Border Crisis Is A Health Crisis: Illegals Have TB Symptoms, Scabies, Severe Lice


Fox News Radio host Todd Starnes appeared on The Sean Hannity Show to report that illegal immigrant children being held at Oklahoma’s Lackland Air Force Base are carrying diseases into the United States.  Starnes’ sources say that children have tuberculosis, scabies, and lice so bad “you can see them running down their faces.”

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  1. probably one of the reasons b.o. doesn't want to go down there…..he's chicken!

  2. Lorene B says:

    0 doesn't want to go to the border, or need to go to the border, because he knows that things are going as planned–this is his amnesty..

  3. Every single one of those illegal aliens should be sent back to wherever they came from. First come the "children" and the "children's" parents and complete families will be here. Sorry to sound insensitive but send them all back (we have enough problems here without being invaded by them)

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