Breaking: Boko Haram Captures Another Group Of Innocent Schoolgirls

The Nigerian Islamist group Boko Haram gained international infamy earlier this year after kidnapping almost 300 schoolgirls. According to subsequent reports, many were forced to convert to Islam and were allegedly shown on a video praising Allah.

This week, members of the same group are believed to have entered a village near where the first kidnapping occurred, ultimately capturing another 20 young girls and forcing them into a semitrailer.

The incident occurred in Garkin Fulani as villagers set up the local market. According to Nigerian sources, this is a common time for kidnappings to take place.

According to Amnesty International, another eight or more girls were taken about a month ago from the same region. Just two days before the latest kidnapping, reports indicate Boko Haram members captured two older women from yet another nearby village.

Meanwhile, there has been no confirmed progress in the search for the schoolgirls taken in April. The fortunate few who were able to escape the threat described their harrowing experience upon returning home.

Nigerian President Goodluck Johnson has declared war against the terrorist organization; however, reports indicate the real fight against Boko Haram is being conducted by bands of vigilantes including the Civilian Joint Task Force. Nevertheless, Nigerian officials claim the military is performing its prescribed duties in fighting the extremist organization.

Adu Ibrahim, the Civilian Join Task Force’s chairman for the region, offered some details regarding the latest kidnapping. He explained insurgents took advantage of the surrounding market environment by loading the truck with various food products in addition to the seized girls.

The latest incidents are hardly the group’s first foray into terror in the nation. Members have reportedly destroyed churches, schools, and government buildings – in addition to taking part in widespread kidnappings and murders – over much of the past five years.

Jibrin Ibrahim, of a Nigerian advocacy group known as the Center for Democracy and Development, indicated there is little that can be done at this time to stop Boko Haram’s reign of terror.

“These people have a free hand to do whatever they want,” he concluded.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Hey why is Obumgo sticking his nose into Nigeria isn't he the one who is pulling troops out of Afghanistan because he feels we aren't the police of the world.Now he is putting soldiers in danger for nothing.Let the Nigerian government take care of their own problems.Send the coward of Viet Nam Lurch Kerry over there with a gun,he got brave all of a sudden.

  2. These people have to organize and protect themselves. Time to Arm the townspeople and have volunteers guard their schools and band up as a community or they are going to keep losing everything. Wasn't Mr. Bush's statement to find the terrorists wherever they are? I remember before we sent scores troops into Afghanistan that a few people were sent to train Afghans to repel Russians in tanks and choppers and that worked very well for a while (even movies were made on it). The Russians left and it did not cost much in money nor lives. We do not have to send masses of troops to nigeria, but a few well-trained natives who can then train others can go a long way. Why should cultish, Mohamedan brainwwashed terrorists get to dictate how someone raises their girls or other kids It is a lot better than paying for endless Prez golf trips to lush well-watered desert locations while our farmers can't get water for their crops (to feed us) in "protected" areas or shelling out untold amounts of cash to pay for failed solar energy ventures or money out of our pockets for overpaid felon administrators of a failed obamascare run on our freedom and the fruits of our labors.

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