Brent Bozell For RNC Chair

Brent Bozell SC Brent Bozell For RNC Chair

A radical notion is sweeping through Republican ranks- so radical that I almost dare not type it… but here goes:

Brent Bozell for Republican National Committee chairman!

There, I typed it. Should I seek cover from inevitable liberal tempests stirred in tea pot boiling between their ears?

It’s highly unlikely I’ll ever run from what those loons say or do.

The second Obama victory has establishment Republicans frantic over how to re-brand themselves to woo socialist sympathetic voters.

US Senator Ted Cruz’s recent op-ed on “opportunity conservatism” is a welcome alternative to growing “Me Too! Republicanism 2.0.”

Free market advocacy centered upon upward mobility for average Americans parallels calling for Bozell to be RNC chairman.

The GOP is America’s conservative political party- at least theoretically, though some senators’ fiscal cliff votes make one wonder.

A Republican Party led by Brent Bozell could in no way, shape, or form be accused of being Democrat Lite. This alone terrorizes an active appeasement lobby.

Republicans of the hand-wringing variety want liberals to like them. They fret over how to be more appealing to Americans whose vision will destroy America if fulfilled from both sides of the aisle.

Brent Bozell has built a cottage industry exposing liberal schemes. This candor is sorely needed as some seek to make the GOP elephant a burden bearer for even bigger, more costly government.

His unquestioned credentials as a champion of traditional values are also sorely needed in this perilous hour.

The same man who founded the Parents Television Council in 1996 is someone well suited to counterattack the mainstreaming of endless liberal deviancy.

His 65,000 strong FCC complaints filed against Janet Jackson’s half time show wardrobe “malfunction” in 2004 was a rare event in today’s co-opted culture: an appeal for public decency.

Children watch the Super Bowl and shouldn’t be subjected to rated R-level adult content. When was the last time you heard a public figure take such a principled stand?

America has shifted left-ward and cast her lot once again with those whom conservatives feel are intent upon making her a third-world country to satisfy some 60s notion of social justice.

Brent Bozell as GOP chair would send a clear message that Republicans have at long last found their backbone and will defend free markets and the values that create them without apology.

I grew up in a failed Soviet client state, Black America, that outlived the old Soviet Union. I’d hate to see the rest of the Republic suffer a horrible fate.

Brent Bozell has my vote for RNC chair.


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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Brent Bozell WOULD make a great RNC chair!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    This would be the best thing that ever happened to the republican party we sure could use a good leader.We have all these gutless wonders but know real leaders.

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