Blame The Gun – Pity The Criminal

smoking gun Blame the Gun   Pity the Criminal

Murderers and rapists should be pitied and not prosecuted for the heinous crimes they commit.  This is the line we get from the Liberal Left – blame the gun and not the person holding the gun for the crime.

A few weeks ago, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee spoke on the House floor in favor of more restrictions to prohibit law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their families from criminals. She had the gall to blame the murdering of innocents at the hands of gangs on the guns instead of the despicable people holding the gun. This is what she said:

“Don’t condemn the gang-bangers, they’ve got guns that are trafficked — that are not enforced, that are straw purchased and they come into places even that have strong gun laws. Why? Because we don’t have sensible gun legislation. I’m going to agree with my friends on the other side of the aisle. Our Republican friends, let’s enforce the gun laws that we have – – who would run away from that. That’s a sensible proposition. Put a resolution on the floor of the House – – let’s enforce gun laws that we have.”

Does anything that she said make any sense? She contradicts herself halfway through and then joins with her “friends across the aisle”.  Chicago and New Orleans have the highest murder rates. The reason Chicago does, according to Ms Lee, is because “it doesn’t have strict enough gun control, and that neighboring states don’t impose the same restrictions that Illinois does. It’s not their fault. It’s that we don’t have universal gun control. If we didn’t have any guns at all, these criminals wouldn’t be able to kill each other”.
“So, don’t blame the criminals”.  According to Ms Lee the poor gang-bangers just need more rehabilitation.

I am not blaming anyone. I am citing indisputable facts that show when NYC had similar problems, Mayor Giulianni, took steps to stop it. To this day some sections of Chicago are still struggling against gang violence and the murder of innocents. NYC which has a greater population, does not have near the amount of murders in a year that Chicago has had in the last four months.

As for enforcing current laws, pro-2nd Amendment people would like to see the most violent criminals off the streets altogether, and so the point about whether or not they should be allowed to purchase a firearm is moot. If there is eyewitness testimony and evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that someone is guilty of murder or rape, that person shouldn’t be given freedom. He shouldn’t even be in a position where he is trying to buy anything, let alone a gun. That is what is meant by “enforcing current laws.” It’s definitely not an endorsement of states’ various gun control laws.

If guns are taken away from law abiding citizens, violent crime will increase, as it has in the U.K. and Australia following national, mandatory gun buy-back programs. Our founding fathers stated that the only way to enslave a population is to take away their means of defending themselves. Hitler learned this and applied it in German controlled European states in 1936. Once he had removed all the guns from them they had nothing to fight back with. That is why he was able to torture and murder more than 6 million people under his regime, and it only took him 4 years to do it.

Why doesn’t Congress Woman Lee or some of her liberal friends propose to tighten up the requirements in mental institutions and mental health agencies. How can anyone in their right mind release people who are mentally unstable onto the general public in any area of the country. It is not guns which have been around since ancient times, that is the problem. As it was then and is now, it is the person holding the gun that bears the responsibility of pulling the trigger. If they pull the trigger they are committing themselves to the act. Many people who take that step end up killing themselves. Others who are more cowardly drop the gun as soon as they are confronted with superior force. These people are cowards as well as murderers. These are the people the liberal establishment champions. “Oh they had such a terrible childhood”.

This argument is meaningless. Many of us had childhoods that would make the average person flinch. We came from orphanages and foster homes. We got through it and learned how to make our lives better. We didn’t blame someone else for something we did. That is the difference between an upstanding person verses a person who plays the victim. Liberals love victims and will make you a victim even if you were the aggressor or in the case of the gang bangers, murderers. Making you a victim lends to their elitist arguments that Society is responsible for not understanding criminals, even when those criminals are murdering your children.

Liberal Socialists will defend the rights of the criminals and murderers over the rights of their victims every time. They love supplying excuses why these fiends are misunderstood and victims of society. The rich liberal will never live in their neighborhood or shop in a store near them. They need them to remain poor misunderstood victims of society so they can use them for political gain with the uninformed voting public.

If you agree that there are enough gun laws on the books, and there are proactive steps your local government can take to stop the spread of gang violence, then contact your Congressional representatives and demand they do something instead of just pointing fingers at each other.

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