Bottom Feeder Obama: Romney Won’t Take Care Of Veterans

President Obama face WH photo SC Bottom feeder Obama: Romney won’t take care of veterans

At this point, there is less and less pretense about Barack Obama. Who Obama is and what he wants to do to our country are no longer mysteries. He mocks achievement because “You didn’t do that by yourself”, and he is taking an increasingly “in your face” attitude toward his arch-enemy Christianity.

Pushing aside the facts once again, Obama recently tried to grab credit for taking good care of America’s veterans while implying that Mitt Romney would not deliver a proper level of support and care to these great men and women.

After patting himself on the back for the wonderful job he is doing on our economy, the Bottom Feeder in Chief added, “That’s the difference between myself and my opponent: As long as I’m commander in chief we’re going to make sure that our veterans are properly cared for. And we have [sic] expand our funding and improved how we are working with our veterans. But we’ve got more work to do, and that requires resources. We’re sure not going to spend that money better on tax cuts for me. I want to make sure that a young man or woman who has served our country, who has fought for us they shouldn’t have to fight for a job or a roof over their heads when they come home.”

If the shortages in Veteran’s Administration funding weren’t so serious, this would be a joke. Unfortunately, the underfunding of the VA is very real and very painful for the men and women who have literally given body parts to the fight to keep us safe.

Time for the truth

According to Democrat Congressman Bob Filner, the level of service being delivered to our veterans is an insulting disgrace. And why should it be anything else? We need look no further than the V.A. Secretary Eric Shinseki, a Hawaiian Democrat and retired Army General, to understand why the VA is a mess. Shinseki knows nothing about running an organization of the size and scope of the Veterans’ Administration, and it shows.

Because Obama chose to appoint a typical Democrat hack to an important position such as Secretary of Veteran’s Administration, the number of backlogged VA disability claims can be counted in the hundreds of thousands, with some estimates putting the number of cases that stand unresolved after 125 days at over 900,000. This is the truth about how Obama treats our Veterans. Why would anyone think he would do better in a second term?

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