Black Republican Defends Call To Hang Obama


With the overwhelming majority of black Americans supportive of leftist causes and candidates, it is increasingly difficult for conservatives within that community to openly express their views. Prominent blacks such as former presidential candidate Herman Cain have endured harsh criticism and unfounded accusations from members of their own race for merely embracing anything other than the prevailing ideology.

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When a black Republican makes a legitimately controversial statement, however, the response is even more acrimonious.

Joshua Black, a GOP candidate for the Florida House of Representatives, recently witnessed this phenomenon firsthand after a one-word post on the social media site Twitter.

In response to a user who believes Barack Obama is guilty of treason and should be hanged for his crimes, Black simply wrote, “Agreed.”

This resulted in major backlash not only from leftists but some in the GOP. Fellow Republican House candidate Chris Latvala, for example, took to his Twitter account to trash Black.

“I know you are crazy but good heavens,” the prospective representative from a neighboring district shot back. He went on to describe Black as “an embarrassment.”

Florida’s Republican Gov. Rick Scott also responded, calling Black’s statements “outrageous.”

Black, however, did not back down from his position. In fact, he responded with additional tweets and a lengthy explanation on Facebook.


“I make no apologies for saying that the President is not above the People,” he wrote. “If ordinary Americans should be executed for treason, so should he.”

The post included a number of incidents Black believes were treasonous, including the fact that Obama “droned [Anwar] Al-Awaki [sic] on ‘suspicion of terrorism’ – not proof – and later killed his 15-year-old son for nothing more than being his son.”

He has repeatedly refused to drop out of the race or back away from his statement, despite the fact that he was reportedly visited by Secret Service agents shortly after posting his original comments.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. A-MEN —MR. BLACK!!

  2. The truth must sound like a bell of LIBERTY! "AGREED" I love it, the truth. Hear that scumbag? O bama!
    You GO NOW! been here TOO LONG!!! TREASON, TREASON, TREASON, and every one knows. Including 150mil. citizens, good luck scumbag. Your day is coming.

  3. God Bless you Joshua! It isn't a racist thing it's a law thing! I agree with you 110%. Good luck and thank you for your courage!

  4. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Why hang him? He's only doing what you crackers and coons voted him in to do. You wanted it, you got it.

    • Seeks the truth??? Hardly! You're a leftist racist plant … aren't you?

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Seeks is not a plant if you've been keeping up with what she says you'd know it.But she is right you knew what Obutthole was like and what he believed in but still you voted this socialist in not once but twice.He got the job because the people thought they needed a witch doctor for president.

  5. Although the context is referring to Joshua's assuming the leadership of, and inheriting, the Jewish homeland, I have no doubt that the same principles of courage and integrity apply today … to those who fearlessly follow Him … for He is no respecter of persons.

    You represent 'we the (American) people' Joshua … and it is 'we (all patriotic American) people' who back you 100%. God bless you … and may you win the Florida race. I am praying for you and encourage all those who know the Lord to do the same.

  6. There is nothing wrong with what Black said, Obama is not above the law. He is the most corrupt person that ever held the presidency. All these stupid folks that want to pile on Black is just that, to include Gov Scott. Go to hell and continue licking Obama's boots!

  7. Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Obama, Barry Soetoro, Soebarkah, or whatever his real name might be, has not only committed more than one act of Treason by aiding and abetting the enemy in Benghazi, Egypt and Syria but has also repeatedly violated the Oath of Office he took by choosing which laws he will obey/enforce and which laws he won't and his Constitutional authority by using U.S. military force in Libya without Congressional approval and unilaterally changing provisions of the PPACA et al existing laws.

    Not executing him, by hanging or other means, would be to effectively declare the U.S. Constitution null and void and, thereby, the Democratic Republic of the United States of America non-existent.

    God Bless the United States of America

    God Damn Barack Hussein Obama

    Vietnam Veteran

  8. Thank you for speaking the truth! This lawless impostor needs to be frog marched out of the White House and straight to Gitmo!

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