Burning Detriot To The Ground

detroit ruins 300x232 Burning Detriot to the Ground

Sifting Through the Ruins of Detroit

Liberals should be ashamed of themselves for the misery and destruction they have forced on Detroit.  Because of liberal policies Detroit, an American city that once was the very epitome of the benefits of capitalism, was once able to boast of the highest standard of living of any city in the world is now little more than a garbage heap people want to run from.

Today Detroit has roughly 700,000 people.  In 1960 Detroit had 1.6 million people. They were auto workers and auto manufacturing executives. They manufactured things and traded an honest day’s work for a decent middle class salary. Then you took over, liberals. In 1962 the last Republican mayor left office. Your greedy unions swamped Detroit and all of a sudden every demand from every group was met. The debt you caused and the criminals you elected to run Detroit sacked the town like the Vandals who picked Ancient Rome clean.

Detroit’s takers have finally overwhelmed its dwindling number of makers and it has forced the Motor City into bankruptcy. Detroit’s problems are directly your fault. You liberals got everything you wanted. You got an all Democrat city government that meant crooked mayors, crooked police, a crooked city council and the worst school system in America actually run by a former Detroit special education student.

At first as long as a politician was a Democrat you backed him. You inflicted Coleman Young on an unsuspecting city that still believed it could be saved by the music industry even as auto manufacturers ran away from your greedy unions. Young was an unabashed Black racist whose administration was purposely designed to make White Detroiters run away as fast as they could; and they did. Thereafter just being a Democrat was no longer enough and the new standard meant only Black Democrats could run your city and together both of you destroyed Detroit.

Next your paternalist attitude inflicted Kwame Kilpatrick, an out and out street thug, on what was left of Detroit. He is now in prison for corruption and tax evasion but he should have been tried for ordering the execution style murder of a stripper named Tamara Green. You liberals covered for him and made the investigation of her death “disappear.”

Now you liberals will wring your hands and make up excuses for your city’s incompetent administration because “after all Detroit is run by Blacks so it cannot be criticized.”

Shame on you liberals; you inflicted every one of your stupid dreams on a middle class city, destroyed it and ran away. Detroit is as good a reason as any to pledge to defeat you at every opportunity. The “good” you do lasts until other people’s money runs out; the damage you do is forever. 

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