Breaking Down Evolution, Part 1

Photo credit: atheism (Creative Commons)

There is an ideological war of worldviews, and evolution is at the heart of it.

As the battle for the hearts and minds of men wages, it often gets pretty ugly.

“After the release of ‘Evolution vs God’ it energized the hatred that many atheists have for me. …Darwinian evolution is a hill upon which atheists and evolution believers are prepared to die. It says that we are primates, that there are no moral absolutes, and there’s no God to whom we must answer.” – Ray Comfort

In this battle for worldview supremacy, everyone has some skin in the game. There are four major camps competing for recognition. Not surprisingly, scientific and religious allegiances are at the center of each of these groupings, which include: non-believing atheists/secular humanists, theistic evolutionists, intelligent design advocates, and creationists.

I will reveal my bias right up front. I fall somewhere between the last two categories. I am of the popular opinion (among Christian orthodoxy) that although the Bible is not solely documented history, it is totally reliable nonetheless.

My interest in the battle for worldview supremacy became a personal and a spiritual one. I was sick and tired of getting intellectually ‘slapped around’ and mocked for ‘not understanding the science of evolution.’ Determined to do my best to understand the ‘science,’ I decided that if evolution is true, I would give up the ‘fairy tale.’ [Note: Individuals who see themselves as a member of the ‘Theistic Evolution’ camp see no conflict with the science of evolution and the truths of the Bible and consider any possible conflict a matter of flawed Biblical interpretation].

I tried to objectively consider the genetic mutations and proposed transitions/intermediaries that have been presented by the scientific establishment to promote evolution of the species from a common ancestor. I also considered some of the other physical, psychological, and social variables that define the human experience. I tried to consider every domain of human experience that would lend itself to scientific inquiry (as per the dogmatic naturalist).

In doing so, I’ve come to the realization that the evidence for evolution has not really advanced in any substantial or meaningful way. New considerations (and maybe even a few exciting proposals) may develop; but overall, the same barriers remain and continue to be reaffirmed (although not publicly of course).

Admittedly, I have a more skeptical, big picture approach. An ardent and faithful supporter of evolution often finds himself harping on some ‘suspect’ evidence dependent upon unsound variables to advance the reliability of a proposed ‘find’ or ‘evidential proof.’ However, a just case can be made for the belief that evolution was (at least partially) founded and heavily promoted with purposefully hostile motives toward God. I’m not convinced it was conceived on the evidence. I firmly believe that if the science community actually followed where the evidence leads, ‘molecules to man’ evolution would be swiftly denounced.

Regardless of what we’re told, the unfortunate truth remains – evolution is merely ideology in disguise.

Evolution has less to do with empirical evidence and more to do with ideology. The promotion of evolution as scientific fact enables a humanistic form of secular elitism to dominate the culture and determine societal laws for the masses. The infiltration of secular humanism into our legal system, natural sciences, history books, and public opinion ensures a nationally established bias that honors political correctness over objective, existential reality.

To be continued…

Photo credit: atheism (Creative Commons)

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  1. Puddentain says:

    And "religion" is merely an "ideology". If you aren't convinced of "evolution" then you simply aren't studying the correct (or enough) data. I would cite that there is not ONE shred of empirical evidence of the existence of ANY god. That goes for the Christian god, that goes for Allah, that goes for Buddha or any other deity that has been manufactured for the control of human beings over the last 100,000 years.

    The fact is, anyone searching for the answer of 'why we are here' is really searching for an explanation of "consciousnesses". Why can only humans reason? But when you begin to consider the many different types of theories that are out there such as "other dimensions that we cannot see", "simulation theory", "other universes", "big bang vs. big crunch",,,,you suddenly begin to realize that what is taking place in this thing we call 'life' could be more bizarre than we ever imagined. In fact, our thought process most likely is too primitive to even think in the manner necessary to unravel the truth.

    But one thing is for sure. You can cite the Bible all you want but there is virtually NO EMPIRICAL evidence that any "God" exists. Simply reverting to "Just look around you" is merely a cop out for saying "I don't understand".

    I'm a "Conservative" but I'm also "Atheist"…..One thing has absolutely NOTHING to do with the other and those that are attempting to mesh the "Republican Party" with religion need to STOP IT!!! One reason the Republican Party has such trouble attracting the younger generation is because of the religious affiliation. And with Obama in power (with who knows what he has in store for us) we need all the votes we can get!!!

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      When your dying with horrible disease or maybe one of your family let see if you go to a rock to perform a miracle.A pox on you and when you say in the bible there is no proof there is a God there is also no proof there isn't.

      • Puddentain says:

        This is EXACTLY what I'm referring to. I'm not making fun of "Edwardkoziol" here but the fact is his/her prose is barely understandable. That would correlate to a lesser degree of education which means he/she has no concept of the science behind our existence. This stems from a lack of desire to learn complex biology, complex mathematics, complex computer programming, complex physics and every other facet of todays science. Along with those subjects comes the knowledge necessary to 'understand'. That's where we separate. It's simply easier to say "God did it". Especially in the face of not being able to explain something to a child. This situation is exacerbated when a popular television personality endorses any false religion.

        One thing you need to realize (and admit to yourself) is that "Religion is on its way out". Regardless of what Bill O' Reilly, Billy Graham & Joe Olsteen and several others say, the younger generation is growing up more educated than those in the past. Also note that if any single one of those people reversed their position on "God" their entire CAREER would be turned upside down. So even if they ultimately changed their mind to Atheism they would never admit it because it would ruin their career. So it's in their best interest to go along with the idea. It's only the older generation holding on to what once was.

        I am convinced that years down the road 'religion' will at some point be pronounced 'illegal'. It will be made 'illegal' in favor of a full blown effort toward science as an attempt to preserve our species through some sort of interstellar space initiative. That's of course if we make it that far without being blown to pieces by someone in the name of RELIGION.

  2. There is absolutely no proof that there is not a God either. Orwellian double-speak is not imperical data Pudin. The funny thing is, science dedicates itself soley to prove the evolution THEORY and disprove creationism. There are very few scientist working to prove creationism. There is really no scientific evidence for creationism because scientists, for the most part, are cowards and puppets. They are so damned afraid of what their peers and society thinks about them, that they sell themselves out for an idea or theory that can be disproved. I have AB- blood type. This means that there is a zero RH(rhesus monkey) factor in my genetic makeup. The existence of RH negative blood is proof enough that evolutionists are grasping at straws, most erroneously.

  3. AJ Castellitto says:

    You do have a religion sir – it’s religious humanism & it’s been built on a sandy foundation of wishful thinking

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