Bundy Protesters Take BLM Opposition On The Road

Amid threats by local politicians and leftist media outlets – and a mounting FBI investigation – the armed protesters that have gathered in Clark County, Nev. to stand against federal overreach on the Bundy Ranch are showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, recent reports indicate many are now moving on to a new protest site.

Several militiamen have announced they plan to stage another demonstration, this time in opposition to BLM actions in Utah.

One participant, Montanan Ryan Payne, has spent the last month near the Bundy Ranch and is ready for this weekend’s show of solidarity.

This standoff, which involves the BLM’s declaration of Recapture Canyon in San Juan County off limits to motor vehicles, is shaping up to be much more in favor of the protesters than the prolonged demonstration in Nevada.

County Commissioner Phil Lyman is responsible for organizing the armed rebellion; and with the reported support of Sheriff Rick Eldridge, protesters expect a peaceful exhibition.

According to Payne, surrounding sheriff’s departments have also indicated that, should Elkins need any assistance in keeping the BLM at bay, they would provide support.

Furthermore, the BLM is not expected to send out armed officers as was the case during last month’s standoff at the Bundy Ranch.

Payne noted the stark difference in reception between Eldridge and Clark County authorities.

“This is a continuation of the Bundy affair,” he confirmed, “But it kind of shows the flip side of what happens when the sheriff upholds his oath.”

As for the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, a recent department statement emphasizes the importance it places in ensuring a safe demonstration this weekend.

“San Juan County Sheriff’s deputies will be at the event in Recapture Canyon on Saturday, May 10th. Our deputies will be there to keep the peace and protect the Constitutional rights of everyone involved. We feel this will be a peaceful event and encourage everyone to be respectful to one another and allow individuals to exercise their First Amendment right.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/Ohio Militia

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I support any organization that will stand up to the feds.Its about time we took back our country from politcians and a wacked out tarbaby.

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