California Quashes Gay Rehab For Teens

California California quashes gay rehab for teens

While kids as young as 14 are receiving abortion pills on demand in New York schools, teens struggling with homosexual tendencies on the other coast are being denied potentially helpful reparative therapy.

California Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed a legislative ban on the procedure for any resident under the age of 18.

Also known as conversion therapy, the procedure’s goal is to assist gays with a desire to become straight. Brown – whose doctorate is in law, not medicine – said such therapy has “no basis in science or medicine” and “will now be relegated to the dustbin of quackery.”

Those are pretty dismissive words he used to describe a process studies show is successful among most motivated participants.

To be sure, the therapy has its detractors, and many support Brown’s decision; but is that enough of a reason to make the process illegal for any teen looking for help? Considering liberal school administrators are indoctrinating kindergartners with the merits of the gay lifestyle, it’s no wonder those same leftists don’t want to expose them to dissenting viewpoints when they reach adolescence.

No one is suggesting making such therapy mandatory for every gay teen in California. I don’t, however, understand a governor taking away viable options for teens struggling with sexual confusion. If the therapy was somehow dangerous, one would assume that the regulation-obsessed government would ban it for everyone. Instead, Brown wants to prevent gay teens – a group found to be at a high risk of bullying-related suicide – from receiving assistance that might make life easier.

For their part, some conservative and religious groups have spoken out against the ban. Liberty Counsel, a law firm championing conservative values, recently announced it will sue California over the decision.

In a statement, the group said the “law undermines parental rights. Mental health decisions should be left to the patient, the parents, and the counselors – not to the government to license one viewpoint.”

Brown’s crusade against the process has evidently caught on. A gay New Jersey assemblyman has subsequently announced plans to introduce a very similar bill, calling reparative therapy “a form of child abuse.”

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  2. Blinddemocrat says:

    Jerry brown, do you claim to "help" those in need ? Who are you to say this behavior doesn't need a new direction ? I myself am not perfect but, I do appreciate it when someone tells me what is right and wrong. Then if I am convicted of this wrong, I should be able to seek help and it not be against some deprived law ! Yes, I do seek the all Knowing God, Jesus Christ !!! You are not all knowing !!!

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