Can Mitt Romney Reach Christians?

romneyreagan 300x189 Can Mitt Romney Reach Christians?Framing the election to Christians around Mitt Romney For President is a mistake from my perspective. Steve Deace and Matt Barber both have it “Framed Wrong” in my judgment; barring a miracle, the Romney campaign political triangulation strategy gets him killed with Evangelicals and Pro-Life Catholics.

Voter guides and endorsements are tremendous, but do not drive-out Christian voters.

That said, the Evangelical/Pro-Life Catholic Christian constituency must be pushed-out into the political theatre this cycle, and Romney has ZERO capacity to do that.

If Christians engage (“if”, in 2008 Obama won by 10M votes and an estimated 30M Evangelicals stayed home) I believe, when the choice in the voting booth is Obama or Romney, 90% of  the constituency will pull the lever for Romney. President Obama has forfeited his right to lead a free people.

…but Romney has no ability to actuate Christians this Fall; actually he’s a detriment, Christians when listening to Romney speak will conclude, “…he has the voice of Jacob and the hands of Esau.”.

I’m working on a plan to move Christians this election and finesse Romney’s inability to help himself within the Christian constituency.

The reason that moving Evangelicals and Pro-Life Catholics this fall is critical is —besides your premonition, “Assures us of Obama……..and the end of America……..thus the end of Western Civilization”— the consequences of losing the conservative “Farm Team” of Mayors, City Councilmen, County Commissioners, etc…, nationwide, because Christians stay home on November 6th.

…which has after-effects for 20-30 years down the road and the continuation of our Judeo Christian heritage and Christian culture being demolished brick by brick.

Freedom and political combat are not for sissies, Winston Churchill said, “Statesmen are not called upon to settle easy questions. It is where the balance quivers, and the proportions are veiled in mist, that the opportunity for world-saving decisions presents itself.”

I mean, for crying out loud, Romney’s making it as difficult as possible for us; two months ago he is announced on Thursday as the Keynote of the Commencement Address at Liberty University, then on Friday he names radical, homosexual activist, and homosexual marriage proponent Richard Grenell as his Foreign Policy Spokesman…

Then last month following the Tuesday vote to ban same-sex marriage by North Carolina voters, Obama endorses homosexual marriage on Wednesday, on Thursday Mitt Romney juxtaposes his position to President Obama’s by endorsing traditional marriage (that’s good), but on Friday, to exacerbate his problem with Evangelicals and Pro-Life Catholics, Governor Romney reaffirms, with neon lights flashing, his support for homosexual couples adopting children. I suppose the correct Christian response could be, “what the hell is he smoking”.

…the differentiation is then not between a Christian and a Mormon, but the moral and immoral.

The strategy of political triangulation, exhibited from 2000-2008 in the Republican quest for political domination (instead of principled beliefs based upon conviction and moral absolutes) destroyed Ronald Reagan’s legacy, and the Republican brand of:

  • limited government
  • lower taxes
  • deregulation of business
  • the-one-thing-government-can-do-for-me-is-leave-me-alone

It’s instructive to note that President Reagan won 49 States in his 1984 re-election campaign and then left the Presidency in 1988 to George H.W. Bush. It’s my view that the political triangulation strategy cost Republicans control of the U.S. House, U.S. Senate and in the end lost the Presidency.

Einstein’s definition of insanity belongs here, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

…from my distance, an ad hoc effort to push the Evangelical/Pro-Life Catholic constituencies into the marketplace is foremost, of highest priority, in the battle for the Soul of America.

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  1. Romney is Obama, with better hair. And a prettier wife. We did not get to choose our candidate…they told us who we would choose. I don't see any lights at the end of the tunnel; but I dang sure hear that whislte.

  2. We are one family who will not vote for Mitt Romney, Under Any Circumstances. As much as Obama should be gone, he cannot be replaced with someone just as bad. Romney can't win but if he does we'll all be most disappointed shortly after he would take office. Romney is Not a Job creator! (just look at his one term as Governor of Massachusetts)! As a businessman, he hurt a lot of folks and cost them jobs.
    Obamacare is patterned after Romneycare in Massachusetts so you can expect more of the same should we buckle in to a Romney Presidency. Here is a man who stood up in a National Debate and said that he certainly would have voted for the NDAA Bill. What???
    Romney will be poison to the Middle Class! His support for the campaign has come from Big Banks and Wall Street types who like George Soros don't care if Obama or Romney are elected since it would continue to be "business as usual" for him, the One World Order, United Nations and that distorted bunch of corrupt criminals. So what's the choice? Which of these criminals will you choose? Neither for me!!!
    Romney has also made money a la John Corzine by ripping off a huge investor to the tune of Billions.
    Just think for a second or two. In addition to all the flip-flopping, what do you like about Romney?
    I don't like anything about him nor will I vote for him Under Any Circumstances! This Anybody But Obama
    attitude amongst many will be a killer for the country!!!
    If the Republican Party continues to use corruption at the ballot box like we've learned to expect from the Democrats and undermines the Ron Paul campaign, I will write in Ron Paul or support his going to a third party! Yes, that's right! How will we ever get rid of the chaos in the country when we have to hold our noses to vote in most every election? Maybe it's time to break up the two party system and put many candidates on the ballot so we have a better chance of getting someone of integrity to run who can't be pushed out by either party who are just working together to advance their anti-Constitutional agendas?

    • Beaglebailey says:

      Yes, I would have wished Ron Paul would have been a contender, but he's not. As such I won't give my vote away, it will go to Romney. Politics isn't going to solve this country's problems, a return to God and his son Jesus Christ through repentance and the turning from our wicked ways is the only thing that will stop the demise of our once great Nation. We have turned our backs on God and his commandments in almost totality. His judgement is upon us now.

      • Disgusted says:

        I too, would have wished for Ron Paul, however, he is not in the race. His son, Rand Paul is endorsing Romney, so even he sees the wisdom in not throwing your votes away by writing in his father’s name. TO do that would be to split the vote, and GIVE THE ELECTION BACK TO THE CURRENT DISASTER IN OFFICE! Do people not realize this!!!??? My vote goes to Romney, anyone or anything is better than the long tall black turd in office! The saying “when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging” comes to mind here, and America is in one hell of a hole! But, to Beaglebaily, I agree, this nation is morally bankrupt, and until, and unless we repent and turn our faces and our lives back to God, we are in worse shape than many realize. On the Morman issue, I have known many Mormans, and they have all been very good and decent people. At times, too nice and accepting for their own good, and in this case, America’s good, but decent, hard working and family oriented people. Also, as Christians go, Mormans are at times, better Christians than the Evangelicals are. On this matter, I speak from experience, for it is from the Evangelical side of Christianity that I come. I no longer belong with that group, for personal reasons. I am now an Independant. Christ does not ask what religion you are, all He asks is that you give your heart and your life to Him, and that you serve Him to the best of your ability. He advises us to use Wisdom and Moderation, moderation in all things. Wisdom is one of the most important things to gain these days, for it is the wisdom of knowing which of these men are best suited to try and run America. Obama is determined to RUN HER INTO THE GROUND AND BEYOND! Choosing to write in Ron Paul only gives Obama another vote, and that, I refuse to do. If Rand Paul can endorse Romney, than I can and will vote for who he endorses. With pleasure, for I do not want, I cannot stand another 4, FOUR YEARS OF THIS MU SLIME IN OFFICE! CAN YOU?

        • i agree with you. But I am also afraid that obama may win – Just because of those who wanted another Republican and not romney – so instead they will vote for an independent – some may even vote for obama.

          It is actually a disgrave to our intelligence that some voters just Do Not realize they will simply be giving obama the win – because of their votes.

      • I agree and alol Christians need to pray for our country and for those who are lost – including those who 'think' they are Christians just by going to church.__The more I read of what obama has done to our nation, the more I read of all the rest in DC are doing – including hillary c. – and the more I read about China and the fact that the U.S. Dollar will soon be removed as the International Monetary Value – the new IMV will be the China yuan…_Makes me realize more and more – how Close We are to the End Times. __

      • I have always believed that Jesus Christ would call His True Believers to meet Him in the Heavens before the world gets worse – I just pray that He comes soon – because the World is about to explode._—— I Listened to a minister on AFRadio recently and he advised that we put cash in the house, food, etc. to help each of us get by for a few days maybe a week – When the European economy goes bust and the USA banks close for awhile – a few days/maybe a week. Just enough to see us thru during this time.. _AND if it doesn't happen – well we have some cash and food that will still be used…__And when this happens – our Dollar value will be worth a lot less AND many will become poor – buy food, medicine, ……. BUT as believers and we are still here, We need to pray for God's Guidance.

  3. I have read comments about people Not voting for romney Just because he was morman and did not believe as Christians do.. Yet they will vote for obama – a man who 'says' he is a Christian Yet nothing he has done expresses this fact. – At least romney has Conservative Views that Christians Should have.

    – One comment against romney not being a Christian thinks Abortion is ok. so I wonder How many who call themselves Christians actually feel it is Ok to kill…

    Romney may not be the best but what harm can he do in 4 years – Definitely he can do more good than obummer did on his 1st week – oh, wait, didn't he immediately go on vacation after being sworn in…….)

    We need to get rid of obama before that much More harm is done to our great country.

  4. I've said this many times,"I'd rather be lied to by a Mormon than a Muslim any day."

    At least Mormons don't behead people for their own beliefs and as long as Romney is a capitalist we should have little or no fear.

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