Bride And Maid Of Honor Walk Down The Aisle Days After Escaping Fire

Wedding fire

Every bride anticipates something going wrong in the lead-up to her wedding. Having her home burn down, however? Not even a chance.

With six days left until her big day, Lenise Ruff nearly lost her life when her Colorado apartment complex caught fire and set all her earthly possessions alight.

Wedding fire

Trapped with her roommate Marilyn Cruc (who also happened to be her maid of honor), the pair had to leap from the third floor to escape the flames. The bride-to-be suffered second degree burns to her hands and face. However, Cruc broke her back when she landed on the rocky ground.

With less than a week left until the wedding, both women were bent to keep the date as planned. With the support of the bride’s family and friends, Cruc spent the week working on recovery.

Miraculously, they both made it; and the wedding day itself was perfect.

Wedding 4.jpg

Via TheBlaze:

By Thursday, three days before the ceremony, Ruff’s burned skin had peeled from her face and hands. She called it a “fire facial.”

The outdoor wedding took place June 28 as planned. Despite her recent injuries, Cruc, with the help of a back brace, a walker and the steadying support of a groomsman, made it to the ceremony.

“She`s the closest thing I have to a sister and I’m just so proud of her,” said the blushing bride on her wedding day. “We`ve been through quite a whirlwind of crazy events, but we are standing today and Marilyn is standing and she`s walking and we are so happy.”

Wedding 1.jpgOn the beautiful June afternoon, Ruff and her fiance, Sam Brown, pledged their love to one another, thankful to have been given this second chance to spend their lives together.

“You don’t want to take anything for granted, ever. I’ve really realized how blessed and fortunate we are that we made it out alive,” said Ruff.

(Pictures are all still shots from news clip.)

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