California Protesters Force Third Round Of Illegals To Turn Around

Photo Credit: Twitter/FoxNews

As Western Journalism reported, a group of protesters in Murrieta, Calif. recently blocked three buses attempting to drop off illegal immigrants at the city’s Border Patrol station. Since that demonstration last week, subsequent shipments have been dispatched to the city – and similarly blocked by a growing number of protesters.

The third planned drop-off, which would have injected the community with about 140 illegals from holding facilities in Texas, was met Monday by a group of demonstrators blocking access to the station. As with previous hauls, the buses were rerouted; and the illegals on board left at the San Ysidro station near the California-Mexico border.

Illegals continue to be transferred to other states due to the insufficient space and manpower to deal with the constant barrage of border-crossers primarily in Texas.

Murrieta Mayor Alan Long recognized this trend; and when it became clear that illegals were headed for his town, he called on residents to act. The first demonstration brought with it about 150 anti-amnesty protesters – along with some sympathizers representing the other side of the issue.

According to Breitbart, demonstrators are cautiously optimistic about their achievements during the nearly weeklong protest. A number of high-profile conservatives have joined the cause, as have many participants representing the military. Additionally, immigrants from an array of countries who became citizens through the proper channels are now showing up to speak out against those who flout our laws by illegally crossing the border.

Despite the success they have had in keeping three rounds of deliveries out of Murrieta, however, protesters contend that they must remain vigilant in responding to shipments that will surely follow.

Keeping the buses at bay for now, Breitbart found that most of the demonstrators fear the transfers will resume as soon as the human blockade disperses. Another report warns that armed federal authorities are set to arrive in Murrieta to prevent protesters from assembling.

Photo Credit: Twitter/FoxNews

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