Boehner: Obama Hasn’t “Done A D**n Thing To Help Us”

John Boehner, commenting on the IRS’s claim that they lost two years worth of emails, said to reporters “Listen, I grew up in a bar. This doesn’t pass the straight-face test.”

When asked by a reporter about complaints of Republicans badgering IRS witnesses and attacking their integrity in hearings, Boehner said:

We invite people to come and provide testimony, and frankly they should be treated with respect. But when you look at the president, his own remarks when this IRS scandal unfolded almost a year ago, he said that he would fully cooperate, he and his administration. They’ve not only not fully cooperated, they haven’t done a damn thing to help us get to the truth of what really happened. We know it wasn’t just a group of staffers in a Cincinnati district office that were making these calls.  Lois Lerner refuses to tell us the truth. And then all of a sudden, ‘oh my goodness, we lose two years worth of emails.’ Listen, I grew up in a bar. This doesn’t pass the straight-face test.

This scandal is shaking up to be a dumpster fire.

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