Breaking: Some Positive News From Capitol Hill

Congress Breaking: Some Positive News From Capitol Hill

Recently, I was emailed this challenge: “Floyd, can’t you find any good news coming from Capitol Hill?”

I must admit, I’m pretty jaded about what’s happening in America’s capitol building. And lately, there’s been a relentless stream of negativity from D.C.

But because I enjoy a good challenge, I’ve searched far and wide for some legislation that might actually help. And this is what I found… three bills that merit attention and support.

Putting an End to Government Abuse

In response to the IRS scandal, Rep. Diane Black of Tennessee introduced a very worthwhile bill. It’s appropriately named the Stopping Government Abuse of Taxpayer Information Act.

This bill forbids every last federal agency with access to taxpayer information from carrying out or enforcing Obamacare until that agency can attest, under penalty of perjury, that no abuse of taxpayer information has occurred.

It also requires agencies to certify that they’ve terminated any employee discovered to have violated the constitutional rights of any taxpayer.

Congresswoman Black explained her proposal this way: “The IRS targeting scandal exposes the serious potential for widespread abuse of taxpayer information at all government agencies involved with implementing the President’s healthcare law.”

And Americans have reason to fear that the political targeting is just beginning. The same IRS official in charge during the IRS scandal is now being given control of the IRS Obamacare office. Scary thought indeed.

And that’s not all. You see, stopping the IRS alone doesn’t provide adequate protection. Obamacare gives a bevy of bureaucrats at the Health and Human Services, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, and the Social Security Administration unlimited access to your most sensitive health and financial information. Congresswoman Black’s bill will help guarantee that any federal agency with access to Obamacare’s Federal Data Services Hub is not targeting, nor will it ever target, Americans based on their politics.

Filling in the Internet’s Privacy Holes

Another important pending bill is the Email Privacy Act. This bill guarantees that e-mail has the same privacy rights as physical mail. Currently, a host of government agencies scan and read your email almost at will. Not surprisingly, the IRS is again the biggest offender in this gross invasion of privacy.

The pending legislation extends the protections to privacy found in the Constitutional Fourth Amendment to electronic correspondence and other content stored in “the cloud.”

“Government agencies should never be able to read our private emails without a warrant,” said Congressman Graves when he explained his reasons for sponsoring the bill. “It is ridiculous for the IRS or any other federal agency to believe it is above our fundamental right to privacy, but it’s important that we update the law to keep up with modern communication and protect against government intrusion.”


The final bill I want to share today is the Safety Net Abuse Prevention (SNAP) Act of 2013. Currently, the Department of Agriculture works in partnership with Mexico to promote the Food Stamp Program. But the SNAP Act seeks to end these promotion campaigns abroad.

Normally, Mexican immigrants take time to learn about the welfare benefits afforded residents of the United States. The Obama administration justifies these programs by getting as many people as possible on the government dole. And by promoting the benefits in Mexico, the government can speed up applications and participation in the giveaways.

But if you’re like me, and you think that begging people to get on the welfare plantation is a bad way to introduce immigrants to America, then this bill’s for you.

The only problem with all three of these bills?

They’re all likely dead on arrival if they make it to Barack Obama’s desk.

Despite their good intentions, I predict he would veto all three of these common sense ideas for reform.


This article originally appeared at and is reprinted here with permission. 

Photo credit: Jessie Owen (Creative Commons)

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    The only good news is that liberal commie Frank Lautenberg is dead and he can't hurt the country anymore and some of the stupid people of NJ will have to find a new commie to take his place.By the way he was the last WW11 vet but for whose army

  2. Al Metcalf says:

    If you want safety and security then it is easy to get.
    Abolish the Federal Reserve, the Personal Income Tax and every Federal Agency that infringes on the State or Citizens rights. This will make the Federal Government what Our Forefathers created…. And the Federal Government will consist of some 20,000 employees instead of the 21,000,000 they now are.
    This is the real problem. As soon as someone is hired in the govt, he needs an assistant and then the assistant needs an assistant and it just keep right on growing like a cancer until it eats us up…… This was not supposed to happen — but people are liars and thieves and politicians are the worst of the species.
    99% of everything that has happened in the government since the civil war has been a complete waste of time and resources.
    You want it to be better, get a double bladed axe and start cutting Federal Programs that are against the Constitution, this means anything that infringes on the State or a Citizen of a State.

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