Blindly Following Barack Hussein Obama: A Theory

Obama Official Portrait SC 752x1024 Blindly Following Barack Hussein Obama: A Theory

Ever since the high profile emergance of Barack Hussein Obama in 2007, America has seen a cult- like following behind him. They are often referred to as Obamabots, Obamazombies, or Obama Kool-Aid drinkers. Anyone that has studied history knows that we have seen this type of behavior before. Specifically, we saw it in 1939 Germany with the rise of  Adolph Hitler. As far as the Kool-Aid reference, one can google “Jim Jones” and/or  ”Jonestown” to learn that cult leader Jim Jones and his followers committed mass suicide by drinking a beverage laced with poison. My opinion is that if enough people drink the Obama Kool-Aid, America will surely die.

Now to my  theory. I  studied subliminal programming (which is used in most stores through their intercom systems to help curb stealing) and backward masking (the placement of messages inside a message in a backward fashion) many years ago in a church course that I took. I believe that in the case of Obama followers, these techniques are being applied. In some cases, they may be man made such as the current buzz words that we hear today like “hope” and “change”, “democracy”, “fair share”, and “moving forward.” In other cases, I believe, it is purely spiritual.  The Holy Bible says in Eph 6:12 “for we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darknessof this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.”

Now we move on the the Christian faith of Barack Hussein Obama. A Christian would not turn his back on Isreal, a Christian would defend God’s Holy matrimony, A Christian would not promote the LGBT lifestyle, a Christian would not omit the word “Creator” numorous times when reciting from our founding documents. If you really want to see who Barack Hussein Obama really is, view the link below.

Now let us move on to the spiritual aspects of this. I’m sure that we have all encountered an Obama supporter at least once in the past four years, and a few things stand out about them. First, there is no reasoning with them or being allowed to offer an opposing  point of view. They would not know common sense or the continuous ongoing destruction to America if it slapped them in the forehead. One would find that they are mostly secular humanists, atheists, or members of a spiritually dead church. They have managed to have prayer removed from our schools,want “under God” removed from our pledge of allegience, “in God we trust” removed from our money, and many other atrocities like brutal attcks on Christmas and Easter. The following video is an idea of how this all works in the spiritual realm. This is a prime example of backward masking.

Again,when looking at history,who did Hitler choose to wipe from the face of the earth? God’s chosen people. In this day and age, there are people trying to eliminate any connection to God. One such group is the Muslims who have sworn to wipe God’s chosen people from the map. Remember the first video? Who did Barack Hussein Obama say he was in his own words? Just as a side reference, Hiltler dabbled in the occult as well.

These people need to wipe out the presence of God because they know that He has already won the spiritual battle. The Holy Bible says in Acts 9:18 “immediately there fell from his eyes something like scales, and he received his sight at once; and he arose and was baptized.” Stand strong in the Lord, America, and He will bless us once again.

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  1. I agree with the Theory. I know some Liberals and they will not read or listen to anything or anyone who has a difference of opinion. I once met an older German woman who came tot he States after the 2nd war. She was so full of hate and bitterness for the Jewish people. She was proud to have been a Nazi and Hitler worshiper. I asked her what she hated about the Jews and she said that Hitler was the one she worshiped.
    She claimed there is no God and the Jews and Christians were all stupid to believe in one. My theory is that those who follow after Obama have no faith in anything other than a material promise to take care of them. The Liberals I have encountered are much like her.

    • The liberals absolutely will not listen to anything we try to say and they are so vicious in their disagreement. It seems as if they are filled with hate for anyone who does disagree.

  2. I think this gobligook is probably right on, but I think further the Nobama Zombies have high hopes that there "turn has come". That this obvious Muslim, Socialist/Marxist is going to get the people of color their just rewards—as an example, Black churches enjoyed a tax refund check this past year, but never have paid a dime in taxes. They are non-profit, so how do they get a tax refund? Remember the lady who wanted Nobama to give her a new car? Another needed a new kitchen & bathroom. Betcha they got them, without paying a dime. Mrs. Idiot (Michele) has a brother who is a coach of a college that was going to have to do some serious cutting, her brother's job being one of the cuts—until Nobama made an "investment" of taxpayer dollars, which saved the brother's job.

  3. suckerforlove says:

    This man sickens me

  4. We are, surely in Ephesians 6:12 And GOD'S people better put on the armor mentioned in Eph. 6:11 Put on the whole armor of GOD, that we may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

    There are no doubts about it, we are moving, but in the wrong direction, as in backwards. And, it does resemble too much such instances as the Jim Jones disaster. Christians can not possibly understand what in motivating these hysterical mindless decisions.

    • schnitzelschitzen says:

      Hi Myrtle. Yes it is time to put on the full armor of GOD and be always prepared. As much as our Fore-Fathers before us took a stand for the concept of freedom, and put everything on the line for it, we are so obligated to do the same until the Lord returns. It is important to pray for America and also be a voice for goodness and justice, in order to Restore America and Remain Free. You are a voice for that cause. Thank You.

  5. Christians Face Possible Jail Time For Signing Petition Against Sodomites.

  6. this guy just stabbed this repiblic right through its very heart. taking away our right from court. to government kidnapping on U.S citisics the the very idea that he has complete control over our country and dosnt answer to anybody but the UN. first of all the president cannot be on any forign council. THAT IS ALONE HIGH GROUNDS FOR TREASON. he continues to HELP AL QUADEA. and he keeps lying to the whoule country about who were at war with.

  7. This website is a joke!

    • Why???

    • Bertsy K. Larsen says:

      Mike, you never did answer Tony’s question, “why”, so I ask also, “why” Why is it a joke? Because it speaks the unvarnished truth about the All Time Worst “president” in American history, the Biggest Joke of All Time? The “joke” that I speak of is one very bad “joke”, by the name of obama. And the real Joke is the one on you foolish idiots who actually fell for each lie that he spoke, taking those lies to mean that he gives a rats’ rump about you and those like you. You honestly, truly thought he meant “hope” for yourselves and that the “change” was a good thing! Change? Oh man, you got your change alright, but the change wasn’t even close to a Better America, a Free and Brave America, this “change” was to bring in as many nonAmericans and mu slimes as possible, “changing” America into a filthy dirty diseased is slimey continent full of the excrement known as mu slimes, where everything is filled with their communicable diseases and trash and evil, to kill off everything that was beautiful and wonderful about our country. And you dimwitted fools actually elected this “Horrible Joke” into office, so what joke were you speaking of? YOURSELF? This web page is the best one going. And if no one forced you to read it, then why are you doing so? So far, we are still free to read what we like, so far…………..left to idiots such as yourself, we may not have this freedom much longer. No thanks to your kind, for ruining our country. Why didn’t you leave and go live with the camel humpers that you so admire?

  8. I’m going to assume you monitor comments, Mr. Powers, and that you will most certainly monitor and perhaps not post mine. I leave that to your discretion, and most respectfully so.

    In the article you wrote something that impresses me fully! You said,

    “Again,when looking at history,who did Hitler choose to wipe from the face of the earth? God’s chosen people. In this day and age, there are people trying to eliminate any connection to God.”

    I hope you understand that it isn’t the “people of God” such as Hitler would wipe off from the face of the earth, rather God Himself who came to us and who remains with us through HIS people. If there were no people of God left, what reason would God have to remain, and could not man in all of his own self-inflated eagerness create for himself a god more to his liking? Has man not done so?

    This has been so from the beginning of time, in every effort made by all sorts of peoples, to rid the earth of the Jewish people to whom the word of God was given, and in whom it remains, as surely as it is written.

  9. TaterSalad says:
  10. schnitzelschitzen says:

    This is a very informative article. I can't think of any other reason for such cult like following and yet if we look back to another time, there was this snake named adolf hitler who did much the same as obama. During their time in office, they challenged the authority of their own government and pushed and tested the people every chance he had. There can be no mistake about what obama has in mind. I believe that his plan is to build his brown shirts from many cultures and ideals right here in American. Let me list some: arm, then defend illegals from our states laws, combine religion such as so-called- Christians with other religious groups such as muslims, gather America haters, all under the guise of enlightenment and modernity. The rest will come from their iconaclastic view of obama himself. Put pressure on those in Congress to impeach obama, or he just may be around long enough to change America to the point of no return. Always vet, vote, recall and impeach when necessary. Restore Honor, Restore Freedom.

  11. D. Marie says:

    It's ironic that in one of the videos, the devil's servant talks about how divided America is, and how he wants to fix it. Yes, he wants to fix it — he wants to widen the divide. There's also a video out there where he says "we're not finished yet"! What he means is he's not yet finished destroying America.

  12. You folks are so full of hate and bitterness that you are an affront to anyone of faith, but especially to those who follow the words of Jesus. I hope your families are praying for YOUR souls. And Arlo, you need to reassess your values. If a difference of opinion in the political arena can cause you to "write off" your children, I would propose it is YOU who have no family values.

  13. Shayla Moy says:

    …..Obama kool-aid drinkers…..
    I'm sorry, but as much as you may try to preach otherwise, i recognize a racially motivated insult when i read one/ This is appalling, and completely shot any little credibility you had managed to muster with me as an entire group. You preach more ignorance than I care to read. I will be working to discredit this entire organization now. Thank you for giving me a new hobby.

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