Blame A Society In Decay, NOT Guns

Gun SC Blame a Society in Decay, NOT Guns

In the majority of the mass killings that have happened over the past few years (five on Obama’s watch), the Liberals/Communists are quick to blame the guns used and push for more gun control.

I beg to differ with their point of view. We have become a society of watchers and followers and not the primary teachers of our children. We are encouraged to constantly praise our kids and not humiliate them in front of others. Tim- outs have replaced grounding and a good old-fashioned paddle on the butt. We as a society have become so wrapped up in basic survival due to a Liberal-dominated economy that our kids are now babysat by uncensored blood-and-guts video games, high-paid, Liberal, union-label teachers, and absolute filth coming across the TV (otherwise known as an electronic income reducer).

Our kids have become social zombies in an ever-changing world. They are not taught critical thinking or coping skills. They are not taught anything about faith or freedom. They are only taught how to play “follow the leader”. Well, how is that working out for us? Innocent people are getting killed.

As for guns, the establishment  run by the Liberals/Communists is 100 percent responsible for these mass murders. They have taken away parental rights to properly raise our children in an effort to take our 2nd Amendment rights away. An armed population is a free people; an unarmed population is a subject of the state.

If our Communist leaders want to blame guns for these murders, why not blame knives as well?Why not blame cars for drunk driving deaths? Why not blame eating utensils for obesity? Does this sound far-fetched? Unfortunately, it is the mindset of these Liberal/Communist leaders who live in their glass bubbles. It is way past time that we the people put the blame where it is due, directly on the backs of the people who think they know what’s best for our kids.

We must take the responsibility to stand up and say “no more” and raise our own children minus the outside influences. It is our duty to rebuild our society as our founders have set it up. As always, my fellow Patriots, stay safe and be aware of your surroundings.

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  1. Has anyone else noticed that since O took office these have become increasingly more frequent (as in set-up)

  2. Absolutely right, a society in decay, take a look at the role models our kids have, there aren't too many. The progressives are trying to take faith our of America, their interests are in free contraception and abortion.

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