These Ranchers Just Gave Pelosi A Challenge She Shouldn’t Ignore If She Knows What Is Good For Her

Fred Davis and John Ladd

Two Arizona ranchers want Congress to wake up to the danger of illegal immigration along the southern border. And, they’re inviting Nancy Pelosi to come see for herself just how bad it is.

Ranchers Fred Davis and John Ladd say that lawmakers like Pelosi have no clue about how dangerous the situation has become.

“I want to invite Nancy Pelosi down,” Ladd said. “She went to Texas to see the kids. So come here and see where the dope and the bad guys are coming through the border.”

The ranchers even said that they will pay for the plane ticket for her to come down and offered their home as a place to stay while she is there so she can get a firsthand tour.

With all the talk about this crisis being a humanitarian one, the national media is forgetting that this is also a major security crisis.

“They are missing the point; this is a national security crisis, not a humanitarian crisis,” Davis told TheBlaze. “That’s a crock. Anytime people hear anything about amnesty, they flood our country, but we’re not enforcing the law – Border Patrol morale is low and there’s no security, making it dangerous for everyone.”

With the amount of drugs and illegal immigrants just funneling through the sieve of a border, Davis said, “Come see why your $2 million-per-mile fence is trash.”

In the video, you can see that the officials put in a makeshift barbed wire fence so poorly that the four strands can be held in one hand.

“My 8-year-old grandson could have put up that fence,” Davis told TheBlaze. “You can cut through it in less than 20 seconds with wire cutters.”

Chris Burgard, an award-winning filmmaker working with Davis and Ladd, is documenting the crisis along the border and summed the situation up with his own thoughts: “We’ve been doing this for over nine years. Anyone who tells you the southern border is secure is full of crap.”

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  1. Lawrence Brown says:

    Pig Pelosi is anti-American as they come.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Their invitation to this plastic bitch is going nowhere. A snowball has a better chance of surviving in hell. This good for nothing piece of crap only knows how to talk through her ass which the platic surgeon pulled up to get rid of her wrinkles. I think he did a terrible job she is still ugly.She won't except the ionvitation because she is a liberal asshole who could care less about the American ranchers.

  3. mutantone says:

    "So come here and see where the dope and the bad guys are coming through the border.”
    you have that wrong not "bad guys" but future democratic voters she will great them with open arms

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