Book Author Reveals Why Hillary Is So Dang Angry


Ed Klein, the author of “Blood Feud”, was on The Sean Hannity Show talking about Hillary Clinton and her book “Hard Choices”.

Hannity asked Klein about Clinton: “She is angry and doesn’t think America appreciates her?”  Klein responded, “She thinks that she is being…going through such a gauntlet of criticism even from her friends in the mainstream media that maybe ‘they don’t appreciate me and I shouldn’t put myself out.’”  The best-selling author went on to give his opinion about the former Secretary of State: “This self-pity is a classic example of Hillary’s being a victim.  If it’s not because she’s a woman, it’s because of Monica.  She’s always finding an excuse to blame others for her own problems.”

That sounds like somebody else we know who lives in the big house on Pennsylvania Avenue.

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