California Wants To Slap Warning Labels All Over This Common Product

Photo Credit: Nationaal Archief (Creative Commons)

There seems to be little – with the exception of wasteful entitlement programs – that lawmakers in the leftist bastion of California don’t want to regulate. Warning labels abound on countless products that, if used responsibly, pose no known risk to consumers.

This excessive intrusion not only damages a manufacturer’s reputation by spreading the idea that its creations are dangerous; it also increases the bureaucratic hold the Golden State already has on its citizens and corporations.

At least one state senator feels there are still plenty of products sold in the state that should have warning labels prominently displayed on them, however. Bill Monning, who sponsored a failed state tax on drinks containing sugar last year, is now proposing a bill that would mandate such beverages to include the potential health risks caused by overindulgence.

Of course, the excessive consumption of any food or drink can have negative effects on the human body. The addition of a warning label to one such product creates precedence for similar advisories plastered on grocery shelves across the state – and beyond.

The California chapter of the American Beverage Association is understandably upset with Monning’s proposal, explaining that sugary drinks do not cause the excessive obesity and related problems for which they have been blamed.

“Only 4.0 percent of calories in the average American diet are derived directly from soda,” CalBev said in a statement.

This represents just the latest attack on sugary drinks which, for decades, were enjoyed by Americans with no observable adverse reactions. Now, it has become almost expected that individuals blame their poor choices on anyone or anything but themselves. In adherence to this detrimental paradigm shift, legislators are now attempting to limit access to certain products or force manufacturers to sully their brands with superfluous labels.

The fact that more Americans than ever are obese has nothing to do with the existence of sodas, which have been around since long before the so-called epidemic. Nonetheless, radical leftists have been demonizing such products relentlessly in recent years, culminating in the current push to treat sugary drinks as a form of poison.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: Nationaal Archief (Creative Commons)

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  1. So if your trying to raise sensible productive kids today you explain thatsugary drinks are bad bud you can get high. I’ve never had an employer pass me up because I drank a soda but I’ve seen a lot of pot heads walked out the door because they’re incompetent. Then they get disability cause theyre all jacked up and us soda drinkers are working to pay for it. What a srewed up place this is becoming

    • MuslimLuvChrist says:

      You just solved the national debt! Tax all marijuana (legal and illegal) and every other drug. So kids will spend less and hopefully become normal. That hurt, thinking like a liberal is a mental disorder! Happy Valentines day Liz.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Democrap solution is to tax sugar and everything that has sugar. So people will spend less on diet sodas. That hurt, thinking like a liberal is a mental disorder!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Your right put a heavy tax on marijuana like they did to tabacco and people might stop buying it plus put warning labels and start TV and radio ads saying this is bad for your health then show a picture of Obunghole

  3. That is funny when Nutra Sweet is worse for you then sugar it causes diabetes and obeseity!

  4. This is an absolute sham. California never would vote to discontinue labels as to what is in their products. The California voter is an intelligent health conscience voter. What this make obvious is that the elections were rigged with all kinds of fraud. I am surprised people in California aren't screaming this from the rooftops. But with a media that is complicit in fraud with the corporations like Monsanto who would know how the voters feels when they overturned labeling their products that story never got covered nor was it printed. This gives the corporation carte blanc to help the Rockerfellers with population control, a 100 year family goal of theirs.

  5. Radicals? Leftists? They're called nutritionists, research scientists and educated people. Your characterization of anyone that disagrees with you betrays the fact that you have no facts and no points. You are only making odd, unintelligible noises.

  6. Linda From NY says:

    I do NOT have a problem with labels, for example why would I want yellow number 5 in my food? or any other chemicals, in soups can there is too much of sodium which is not healthy.

    We also should be aware of the calories intake, I feel labels revealing what is in your food does NOT have to be bad I guess is how you look at it.

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