Bombshell Video: Wikileaks contacted Obama Admin. before release of documents but got no response

by Floyd Brown

Obama is downplaying the importance of the leak of thousands of classified documents. But he won’t
be able to laugh off the latest allegations. We have now learned that with quick action he and his
White House Staff may have been able to limit the damage, but they were too incompetent to act.

The video interview below blows this scandal wide open.

When asked by Judge Andrew Napolitano of Fox News why he should not be held responsible for
potential deaths caused by the leak, Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks, answered that he
contacted the White House about the leaks before they were released and asked them to review them.
The White House’s response?


They were too busy golfing, partying with Paul McCartney and spending the summer vacationing.
In subsequent email conversations Assange’s people clarified that they sought this response through the
New York Times.

This is the part of the puzzle which could explain why Obama and his supporters have been trying
to downplay this leak as unimportant.

If someone in the Obama administration had pre knowledge of this devastating leak and they did
nothing to help limit the potentially fatal consequences to our soldiers and many valiant Afghani
informants, Obama has every reason to downplay the leak.

Someone in this administration has blood on their hands, and Congress must demand a full disclosure of
who knew what and when. This scandal should not be covered up.

(Thanks to one of our readers, Cold Warrior, for the tip)

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  1. It's abundantly clear that Obama is in over his head as our "President"!!! To him, it's one big non-stop party, full of golfing, vacations, and never ending campaigning. He rarely has press conferences, for fear he will be asked tough questions that he won't be able to sidestep. Worse yet he won't be able to use his ever faithful teleprompter. Now when I confront those in my family who actually voted for this stooge, they now say they made a huge mistake. These are the same people who said before the election they did their "homework" and felt Obama was a better candidate than McCain. Unfortunately, by the time Obama is voted out (after a four year stint), the damage that has been done to this country will take years to fix, especially if people like Pelosi, Dodd, Reid, Frank, and other ultra liberals are still in power. This country needs real journalists again! MSNBC is nothing more than a liberal propaganda channel that still blames Fox for everything. It's called "ratings envy!" Fox has great ratings, MSNBC has abysmal ratings. Some CNN broadcasters try to take the middle road, others are more liberal. Where are the young journalists just out of college, looking to make a name for themselves and do their research? Of course, who would hire them when so many newspapers, magazines, and television stations are propaganda tools of the left? I am an independent who sees many problems with both parties (more so with the left however). The first thing that needs to be done to help fix the huge problems we now face in the U.S.A. is term limits for ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT, including the Supreme Court. People are too easily corruptible, so limiting them to 8 years is best for everybody. Also, the government is nothing more than a badly ran business. They take in billions, spend trillions more than they take in, and then blatantly spew b.s. to anybody naive enough to believe it. We need to treat it like a business, and surround the President with successful business owners and C.E.O.s that can give him advice on how to successfully run a lean government good at saving money and investing in our country's future!

    • Elderlost says:

      Hooray Tony! I'm glad to see someone say we need businessmen in office. I'm so tired of career politicians, and D.A.s and attorneys and community organizer types who have never held a real job in their lives! Then they move into a job with the biggest company in the world, the American government, and don't have a clue… except that they have all the money in the world to play bigshot with! God help us if we keep this same bunch in office! And pray we get to vote for President agian!

  2. The Iranian woman whose sentence of death by stoning was commuted to hanging after an international campaign, today sent a message from inside Tabriz prison calling for further support so that she might be reunited with her children.

    Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, a 43-year-old mother of two, said she thinks of nothing other than hugging her children and that she was mentally broken when authorities flogged her 99 times in front of her then 17-year-old son, Sajad.

    And some say that Islam is a religion of peace. Raymond

  3. Richard W. Faith says:

    This is precisely why he needs to have an unscheduled face-to-face meeting with a well-armed, terminally-ill patriot who believes in his heart that his own sins have irrevocably committed him to Hell and that he has no access to salvation, and on that basis fears no good, fears no evil, fears nothing and no one at all in this life or the next, and thereupon believes that he has nothing to lose. The only thing left is COURAGE and the motivation to exercise the last fleeting moment of it.

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