California City Bans Smoking In Own Home

Photo Credit: State Library and Archives of Florida (Creative Commons)

Personal liberty has taken quite a beating in recent years as leftist politicians seek to ban any politically incorrect behavior ostensibly for our own good. While New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has been the poster boy for government intervention, the West Coast has long been riddled with such intrusive ideology.

For generations, cigarette smokers have increasingly fallen out of favor among leftists. Increasingly draconian restrictions mean these citizens are often relegated to their home or herded into some inconvenient holding pen when they feel the need to light up.

Legislators in San Rafael, Calif., however, has taken the idiocy to stunning new heights by implementing what is arguably the strictest smoking ban in the U.S.

“I’m not aware of any ordinance that’s stronger,” gloated one of the law’s authors, Rebecca Woodbury.

Already more than a week old, the ordinance dictates no one may smoke in any multi-family residence with shared walls. The law applies to any apartment complex, condominium, or other structure with three or more units. Renters and homeowners alike are subject to the new mandate.

While proponents argue smoke can cause health problems even through walls, one smoker’s rights advocate said proof of that assertion is “spurious at best.”

In reality, many leftists would support any legislation that gave them the power to tell others what they may and may not do. Ironically, these are often the very same public figures who find themselves the subject of scandals based on their own outlandish behavior.

Fortunately, many citizens are acutely aware of the government’s increasingly intrusive role in the lives of Americans. A growing number of people – including many non-smokers – are joining the in the opposition of this overzealous ordinance.

Heartland Institute Research Fellow Steve Stanek said he sympathizes with smokers and others who have had their liberties curtailed by “the huge growth in laws and punishment and government restricting  people more and more.”

Though Americans still celebrate this nation’s identity as the “land of the free,” we are growing demonstrably less sovereign as time progresses. When citizens are prohibited from using a legal product even within the confines of their own home, one must recognize this is not the same country our founders envisioned.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo Credit: State Library and Archives of Florida (Creative Commons)

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  1. John Robel says:

    This country was founded on civil disobedience. Be patriotic and tell these Californicators where to go.

  2. Conservative says:

    That's gonna really hurt the marijuana sales. OH, wait, this is California, grass and crack smoking will, of course be permitted anywhere, any time. what was I thinking?

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I was going to say the same thing,smoking is bad for you and so is second hand smoke but marijuana and what ever else you smoke is good for you. I guess the second hand smoke must be beneficial.

  3. This is ludicrous! Enough said!

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    What is this country coming too ?In Cal they want to ban smoking in your own house and in Maryland that dip shit liberal governor wants to tax rain water.God help us

  5. There are sound reasons you can not have someone charged with a crime for blowing cigarette smoke in someone’s face. Because that person would have to prove harm. And if harm was being done by the act of smoking in a bar, as though it were a gun being fired, should police shoot the perpetrator rather than be harmed themselves? Many among the delicate and fragile league on the radical extremes here, would no doubt answer in the affirmative, because their hatred runs that deep, however in the real world people know a convenient lie when they see one.

    At some point this nonsense runs to and end. The end will depend on the type of people we are and we know where it went last time, during the war. Some causes are not worth the price of following and this reinvention of medical mafia driven, eugenic mindsets needs to be put down decisively.

    We are all much better than this.

  6. A good article on secondhand smoke fraud –

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