit group that researches all political ads, emails, etc for accuracy, posts what is a distortion of the truth, an outright lie, and what the truth actually is. Both political parties are fair game, so it's got Republicans and Democrats alike on there. It works for no one but the truth.

          • (part 8) As far as the Obama Administration destroying jobs, actually the Economic Recovery Plan he put into place after Pres. Bush's last plan expired provided a "floor" through which the nation's economy could not fall any further, and without which, the economy would have fallen another full 16% points below what occurred. That means the depression we are suffering, and now recovering from, would have actually been worse than the Great Depression of 1929.

      • I find it amazing that you want to use Biblical principles when they suite your agenda but abandon them when they don't. Does God require a progressive tythe? If ten percent is enough and fair for God, why not Uncle Sam!

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