Black Voices Against A Third World America

Nadra Enzi Black Voices Against A Third World America

Integrated misery under Obama allows every American segment to experience similar deprivation, regardless of past history or advantage.

America’s rapidly shrinking majority population had a figurative scimitar (curved Islamic sword) to its throat last election, with the demand ” Convert (to socialism) or die! ” hanging overhead.

Protracted unemployment, foreclosure, and asset loss brought American Whites to their knees, anxious to trade embattled tradition for promised government relief.

If you believe the premise of scholar Dinesh D’Souza’s movie “2016″, America is in the unlikely grip of a president bent upon avenging the Third World at our expense.

The chickens of mid-20th Century anti-colonialist movements have come home to roost, with a vengeance it seems.

A poorer, more socialist America is a dream come true to revolutionaries here and abroad. America’s shrinking majority, like Latinos and Blacks, become pawns in this revenge power play.

As an American Black, I have no stake in destroying the country of my birth. I was raised in the South; and while parallels exist with post-colonial countries, I do not support this course of action.

Many of my peers mistakenly identify with Islamists and foreign communists assuming we’re all one big happy family united against the White Boogeyman.

Correcting bias through American popular culture and the Constitution is infinitely preferable to whatever imported solutions these groups would impose.

Sympathetic Blacks fail to see the goal of these movements as destroying America, not reformation or the liberal north star of ” social justice.”

The following Black voices against A Third World America are faithful warners whose statements are golden:

Congressman Allen West, ironically demonized by fellow Blacks for fighting to preserve the same churches, rap music, and fashion trends their overseas allies would surely ban.

Ambassador Alan Keyes for years has sounded a steady alarm to Americans about what’s at stake should American traditions fall.

Rev. James David Manning of ATLAH Church in Harlem uses YouTube to warn viewers how perilous times really are.

Rev. C.L. Bryant made a movie called “Runaway Slave”, which outlines how severe this mindset is among Black America’s Democratic majority.

Rev. Jesse Lee Petersen routinely battles this mindset on his syndicated radio show.

They should be heeded because the path we’re currently headed on means that even more integrated national misery is around the proverbial corner.

A president with a 3rd World consciousness, plus American Blacks not seeing themselves as Americans, multiplied by a growing Latino bloc leveraging itself for amnesty equals less liberty for pro-traditional values Americans.

America is in serious trouble. Whatever past differences her White and Black citizens had, now is the time to unite around commonly-held civic and religious traditions.

In a Third World America, conservatives (especially unrepentant Whites and Blacks) become her new second class, to be dismissed and denied opportunity.

Listen closely to the men I listed and others.

They’re all that’s left of the Black community’s role as conscious of America.

These Black voices against a Third World America are sadly part of a fading early-warning system within our culture.


Cap Black The Hood Conservative asks,
“When was it ever good to make America a third world country???”

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  1. Mr.Cap Black, Dear Sir, if there were only more like you, and those you have mentioned in this article, as Americans, black and white, we could possibly save what is left of our country, and her freedom for all. And Freedom for All, means ALL! Not only white people, such as myself, but freedom for the black man and woman also. Unfortunately, every True Black Man who runs for any office, and who would do far, far more good for the black people in this country, these good men are demonized and attacked as if they were the enemy. Instead of seeing the REAL ENEMY whom they all fell down and worshipped, as with this idiot, Jamie Foxx, who has declared this ENEMY in office, “the lord and savior”……..the very one who will see to it that not only white folks suffer the consequences of their bad taste, and awful decision making, but that they too, the worshipping black people who do not apparently want to see evil when it is right in front of their eyes. They would rather “beleive a lie, (many, many lies actually) and be damned” instead of calling a liar a liar, and freeing themselves from the chains of a slavery that is much worse than that of their ancestors who were slaves to only white man! Now, they have sold their souls and freedom to a being that is so much worse than the white slave masters of old, and as a result, they may never again be truly free from the bonds of slavery that they, themselves, sold themselves into. The problem with this for the rest of us who saw EVIL when we looked upon his evil face, and knew what we were looking at, and tried to tell others just how wrong this EVIL BEING IS, and all to no avail! For, they would not listen, they turned a blind eye to all the wrongs, and every single failure of this EVIL “man” in office now, and once more, sold their votes, their souls, and their freedom to him and his lies and his promises that will never, ever be kept. AND THEY KNEW THAT IT IS ALL A LIE AND THAT NO PROMISE MADE BY THIS EVIL LIAR IS EVER, OR EVER WILL BE KEPT! The only things that will be “kept” are they themselves, as his slaves, to do with as he pleases, whether they like it or not. And, all of this that I have written makes me a RACIST! If this is my fate, and if this is what those who wish to be under the control of this evil slave master desire to call me, then this is what I am, I apparently have no choice or say in the matter, for I DESPISE this EVIL BEING IN OFFICE FOR THE SIMPLE REASON THAT HE INTENDS TO UTTERLY DESTROY US AND OUR COUNTRY! I cannot help it if his skin is darker than mine is, no more than I can help it that the black race is a darker color than I am, it is how we were born! But, each of us, no matter the color of our skin, should have the common sense enough to know good from evil, and to be wise enough to chose what is good for us! And I am truly sorry that the black race of this nation has chosen so UNwisely! Along with some white fools who wanted to “prove that they are not racists”! How STUPID can people be? VERY STUPID INDEED!

  2. Linda A. From NY says:

    It's good to see some blacks have woken up, I know who Rev. Manning is, he is a good man and he speaks the truth about obama. But most blacks support this nazi in the white house, wait till these people loses their freebies and obama will make sure that they stay down, no jobs, no decent education, keep them in rat infested neighborhoods killing each other or perhaps obama will make slaves out of them or worst kill them off with his healthcare.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      There are blacks who have been critical of Oasshole but media and newspapers don't cover them.People like Herman Caine,Alan West,Thomas Sowell,Walter Wiliams,Mia Love,Condi Rice and others.Our problem is the crackers who idolize this igger and nothing he does is wrong.Some day hopefully the negroes will wake up.

      • Linda A. From NY says:

        Hi Edward,
        These blacks will wake up when the government take away their freebies, and leave them to rot in their own stink.

        And for the blacks, Hispanics, young people and all others who supported obama decides that they want to better themselves with decent and good jobs, will not find them due to obama's policies, then they will realized what a mistake they made.

        My fear is that when 2016 comes around, this tranny dictator will not want to leave, he loves power and these idiots that voted for him gave him that power and as long he is in power, our lives will be difficult to live the American Dream, thanks to all those morons that voted this hitler back in office.

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