Boehner OKs Tea Party-backed ObamaCare Vote

John Boehner SC Boehner OKs Tea Party backed ObamaCare vote

Speaker of the House John Boehner seems to have made a personal mission of remaining unpopular among genuine conservatives. His recent support of a legislative vote to de-fund the monumentally unpopular socialized medicine bill, however, should curry him some Tea Party favor.

While Democrats shriek that the move could lead to a shutdown of the government, Boehner bluntly stated that ObamaCare must be stopped.

Calling the law “a trainwreck,” he said the time has come to “protect American families from this unworkable law.”

The vote, set to take place Friday, would be integrated into a spending bill vote designed to fund the federal government beginning Oct. 1. This move comes after significant outrage by conservative representatives in his own party and stands in contrast to Boehner’s previous plan to present both issues to the Senate in two separate bills.

For their part, leading Democrats warn the GOP that they will be blamed for any resulting government shutdown. Obviously, Barack Obama and his sycophants only want what is best for the Republican party.

With current government funding set to expire Sept. 30, it is difficult to project how this Hail Mary vote might play out. At this point, though, it seems to many involved to be the best hope of stopping a law deemed unacceptable by more than half of the country.

Ever the politician, Boehner’s about-face on the issue likely has resulted from concern for his own political future. When vocal opposition to ObamaCare came primarily from the Tea Party and similarly conservative constituents, he was perfectly happy to go along with the status quo. Faced with skyrocketing disdain for the bill, though, he finally relented.

No matter his motive, Boehner made the right call. The responsibility now falls on principled legislators in both houses of Congress to reflect the will of the people by carving the monstrosity that is ObamaCare completely out of the budget. A potential government shutdown is a very small price to pay for the future economic freedom and stability of our nation.

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  1. It finally sunk in Boehner's head that his Speaker position is in jeopardy so he reluctantly agrees to the Tea Party backed obamacare vote? Boehner still needs to be removed from the Speaker post!!!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Who actually woke Boner up did? Obutthole tell him he couldn't golf anymore or did he finally realize the tea party was right.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    In the long run, defunding won’t work. Let the Obliterators have the funding. When the train wreck starts derailing, and the 40 hour work week dies (160,000 Walgreen employees forced to use it), and the unions fold, and the lawsuits start filing in, and after the whole thing implodes upon itself, then it will be time for the 2014 elections. But use it, as well as the debt ceiling for bargaining chips. Do NOT let this arrogant non-compromising Obasshole get his way without a fight for once. Let Obackstabber learn a lesson on how to be a leader for once!!!

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