BREAKING: The First Shots Of World War III May Have Just Been Fired In Ukraine

Photo credit: Sergey Kamshylin /

Ukrainian artillery destroyed the majority of a Russian invading force that passed through a rebel-held part of the Ukrainian border, according to the Ukrainian President Petro Poreshenko. The Ukrainian President  brought up the incident while talking with British Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Russian column of invading APCs entered Ukraine yesterday, a fact that was captured by journalists Shaun Walker and Roland Oliphant.

Oliphant tweeted again today, when he found a large force of APCs headed toward the Ukrainian border.

Despite this, NATO and Ukraine have both stopped short of calling the incursion of APCs yesterday a full-fledged invading force. Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine have been losing to the Ukrainian government forces; and there has also been a humanitarian crisis in Eastern Ukraine, which has prompted Russia to deploy troops next to the Ukrainian border. There are around 20,000 troops on the border, according to NATO.

Has the conflict moved to the point where war is now inevitable between the two countries?

Photo credit: Sergey Kamshylin /

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  1. There are many rumors running about the Russia and Ukraine issue around the world. But I think this is not only from the recent occurannces, but from the world II way. But the people do not want war , they want peace in the world. I believe the US and the UK wil able to stop this violance aross the world.

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