Boom: Watch Congressman Tear Into IRS Commissioner: “Most Corrupt And Deceitful IRS In US History”

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is on the hot seat on Capitol Hill today, as he continues to be questioned and laid into by Representatives taking turns razing the commissioner’s fabricated stories.

This time, it was Texas Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Tex.) blasting Koskinen and the IRS as “the most corrupt and deceitful IRS in U.S. history.”

“This week, you supposedly lost the emails not just from Ms Lerner, but from other persons of interest,” he said.

“At this point Mr. Commissioner, why should anyone believe you? The IRS denied for two years targeting of Americans based on political beliefs. That wasn’t the truth.  They said it was a few rogue agents in Cincinnati. That wasn’t the truth. You said you were targeting liberal organizations. That wasn’t the truth. Then you assured us you provided us all the emails in May, and that wasn’t the truth.  And today, you’re telling us out of thousands of IRS computers, the one that lost the emails was the person of interest in an ongoing congressional investigation.  And that is not the truth either,” Brady said in disgust.

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