Buyer’s Remorse: The Reality Of The Arab Spring

Arab Spring SC Buyer’s Remorse: The Reality of the Arab Spring

The removal of “duly elected” Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi represents an instance of the Egyptian Military supporting the will of the people. The military suspended the constitution and appointed the Supreme Justice of Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court, Adly Mansour, interim president until the next presidential election. And in view of the western media predictably screaming “Coup d’état” because a Democrat-favored dictator was forcibly removed, the military showed a lot of restraint. The facts were clear: Morsi failed, a lousy economy was growing worse, and the implementation of Sharia law didn’t sit well with the pro-democracy movement. The Egyptian military has evolved from its pro-dictator roots to become the guardian of the people. How disappointed Mr. Obama must be that his favorite Islamic dictator was removed and arrested.

Muslim Brotherhood
The terror-sponsoring power that seeks the overthrow of Arab governments is the Muslim Brotherhood. Founded in Egypt by schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna in 1928, the goal of the Brotherhood is to subjugate the world under the Koran and Sharia Law. Al-Qaeda is considered a spinoff of the Muslim Brotherhood; but its recent actions in Libya, Egypt, and Syria indicate that it can be more properly described as the military arm of the Brotherhood. In Egypt, the last straw was reached when Morsi urged Egyptians to join the jihad and oust President Bashar al Assad of Syria.  Since last December, the Egyptian military had warned the Brotherhood to obey the will of the people. And now, having won the popular support of the population, they are actively cracking down on the Brotherhood political apparatus. The wild-card that Egyptian security will eventually have to deal with is al-Qaeda, a group that will do the bidding of its financiers.

White House
Panic has set in, as Valerie Jarrett is nowhere to be found, John Kerry is hiding out on his yacht, and Obama is on vacation.  Yes, the great supporters of ex-president Morsi have suddenly disappeared! The Egyptian people have turned against Obama and Ambassador “Don’t watch the video” Patterson. Ever since Jimmy Carter, Democrats mourn when they lose a dictator they spent billions propping up. But the Egyptian people have had buyer’s remorse, and they tossed out the American president’s gift to them.

America’s problem is Mr. Obama and his past and present Secretaries of State. They were/are the worst foreign policy teams in American history. Maybe that’s why the Kenyan Muslim is always on vacation. Even the Egyptians figured this bum out.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    As usual the US got to stick its nose into everybodys business and like always people like that old fart McCain an Pres. Obutthole pick the wrong people.I think McCain likes the brotherhood.Time for Arizona to dump this puke and get a strong conservative Tea Party candidate.

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