BREAKING: Boehner Sues Obama For Abuse Of Power

According to a Fox News report, House Speaker John Boehner is preparing a lawsuit against Barack Obama alleging he has abused his power as the nation’s chief executive. To be clear, the GOP leader said his aim is not to impeach the president as some in his party have recommended.

“This is not about impeachment,” he confirmed; “it’s about him faithfully executing the laws of this country.”

Obama’s frequent use of executive orders to achieve his political goals will reportedly be the focus of the lawsuit, which Boehner has hinted at filing over the past several days. On Wednesday, he confirmed he has decided to move ahead with the proposal.

If ultimately filed, the named plaintiff in the case would be the U.S. House of Representatives.

At this point, the action must still be approved by House leadership. If it is, Fox reports the suit would likely be filed within a few weeks.

Democrats in the House have already spoken out against the plan. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi offered her take, suggesting Boehner’s pursuit of a lawsuit against Obama is childish, adding that Republicans in the House are using this as a way to cover up their inaction in other matters.

“They are doing nothing here so they have to give some aura of activity,” she maintained.

Boehner has received support from many Twitter users who believe such action is long overdue.

As of Tuesday evening, the White House has not responded to the pending legal action.

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  1. Hey if you believe this will succeed I have some beachfront property to sell you in Kentucky, it even comes with surfing lessons and to boot the best ocean fishing you have ever seen!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Nothing will work short of lightening striking his golf club. The man surrounds himself with loyal toadies.

  3. ROGERZEIGER says:


  4. It is about time Congress exercised it authority. Now lets hope he goes through with it then follow it up with impeachment!

  5. Why do our elected officials have no backbone when it comes to impeaching Obama? Even the Democrats should be able to see that executive orders are not the ways laws were intended to be passed.

  6. You have our support. Sue and Impeach him now!

  7. Moni Lyons says:

    Do not hesitate!!! Do it!….You have our support!!!!

  8. Sure glad to hear that but what about the IRS? , our four dead Heros? Fast and furious? Muslim Brother Hood? Black Panthers voter intimidation?…just to name a few. The law suit should have been done and ready to go.

  9. Impeach Obama's now.

  10. Fed up w/Obamanation says:

    Impeachment is the minimum that needs to happen, criminal charges against him and several of his administration should also be sought. They are leading this country to a civil war that will be waged against the government officials and all who stand by them.

  11. What a wimp. Grow some balls and do the right thing. Impeach the SOB now!

  12. Why waste time charge him with treason eliminate the hassle once and for all clean out the rats nest of traitors supporting the Muslim Brotherhoods agenda world wide and watch how fast they distance themselves from the Obama regime where as impeachment is nothing but a political circus like the one with Clinton.

  13. Raymond says:

    ➡︎ America has a bi-sexual muslim who supports child molestation, sitting in the oval office.

    ➡︎ Homosexuals and lesbians have been given legal access to our children in the boy-scouts
    and girl-scouts so they can sexually molest them.

    ➡︎ The homosexuals and lesbians control our educational system.

    ➡︎ Homosexuals and lesbians control America’s legal system.

    ➡︎ God’s Word is now called hate material.

    ➡︎ Talking about God’s Word and telling the truth is now called hate speech.

    ➡︎ What is good is now called evil and what is evil is now called good.

    ➡︎ In America, and around the world, it’s legal to murder a child in the mothers womb.
    Each year over 1 million children are murdered in their mothers womb.

    ➡︎ All over the world God’s children are being murdered and persecuted.
    The so-called ‘Hate Crime” laws have been enacted to silence God,
    God’s children and anyone who dares speak the truth.

    ➡︎ Our food & water has been altered and loaded with chemicals that
    cause birth defects, cancers and early death.

    ➡︎ As we all know Islam is taking over the world.
    The Qur’an teaches muslims that it’s ok to rape babies,
    children and women. The Qur’an teaches muslims to murder
    anyone who refuses to bow to islam. Please remember,
    Barack Hussein Obama & Eric Holder are muslims.

    ➡︎ The government is treating our veterans like trash.

    ➡︎ What is this all leading to? Have these things been prophesied in God’s Word?

    My Bible Prophecy website answers these questions and many more.

    • Hello Raymond and everyone else who is reading this . I too am a christian. I have been a serious student of bible prophecy for 30 years and have been blessed to study under some of the best in the world. Yet it still blows my mind when i see how fast we are heading into the last 7 years of secular history.I can not judge this presidents heart,but it seems like he is doing all within in his power to take this country to it's knees!!! Sadly it seems most in america are in some sort of spiritual slumber! By that i mean they refuse to see or can not see that this country is about to fall ! What happened to the fighting spirit we americans were known for? Instead it seems like their is this mentality of WHAT CAN YOU DO OR GIVE TO ME!! Mean while hundreds of thousands of God knows who slips across the border! They are making so called treaty with IRAN ! That is Obamas way of saying go ahead make a nuke as long as you aim it at Israel! Who we should be helping all we can according to Gods word. I know i'm going to sound like a nut, but oh well! I truely think Obama is A FULL BLOWN MUSLIM ! THERE I SAID IT! Let me ask you all a question? do any of you think that all these scandals that has hit under his watch have truely caught him off gaurd? That he is finding it all out by the news just like us?!!! COME ON PEOPLE! Again go ahead think i'm nuts but he is taking this country to it's knees for a reason. All hell is going to break loose in about the next two years (or less.) He is helping to create the perfect storm. But america will not be the only one hit when it finally gets here. Others will be hurt too. But our nation will be one of the worst hit. Once this perfect storm hits, a man will come on the scene who seems to have all the answers, the world will love him and at first he will seem to make things better. Then he will show his true colors.That is all i will say on that matter. read your bible. It is crazy if i did not know the Lord, but reading todays headlines is like reading veres out of the bible. I have my eyes on the heavens Jesus is coming for the church real soon! Yeah go ahead again think i'm whacked, but when multi. multi millions are suddenly just gone !!! REMEMBER THIS NUT WROTE THIS AND BLOW THE DUST OFF YOUR BIBLE AND GIVE JESUS A SECOND LOOK! May God be with us all Laurilee

      • Your not a nut, anyone that stands up for God's word is anything but! As you can see from earlier replies I believe this is it, the next thing is the church being raptured, then let antichrist obama take his loyal subjects straight to never ending lake of fire, TURN OR BURN

      • Linda From NY says:

        Hi Laurilee,
        You speak the truth on what Obama is doing and how he is bringing our Country down, I too have been saying the same thing you said for some time. I have a bad feeling before 2016 that he is going to do something drastic, and I have a bad feeling this man is NOT going to leave.

        I pray that I am wrong, I too read the Bible and I know that it matches up with what is happening today and we are living in scary times may God help us all

        • Hello Linda, Thanks for the vote of confidence on my sanity! But it breaks my heart that web (our once great nation has come to this! I'm not sure if you know the word of God but America is nowhere mentioned in it and like many other students of bible prophecy. i think there is good reason. We have been the defender of the free world since atleast ww2 . In order for The man of sin, or as many call him, THE ANTI CHRIST OR THE BEAST. WE must be taken out as protector of the free world. and yes Linda something very,very bad is coming . 7 years of hell on earth! but i must agree with David here, God does not hate homosexuals. He hates the sin and loves all sinners.It is his hearts desire that ALL mankind turn from sin and except the free gift his only son layed his life down to give us. Yes i know most of you may roll your eyes and scoff at that statement. But it is as true as it was 2000 yearsb ago when he walked this earth. YES something is coming. America as we know it in the not to distant future will face a time of great horror that the people of our nation can not even fathom. Why you may be asking? We as a nation MUST fall so this one world goverment, call it the new world order, what ever can take over! Headed up by this what will seem like a benevolant, genius. He will seem to have all the answers, and he will come in on a platform of peace, but his intentions are any thing but peaceful! He will sign or ratify a 7 year peace deal with the nation of Israel.Doing what many before him were unable to do. BUT make no mistake he hates the Jewish people. He will break this treaty 1260 days into it. Here is a biblical clue for those of you who are not followers of Jesus Christ. When he signs the treaty it marks the begining of the 7 year tribulation. Keep in mind the years are counted by the jewish holy calender . They have 360 day years.The tribulation (or the last seven years of secular history, and at the end Christ him self will return bodily with all his church and his angels. These 7 years are broken up into two 1260 day periods. All hell will literally come down on earth. God will judge all those who refuse to turn from evil and except the free gift his son offered man 2000 years ago. But the good news is no one reading this must go through any of it!!!! All who except christ NOW , he is coming for soon it could happen at any moment! No it is no pie in the sky dream !! It is a promise he made to all who give their lives to him just before he ascended before over 500 witnesess!!! There was over 1500 prophices of his first coming, He fulfilled every single ONE!! There is ckose to 10 times that many of his second coming! So many had to do with Israel and each and every one have and are as i write this coming true to the letter! David know one can say if Obama is the Antichrist?! The only clue the bible gives us is that treaty! But Neither you nor i want to know! if we are here to know for sure that means we had been left behind!! I'll say this he is with out doubt setting us up for him!! Weather he knows it or not.?! I get a sense in my spirit he does. Hey let me here back from any and all wit h questions or thoughts. I will answer all i can. My email address is God bless you all laurilee

    • Raymond
      You must never forget that God is still in charge, and as the Bible says it will reign on the just as well as the unjust, this is the end of days as spoken of in Revelation and Daniel. Sir God doesn't hate the homosexual, he hates the sin of homosexuality, not that you weren't saying that, it is the sign of the times. I come on here and say this a lot and people left, right or in between don't (for the most part) want to hear what God's word says, again sir "Sign of the Times!"

  14. It would be great if Boehner did file suit against Obama, but this should have happened 3 years ago. And until it is done, it is only talk and that is the only thing Boehner and most of the GOP are able to do. There is no action at all other than talk. Oh, I take it back, they did work to have liberal dems vote for their choice for senate even though the guy is 91 and senile. It is very difficult to even listen to what is going on in Wash DC

  15. Steve Crawford says:

    weak point of USA is attack from with in and stall all you can . and Obama has done this from the start. With out anyone willing to stop him he will never stop. This has been his plan from the begining.

  16. Roy S. Mallmann says:

    The lawsuit is a start and it is the only thing that we can do ,..legally until we get control of the Senate. Obama knows that if he is impeached, he loses everything including his power to pardon. Boehner and the House of Representatives do have standing to file the lawsuit. It was outlined two days ago. I have been totally unable to get my rep Pete Olsen to file articles of impeachment as he has cotton balls. If they do file and it gets stopped in the Senate, the hand writing is on the wall and Obama will resign. Other that the obvious illegal way, there is nothing else that we can do, other than bury him in lawsuits. These lying assholes should all be in prison and the Democrat Party should be designated a criminal organization.

    • suzyshopper says:

      What do u mean,if impeachment articles are filed,and it’s stopped in the Senate, that u think Obama will resign, did Clinton resign when, the Senate would not convict him?Nooooo he didn’t, do u actually think this president , cares what anyone thinks?If the house files articles of impeachment, and the Senate does not convict, do u realize what the media will do, they’ll spin it as a partisan witchunt, and have the whole freakin country, feeling sorry for the guy!I would suggest that if they are thinking impeachment, they should wait, till after the Nov elections, then if we hold on too the House, and take the Senate, we’d have a better chance of getting a conviction !!!!

    • suzyshopper says:

      Did I misunderstand u when u said if it got stopped in the Senate, that the hand writing would be on the wall, and the prez would probably resign, did u mean that pertaining to a lawsuit, or impeachment?

  17. Does anyone truly beleave this lawsuit Boehner is going to file will do jack squat ?! n We have to take over the senate and (I WISH) send dirty Harry packing!! Well i guess we can all sit down with Boehner and have a good cry when it goes before one of Obamas liberal judges!! And to Mary Perkins, hate to tell ya but i think c4 could not get Obama out of the oval office! They may have to drag him out kicking and screaming as his liberal base screams it is all racially motivated!

    • Amen, it'll take an act of God to get that jerk water out of the Oval Office, an act of God I say! People on here get angry when you say he isn't going anywhere, but the simple fact is NO ONE in the house or senate has any marbles to do anything, it's just all talk talk talk and no action! I'm waiting for him to say he isn't leaving office and will run again in 2016, I bet my last dollar that he'll pull that rabbit out of his trick hat soon enough folks!

  18. Remember the House of Representatives controls the US flow of money. So, start be de-funding all unconstitutional departments and agencies … including the Department of Justice. Then file criminal charges against both Holder and Obama by using civil courts not associated with the Dept of Justice.
    The latest news about finding children in a mass grave near the border should wake up even the Democrats. Then continue to use the overwhelming proof that already exists to prove Obama is not a legal President, and simply remove him from office. Then continue to convict him of all his crimes. By removing him from ever being President, we can eradicate all the bills signed by Obama. The Senate's approval is not even necessary for this house cleaning.

  19. Gary Mirenda says:

    Obama has abused the office of the Presidency and Congress has mysteriously allowed him to act in any avenue or venue without resistance. There needs to be a complete house cleaning in our government where
    the Constitution is properly followed .

  20. I'm extremely skeptical about this action. I'm familiar with political grand-standing, political maneuvering, and political stunts. This is either genuine or all the above but not 'D'. After all, the elections are not too far away. He (like Obama) could be holding on to this card until after the elections. Then, if all goes his way, goodbye lawsuit. Judging by Boehner's track record of disappointments and back-stabbing, it's hard to take him seriously. He's like the boy that cried wolf. Although, I seem to remember suggesting a while back that if he were wise, he'd turn on Obama. Unfortunately, this is a double-edged sword. It can cut both ways. If this is genuine and succeeds, it could do some potential damage to Obama and the Democrats. If it fails, it could damage Republicans and conservatives. Any advances made to gain back the majority in the Senate could be destroyed by this effort. So, seed of self-sabotage? That remains to be seen. I guess we'll see.

  21. Why does a scumbag release 5 most wanted Islamic extremists from gitmo in exchange of a deserter???

    Answer: To make Americans the target of extremists who want leverage, to increase the instance of American captures overseas, to create tensions that could ultimately get us back involved and engaged in foreign wars to further bankrupt the country, to be so engaged in a war that he can executive order himself immune to term limits, to martial law himself into kingship.

    Why does the same scumbag feel it necessary to allow all illegals to suddenly have citizenship and also refuse to recognize the need for ID to vote???

    Answer: So he can absolutely over load the ballot with illegal votes that count unchecked against your opposition. so he can illegally stuff ballots in traditionally conservative states to steal the electoral votes and create an unbreakable liberal dynasty, to create a dependent class of "citizen" voters who will always vote for their own interest of entitlements and empty promises to break the private sector through higher and higher taxes. once you have the majority of the voters in some way dependent on their all powerful government, you now have achieved citizen materialistic slavery. once the private sector breaks down there is almost no civil way to turn it back around.

    the slope is slippery, we must get off it while we can. he has blocked freedom of speech, religion, the press, he has taken your right to privacy and perverted your right to have due process, he has diluted the power of the constitution, he has stacked the deck by appointing the bobble head supreme court, he has american blood on his hands with his foreign policy, he has innocent blood on his hands with his undying support of abortion at will, he has no respect for anyone including himself. While america's quality of life goes further down the drain and inflation runs amok, he sends his family on tax payer funded lavish vacations around the world to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars per week where no expense is spared. wake up and smell the B.S.

    • Dear JCP well i agree except for one point . He keeps bringing in all these so called potential voters, and it seems like he refuses to see or accept that this country is bankrupt! Oh they keep trying to shuffle the books around and they are counting on americans to beleave we are just to big and powerful to fail, but we as a financial super block have already failed. Just look at it this way. We are like a super heavy train pulling many cars behind us, the brakes have been hit but as heavy and cumbersome as we are it is going to take some time before we come to a complete halt. Not to mention we have the fed printing money like monopoly money. When they get done we will in all probability look like the Weimar Republic!! May have spelled that wrong? sorry!! but no less true. Obama said one true thing since he came on the scene . He said he was going to fundamentally change this nation!! While his leftist loon base was screaming and fainting over him like his coming was like the Beatles invasion all over again, no one stopped to ask……..HOW ARE YOU GOING TO CHANGE THIS NATION?!!!! Well now we are seeing it close up and WAY TO PERSONAL! He is bent on destroying it!! And when it does finally hit the bottom where do you think he'll be? Not in this country i bet! He will be hideing out on some tropical island . Living off the billions he has changed into some currency or gold that still has value. Money he got i'd bet in one of those bailouts where billions are unaccounted for. God be with us all Laurilee

  22. David G says:

    Yes I'm the one and same, I served in the first Gulf war where I lost the bottom of a leg (knee down) for this country that I love so dearly! Unfortunately people don't like hearing the truth even on here, but thankfully for a few like yourself that understand what is going on in America!

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