Bob Woodward: Obama Is Disengaged From So Many Issues

Obama - Bob Woodward

Bob Woodward said on Fox News Sunday with Brit Hume that many Democrats “feel the president is disengaged from so many of these things.”  Hume was amazed that Obama has attended 393 fundraisers during his time in the White House, whereas George W. Bush attended 216 fundraisers at the same point in time of his presidency.

Woodward believes that Obama is capable of handling all the issues, including immigration and foreign affairs, if the president would get engaged.  Woodward has just released his 17th book, The Price of Politics, in which he interviewed many high-profile central players including Speaker of the House John Boehner.  Boehner had told the author, “The big problem with the White House is that you don’t know who’s in charge.”

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