Border Patrol Agents Working For No Pay

Border Patrol SCThe ongoing government shutdown has affected federal employees in different ways, depending on their position. Those deemed “non-essential” have been furloughed, while others, including soldiers, continue to perform their duties and receive a paycheck.

One group, however, has been ordered to continue working without getting paid. According to National Border Patrol Union Vice President Shawn Moran, the agents tasked with protecting our borders are essentially working for free as the shutdown drags on.

“We continue to do the job, no matter what,” he said, saying that agents “feel like a political football.”

Moran noted that while many agents are concerned about providing for their families, those responsible for the stalemate are unaffected.

This is not the first time border agents have received short shrift under the Obama regime. As National Border Patrol Council Local 1929 Vice President Stuart Harris noted, the agency was hit with a two-week furlough, and pay was nearly cut in half during sequestration earlier this year.

He said that agents are “extremely frustrated,” noting that as a result of such treatment, “the morale of our agents is probably the worst it’s ever been.”

Harris indicates that those affected are already considering taking drastic measures — such as securing loans to pay for necessities — as a way to survive the shutdown. Even pursuing unemployment might not be possible, he noted, since certain states “require being furloughed for a minimum amount of time before one can file for those benefits.”

Not only are agents themselves suffering; Moran said that the work they do has also taken a hit. Training courses have been cancelled, he explained, and “prosecutions have been greatly curtailed.”

While the border patrol is considered essential, working for free and without proper training will only make agents more ineffective and disgruntled. This eventuality likely resonates with Barack Obama, who is an unabashed supporter of a porous border.

Meanwhile, the American people are less safe, further in debt, and less free than ever before. The transformation Obama promised as a candidate in 2008 continues to take shape.

–Western Journalism staff writer

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  1. Soon, there will be "citizen posses"

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Ranchers should be able to hire exmilitary and have them shoot tresspassers on their property.It would be like breaking into their house. Since the federal government lead by the slimy mudslime muslim Eric Holder and Pres.Alfalfa won't do anything then it is time for the people to do something about it.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      So far every property owner that has shot a trespasser and/or burglar has been brought up on charges and found guilty.
      What I question is what is wrong with the jurors?

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Stating Federal workers are working for free is a misnomer. Not even those furloughed will lose pay. There is NOT ONE Federal worker who is working for free. Everyone on the job, and off, WILL be paid. It just will take a little longer than normal just as when a worker waits on his paycheck when a company is in a bankruptcy restructure.
    The Federal workers furloughed are on a PAID vacation. Once the government 'reopens' everyone furloughed will be reinstated and back paid. Those who are on the job will receive their paychecks, just later.
    Don't forget those furloughed will receive UNEMPLOYMENT AS WELL AS back pay.
    GUARANTEED pay and a GUARANTEED job. Who wouldn't want to work for the government.
    Problem is we need people in the private sector to PAY for these leeches…er….workers. Don't fall for the bull.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Nobody works for nothing even the clergy get paid.where werethese park rangers when the spics came to the mall plastic Poopalosi welcomed them and thanking Pres.Jigabama forleting them protest.Look at all they could have rounded up.

  4. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obetrayer will do whatever it takes to further his agenda, he does NOT see protecting our border as keeping Americans safe, he sees illegal immigrants as faithful voters, his regime will use any means possible to make sure our borders remain unguarded. If concerned Americans try to protect our border, like the Minuteman Project, Holdme will harass and arrest them. THIS IS EVEN MORE OF A REASON WHY EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD HAVE A GUN, SINCE THE GOVERNMENT WILL NOT PROTECT YOU!!!

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