BOOM: Common Core Just Got Destroyed In This Deep Blue State

Federal education standards known as Common Core, have been roundly criticized by individuals involved in the public school system across the nation. Parents, teachers, students and elected officials have worked tirelessly to roll back the program’s regulations in a number of states.

Complaints about the Common Core curriculum include evidence of leftist indoctrination, social engineering, and convoluted teaching methods.

Even in states with a long history of supporting leftist causes, this program is quickly losing support. The results of a recent Times Union/Siena College Upstate Education poll reveal a stunning level of disapproval among New Yorkers. A full 82 percent of respondents confirmed they want to see Common Core stopped in the state.

Dr. Don Levy conducted the poll and saw the results as a clear sign from residents that something needs to change in the state’s educational system.

“When you get over 80 percent of the people who say that,” he explained, “that’s what people believe.”

Despite claims that the program would result in a better environment for learning, New York has seen test scores drop since its implementation. That realization only exacerbated the existing concerns many of the state’s residents had about Common Core.

Even faced with the overwhelming results of his own poll, Levy suggested that the program can and should be saved.

“It reads as though it’s not a throw it away,” he said of the poll numbers. “It’s a take inventory and let’s launch 2.0.”

A spokesperson for New York State United Teachers recognized that, as many concerned parents have already concluded, the program was hastened by proponents and led to an unsuitable rollout.

Among the criticisms revealed in the poll’s results is uncertainty regarding the reliance on standardized testing as a central indicator of student progress.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Parents and Educators Against Common Core Standards

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Maybe there is hope for NY yet. But when they elect a Homo Coumo or a Bloomberg and a commie Di Blasio I don't see too much hope.

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