British Intel Advisor: Obama Mama Was Muslim With Asian Descent

Michael Shrimpton, a British intel specialist, gives a host of revelations you are not likely to hear on TV or in newspapers…

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    He gave Clinton CIA DNA info (no relation to Dunham grandparents) on obama that gave her the sec. of state position. He said that obama is not a US citizen. He said that the pentagon got the DNA info from Mike Hayden (who knew obama was born in Mombasa, Kenya) and Brennan got the info from the CIA. He said that obama was born from his father's mistress who was Asian/Muslim with Arab blood.
    Barrister Michael Shrimpton should be subpoenaed by Congress and perhaps the Alabama Supreme court which still has before it the Obama eligibility appeal. If the statements of Shrimpton are validated. Obama should be arrested. First we need a DNA test of his sister.
    Dinesh D’Souza went to Kenya to find out about obama's family. obama's family was explained to obama by granny Sarah obama who was one of his grandfather's five wives. Dinesh was interviewing granny until an interpreter intervened and said that the tribe's first family had to be consulted. So obama's half sister Auma (who needs to be DNA tested to verify obama's past) was called and stopped the interview, and the police threw Dinesh out of Kogelo.

    • Sic Semper Tyrannis says:

      They did the same sort of thing to Jerome Corsi. My wife, who is a Christian gifted with prophecy, had a prophetic vision back in 2008 during the 2nd so-called "townhall" debate between Obama and McCain. The vision happened while she was watching Obama speak. She suddenly shrieked at the top of her lungs at what she saw. I ran into the den to see what was the matter – thinking she had seen a spider or something. She then told me what she saw. She said as Obama was talking, she suddenly saw immediately behind him a giant cobra that was ashen-gray in color. This cobra was the evil spirit controlling Barack Obama. The spirit looked right at her and smirked at her. Then, she saw on Barack Obama's forehead written in big black letters the name of a country – LEBANON. I believe Obama's Arabic mother could be from Lebanon. Lebanon is also the modern-day name for part of the ancient country of Assyria from where the Bible says the anti-Christ will come. Just some food for thought for those of you of the Christian persuasion who believe in the gifts of the Spirit.

  2. Interesting information. Although, they misspelled the word "Descent". Uh…did he just say he gave the actual DNA samples to the Pentagon (was it?) and not a copy? It would have been smarter to keep the actual results in a safe place rather than to a government organization. They can cover up, deny the existence of, or destroy such valuable evidence. I also find it odd that Shrimpton believes Obama Sr. really is Obama's real father when there is absolutely NO visible resemblance whatsoever. You'd think his tone would be darker, wouldn't you? Okay, it's darker on the inside, but that's beside the point.
    I also came back here expecting to see Elen's dribble plastered all over this page. Odd that it isn't already. She's usually pretty zealous about this issue. Maybe she doesn't know what to copy pasta from her last remaining source, Dr. Conspiracy. If he doesn't say it first, she can't echo it. He has to do her thinking for her, after all.

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