BREAKING: Hackers Just Released Info That Could Further Ignite The Conflict In Ferguson

Photo Credit: Twitter/RT

As looters and rioters enter their fifth day of mayhem in Ferguson, Mo., members of the hacker group known as ‘Anonymous’ are moving forward with their promise to release the name of a police officer believed to have inadvertently sparked the violent backlash.

Rioting began after a vigil held Sunday in the town in memory of Mike Brown, an 18-year-old black man killed by a police officer. While some onlookers claim he was unarmed and cooperative when he was shot, recent police reports indicate that Brown was combative and tried to take the officer’s weapon.

The officer was subsequently treated for serious facial injuries sustained during the altercation.

Nevertheless, protesters – including members of the New Black Panther Party – have traveled to Ferguson to unilaterally declare the officer guilty of murder and his department negligent.

On Thursday morning, the Twitter profile representing Anonymous published the name of the officer the group claims shot Brown. Although the account has subsequently been suspended, IJReview published screenshots of some of the posts – with the exception of any identifying the officer.



This is not the first time reports have surfaced claiming to identify the shooter in the aftermath of Brown’s death.

According to reports earlier this week, a Ferguson police officer received threats after his name was falsely associated with the shooting.

Critics have accused police of responding too harshly to the rampant violence on Ferguson streets as news crews claim to have been assaulted and subjected to tear gas in an attempt to cover the clash between authorities and civilians.

Barack Obama, who has already made one statement offering condolences to Brown’s family, is expected to address the situation again Thursday as he vacations in Martha’s Vineyard. Although his statement was scheduled for 12:15 EST, he had yet to begin as of this writing.

Photo Credit: Twitter/RT

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    Hackers won't have to worry sooone then later Obutthole and the democraps will do it.I'm surprized that little fat butterball Claire McCaskell hasn't done it yet.

  2. Police, don't you know you are supposed to let thugs kill you?

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