Boehner Leans Toward Amnesty

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Though many conservatives rightfully criticize House Speaker John Boehner for appearing irresolute, one issue he has stood his ground on is amnesty. He has continually refused to even consider a bill that would give immunity to millions of illegal immigrants. Furthermore, he promised that a bicameral conference with a select few legislators would not have the opportunity to implement amnesty despite House opposition.

His stance has come into question this week, however, after reports indicated that he hired a well-known amnesty advocate to serve as his immigration advisor.

Many experts believe that the addition of Rebecca Tallent, who previously served under Sen. John McCain, to Boehner’s staff indicates a shift in his own position. In addition to her time working for McCain, Tallent was also instrumental in passing two previous immigration bills that provided de facto amnesty to many illegals. Most recently, she served as the Bipartisan Policy Center’s immigration policy director.

In a response to the hiring, a number of groups opposed to amnesty spoke out against Boehner’s tacit approval of Tallent’s prior work. The Federation for American Immigration Reform issued a statement concluding that the speaker’s action is only furthering Obama’s agenda.

“President Obama and Senate leaders have already said that they do not care what bill serves as the vehicle to get them to their desired objective of amnesty and massive immigration increases,” the group’s response stated, “just as long as they get there.”

After Boehner’s announcement, the statement continued, it is now clear that “the legislative vehicle will be different, but the destination will be the same.”

Whether he has had a change of heart, is capitulating to the Obama administration, or simply hired the woman he felt was the best fit for the position remains to be seen. Regardless, Boehner must have known that his selection of Tallent would spark outrage among amnesty opponents as the push intensifies to reward those in the U.S. illegally.

Hunger strikes staged in Washington, D.C. recently put more pressure on legislators to pass an amnesty bill. Intentionally or not, adding a supporter of that position into the mix as Boehner’s advisor certainly sends a message.

It is now time for conservatives and anyone in favor of a secure border to send a message in return. By supporting legislators with a proven track record on the issue and bombarding the rest with evidence of their disapproval, Americans can make their voices heard. These lawmakers, after all, are supposed to be working for the people – not Barack Obama.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. People wake up before it is too late and illegal aliens have been granted amnesty!! If you do not want illegal aliens to be granted amnesty, start flooding your representatives mailboxes and phones with demands that NO amnesty be given before our borders are secured. It needs to be done NOW!!! Also email and phone Boehner!

  2. Republican leadership doesn't get it……………THE ILLEGALS BROKE OUR LAWS!!! If amnesty is granted their will NEVER be another Republican in the white house. THEY BEST WISE UP SOON!

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    I have never trusted Boner,deep down he is an Obutthole ass kisser like the other RINOs.John is Obuttholes caddy and he likes the job and when you hire some one from Senor Juan McCains staff to advise you on illegal amnesty we conservatives are in a world of hurt.Soon we can call him Juan Boner from Mexiohio.

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