BREAKING: Police Arrest Suspect In VA Hospital Shooting

According to police, at least one person was injured in a shooting at the Dayton VA Medical Center Monday. The incident occurred shortly after noon, when police received the report of an active shooter.

Good Samaritan Hospital security officers were able to apprehend a suspect as police placed the facility on lockdown.

After hospital staff placed the campus on ‘Code Silver,’ employee Lori Walker told local media that police instructed her and her colleagues to leave the premises.

Roads leading to the hospital were closed as authorities conducted a thorough search of the surrounding parking lot, reports show. Patients were told via social media that upcoming appointments were being postponed.

The injured individual is reportedly being treated in the hospital’s emergency room.

Reports from about a decade ago reveal this is not the first time the facility has been targeted by an armed intruder. As one commentator indicated after the 2004 incident, federal law prohibited the gunman from carrying a firearm into the facility and, as a felon, he was also prohibited by law from carrying a gun anywhere.

This seems to be yet another case spotlighting the glaring fallacy of the leftist argument that gun-free zones can lead to a safer society. In reality, the opposite seems to be true.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Was the shooter a democrap?

  2. This only proves that Wayne LaPierre was right. "Only a good man with a gun can stop a bad man with a gun."

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